Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Do you have any adventure-loving biking enthusiast preteen supergirl at your place who looks forward to taking on a variety of trails and terrain with a high-end versatile mountain bike switching from her usual bicycle?

If yes, then I get you to one of the best choices in the form of America’s one of the best bicycle brands, Schwinn.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is the one that is best suitable for girls and is the most versatile mountain bike ever ready to face any type of situation and challenging terrain.

It is equipped with quality parts, components, and advanced technical specifications and is highly affordable.

Thus this bike is equally preferred and adored by both the young bikers and their parents.

Whether your little girl wishes to get on her bike for a casual city tour or an adventure-filled ride across the mountains, this Schwinn bike is all good to offer her the safest and the most comfortable biking experience.

This bike also gives her the opportunities to learn new and advanced mountain biking skills with constant practice.

Once she gets a complete hold on it and the sport of mountain biking, she will be all ahead to upgrade the biking game.

Hence overall, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and affordability, all in terms of its design, frame, drivetrain, as well as specifications.

To offer you ample information about the bike, I am here with the detailed Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review, where I tend to highlight all its salient features.

That will guide you throughout to understand much about it and help you make a wise purchase for your biker supergirl.

Best Mountain Bike For Young Girls: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Product Specification

  • Bike Type: Mountain Bike
  • Item Package Dimensions: 47.01 x 24.49 x 8.5 inches
  • Bike weight: 34.2 lbs
  • Ideal Users: Preteen Girls between height range of 4’6” to 5’.
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame Size: 14 inches
  • Wheel Size: 24 inches
  • Suspension Type: Front
  • Brake Style: Alloy Linear Pull brakes
  • Number Of Speeds: 21
  • Saddle Type: Sport Saddle
  • Exclusive Features: Lightweight and durable, suitable for girls

Product Description

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is an exclusively designed premium mountain bike for preteen young girls.

It specifically features a step-through high-tensile steel frame that is powerful enough to overcome any harshness while riding over rough surfaces providing safety and comfort to the young rider at the same time.

The bike features a front suspension fork made of steel that makes the bike suitable for both on and off-road biking.

Besides, certain other parts of the bike are made with steel and a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy that makes the bike more responsive and long-lasting.

The 24 x 2.125 inches wide knobby tires rest on light and durable alloy wheels that mark better traction and control while biking over the trails.

This mountain bike is equipped with a powerful front and rear alloy linear pull braking system that makes any ride utmost comfortable, safe, as well as an utterly joyous experience.

The SHIMANO 21-speed drivetrain features SRAM grip shifters for incredibly smooth, crisp, and quick gear shifting during uphill climbing or downhill gliding.

The bike is fitted with an ergonomically designed 2.5 inches riser handlebar that helps the riders remain upright while riding and prevents strain on their shoulders and back.


  • The bike is specifically designed to suit pre-teen young girls’ age, height, and other physical characteristics.
  • The bike features an ultra-strong steel frame which makes the bike sturdy and rust-resistant.
  • The bike’s parts and other components are made from steel and aluminum and are durable and low maintenance.
  • The front suspension fork is powerful enough to absorb shocks on rough surfaces for the rider’s maximum comfort.
  • The riser handlebar has an excellent grip and maintains an upright position for the rider.
  • The powerful alloy crank ensures steady gearing and pesky maintenance.
  • The bike features a soft and cushy sports saddle and superior-quality plastic pedals.
  • The Quick release seat post helps to make easy height adjustments according to the comfort of young girl riders.
  • The bike has an easy installation as it comes partially assembled.


  • The brake levers are sometimes out of reach of smaller girl riders.
  • The bike becomes a little heavy for some girl riders due to the steel frame.
  • The brakes sometimes get stuck in the middle of biking.
  • This bike is a little expensive.
  • The vinyl sports saddle is uncomfortable during longer rides.

What Makes Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike The Best Choice – Comparison

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is intelligently designed as per the young preteenager girl’s age, height, and other physical characteristics.

It is fitted with high-quality parts and components for their utmost safety and comfort while off-road biking or cruising in the neighborhood.

Besides everything, what makes this Schwinn mountain bike the best choice overall is its sporty features and stylish design that attracts the young girls and kids the most and the bike’s safety quotient and sturdiness that appeals and convinces their parents.

In terms of enhanced safety quotient, the frame is made up of durable and rust-free materials, hence the bike is usable in any weather conditions.

Besides, the front and rear linear-pull brakes enable quick and controlled stopping while taking sharp turns or when needed.

Thus this bike is enjoyable to the young kids as well as loved by their safety concerned parents.

This bike is equally a value for money and a complete joy ride for the adventure-loving young girls.

It is extremely durable, light in weight, low at maintenance, and easy to assemble.

Most importantly, the adjustable quick-release seat post helps in obtaining the desired height of the saddle according to the growth of your young rider.

This is the best MTB under $500 you will ever get, especially for your young girl or woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: For whom is the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike best suitable?

Ans: The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is best suitable for young girls preferring casual riding in the neighborhoods or starting the journey of mountain biking and women looking for a high-quality mountain bike that has high-quality components and performance. 

Ques: Does the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike has a height-adjustable seat for kids?

Ans: Yes, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike has a height-adjustable seat for kids.

Ques: Can Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike accommodate any kind of accessories?

Ans: Yes, Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike can accommodate a front basket and other accessories.


Mountain biking is one of the most loved sports across the world amongst all the age groups possible.

In the case of mountain biking for girls, safety is a major concern. And when it’s about the tender preteen girls, parents are usually beyond the limits of concern.

Hence I have tried my best to get you through the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review, which is undoubtedly one of the finest choices for girls in terms of a versatile bike to explore a variety of terrain.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is the most useful when it comes to riding to school or city walks.

It equally gives the benefits of physical workout to your growing young girls.

With its premium quality parts and components, the mountain bike offers speed, safety, and stability to them to explore mountain biking in the best possible manner.

And the bike’s good looks and sturdiness are an added tempering to their exploration. Despite being that exclusive in every aspect, it is easily available either online or at local bike stores at a much affordable price.

Hence, This high quality but low at maintenance Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is highly recommended for your young preteen supergirl to explore the new horizons of mountain biking, showcasing the best of her girl power.

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