Raleigh Bikes Reviews- Expert Opinions (2021)

Raleigh Bikes Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and it’s known to provide incredible services to its users.

The British manufacturer is named after a famous street in the United Kingdom known as Raleigh Street.

At the time Raleigh Bikes was launched, owning and riding a bike was considered a luxury.

Just like cars when they became available to the general public.

In these Raleigh bikes reviews, we will tell the users what the brand stands for and if the bikes are worth buying. 

Raleigh started off as an LLC under Frank Bowden, the company ruled the market as a monopoly for some time before other companies joined the market.

It was launched in 1888, and from 1921 to 1933 it became vital for Raleigh to construct motorcycles and tricycles, this success led to the launch of Reliant Company.

A Dutch corporation acquired the Bike division and since then it has been overseeing most of its activities.

With the rise of motorbikes and motorcars, the demand for bikes decreased but they changed things around and now they produce up to 10,000 bikes per year.

Read these Raleigh bikes reviews to know all you should know about the brand. 

Models of Raleigh Bikes 

As a 133-year-old brand, Raleigh has several models of bikes for different types of customers.

Here’s our pick of Raleigh bikes in our Raleigh Bikes reviews:

  • Urban
  • Road
  • Classic
  • Adventure
  • Mountain
  • Electric
  • Ladies
  • Kids

Raleigh has a wide spectrum of electric bikes, and the range includes cruisers, mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrids.

One of the best things that we found during our Raleigh bikes reviews is the surprisingly low prices.

The cheapest of all the Raleigh bikes is $1,700 which is on par with the market average.

The secret to their success is that Raleigh uses a combination of midrange and high-quality components on their bikes, which is why they have a low price point with quality material.

Their bikes are perfect for cyclists who want to commute regularly or those who enjoy mountain riding or weekend recreational activities. 

1. Raleigh Cadent 3 SM/15

During our Raleigh bikes reviews, we found a couple of bikes that we really loved.

The Cadent 3 is one of the top bikes made by Raleigh, it combines a lightweight frame with excellent features to provide an incredible riding experience.

The bike is designed with stable handlebars to keep you in a comfortable riding position, making it perfect for daily commute. 

It also has a carbon fork, which offers a smooth experience, the tires and smooth and fast that make uphill riding easy.

That can also be because of multiple gears. Additionally, the bike comes with hydraulic brakes which ensures safety while you ride. 

2. Raleigh Bikes Kodiak 2 Mountain Bike

Want to try mountain riding?

Then the Kodiak 2 is perfect for those who wish to get started with mountain biking as it offers multiple features.

During our Raleigh bikes reviews, we combed through a series of mountain bikes and the Kodiak 2 was one of the best options. 

The lightweight yet powerful frame makes this mountain bike durable while allowing you to travel at high speeds because of the powerful electric bike.

Steering through steep corners isn’t tough all thanks to the rear thru-axles which allows the riders to make clean and secure lines.

The 27.5 tires and 120mm suspension provides a smooth riding experience. Regardless of the trail, the bike is nothing short of perfect. 

3. Merit 3

If it’s the speed that you’re looking for then the best bike we could find in our Raleigh bikes reviews is the Merit 3.

Its aluminum frame and powerful motor provide efficient pedaling and power transfer all the while staying lightweight. 

With 11 speed steps to choose from, you can choose bikes to your preference.

People with back or knee injuries can enjoy a more comfortable riding position, thus allowing you to ride for a longer period of time.

Because of the excellent stopping power, the bike will make you feel safer.

If you want durability alongside speed, then the 700x28c tires put more miles on this bike. 

4. Women’s Superbe City Bike

Out of all the Raleigh bikes during our Raleigh bikes reviews, the Women’s Superbe City Bike is the best for commuting.

The upright riding position makes it easier for riders to get on and off the bikes.

The twin steel tube frame also offers a unique look for the bike while ensuring durability. 

Unfortunately, this bike isn’t built for speed. Compared to other Raleigh bikes, this one has fewer gears, but the gears are pretty easy to operate.

The bike offers a stunning design, and the brown tires provide a vintage look.

What makes it a perfect daily commuter is that it’s equipped with a rear rack basket and handle to make shopping trips easier. 

5. Tamland 1 All Road Bike

Another high-speed bike that we found during our Raleigh Bikes Reviews is the Tamland 1.

This bike comes under Raleigh’s Road bike model, and it provides a smooth and secure ride on gravel, bumpy roads, and uneven surfaces at high speeds.

It features high-volume 700x40c tires which ensure both comfortable and stable riding, enabling you to travel on a series of surfaces without any issues.

During our Raleigh bikes reviews, we loved this bike because it’s extremely versatile.

You can commute daily at 22 speeds, or you can do a little bit of mountain biking with its incredible suspension and sturdy frame.

The bike is built with a durable steel frame, so riders of all kinds can ride the Tamland 1 on all types of roads. 

6. Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 

Want an electric bike for your kids but can’t decide on which one?

In our Raleigh bikes reviews, we picked Raleigh Bikes Rowdy as one of the best for your kids.

Kids love to ride on all types of surfaces and this bike can support kids going up and down the grassy hills, on concrete roads, and kids can even take the bike off-roading. 

Another plus point for getting this bike for your kids is that it weighs just 21 pounds and that too with an aluminum frame.

The perfect combination of lightweight and sturdiness is just what every parent wants for their kids.

The ergonomic low handlebars based-design can allow the kids to lean into the ide and shift weight according to their natural riding strength.

7. Raleigh Bikes Talus

Ask anyone that knows anything about e-bikes and they’ll agree with us when we say that Raleigh Bikes make some of the best mountain bikes in the industry.

The Talus was one of our favorite mountain bikes during our Raleigh bikes reviews. Unlike the Kodiak 2, the Talus is a bike for mountain biking veterans. 

The design is built to keep the riders in an upright position and provide comfortable riding.

The bike is more relaxed than some of the top mountain bikes in the industry, and this bike is perfect for providing comfort and security on paved bike trails or while riding on bumpy surfaces. 

As for the specifications, the bike comes with a 3×7 drivetrain which allows riders to shift gears using both hands.

It is also equipped with a Suntour coil shock, which supports the weight of the rider and saves them from nasty bumps on rough mountain trails. 

While the bike is budget-friendly, it doesn’t mean that it cuts corners, the bike is incredibly built for new and advanced riders.

The mechanical disc brakes are perfect for mountain trails and for daily commuting. 

8. Centros Tour and Grand Tour Electric Bike

Throughout our Raleigh Bikes Reviews, we kept searching for a perfect touring bike.

The Centros Tour and Grand Tour electric bikes are designed for relaxed and comfortable touring.

The Suntour front suspension and the 500wH Bosch batter allow riders to go up to 135 miles on a single charge. 

That’s not all, the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure quick stopping on wet and dry surfaces. Shifting gears is easy, neat, and reliable in every condition. 

9. Felix and Felix Plus

The Felix range consists of 5 great bikes that are known for a comfortable upright riding position.

All the models in this range are focused on comfortable riding, with a sturdy aluminum frame with short-travel suspension forks. 

Equipped with Schwalbe cruiser tires, they’re a bit quicker than other tires with a better grip on roads.

The battery is built by Bosch, thus ensuring an incredible ride every time. 

10. Raleigh Willow and Sherwood

Without a doubt, this is our favorite glider-type bike because of our Raleigh bikes reviews.

Equipped with a kickstand, pannier racks, and basket, this bike is perfect for daily commuters.

With 7 speeds and an aluminum-framed willow, this bike will ensure speed and security on most roads.

However, if you plan to commute daily through mountains, then this isn’t an option we will recommend for you. 

Reasons to Buy Raleigh Bikes

A user wants a bike that provides value for money, security, and quality.

All throughout our Raleigh bikes reviews, we kept finding reasons why people should buy these bikes.

Here are the top reasons for choosing Raleigh bikes for you and your family:

1. Quality

The first and foremost reason to choose Raleigh bikes is the built quality. Riders can invest their money in bikes and rest assured that the bikes will stay durable for a long time.

The paintwork and prints stay in great condition after longer periods of use. 

2. Variety

The band offers a wide spectrum of bikes, like a commuting cyclist or a dedicated mountain biker.

Whatever you need, Raleigh has a bike to suit your needs. 

3. Value for Money

Raleigh offers some of the most cost-effective bikes in the industry, the cost of the bike depends on what type it is and the complexity of the design.

Whatever you decide to choose, it is sure to provide value for money. 


A well-designed bike can last for years, even while tackling all types of trails. Raleigh bikes are one of the oldest brands in the industry and they know how to build durable bikes.

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