Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes- You Need To Know

There is always a debate going on over the pros and cons of electric bikes.

On one hand, the popularity of electric bikes is touching the sky and more and more people are moving towards eco-friendly options. 

On the other hand, many people still have doubts about the use of electric bikes and they prefer regular and traditional bikes over them.

Some still think electric bikes are not good for your health as they run on electricity only and don’t fulfill the need for physical exercise.

There are other factions of people who find spending money on electric bikes is a waste as you can easily make the down payment of your car in that amount that will fulfill all your family’s requirements. 

Without a doubt, all the arguments have both relevant and irrelevant points and they all make some sense.

However, many people who talk about the pros and cons of electric bikes are those who have less than enough knowledge and lack knowledge about modern electric bikes.

before going forward and discussing the pros and cons of the electric bikes in detail.

Here is one myth that we want to shatter first. Electric bikes are very much similar to regular bikes and one of the most effective ways of regular physical activity.

They surely run on electricity but that electricity is generated by the pedaling itself except the ones that are made for the elderly.

Now, let’s discuss some pros and cons of electric bikes in detail that will change your whole perception of electric bikes and their benefits for individuals, the community, and mother nature itself.

Pros Of The Electric Bikes

1. Electric bikes are Eco -friendly

According to a recent study done by the European environmental society, road traffic emits the highest percentage of concentrated nitrogen dioxide (70%) and Particulate matter (30%).

Electric bikes are more eco-friendly and leave zero carbon footprints.

Electric bikes are a lot faster than conventional bikes and don’t run on any fuel and natural resources.

The battery of electric bikes is made of lithium-ion. Thus, a very low amount of non-renewable resources and fossils are being used in the manufacturing process.

A good quality battery can last for more than 2 years if used and maintained correctly.

2. Zero carbon footprints

Electric bikes do not emit any harmful gases in the environment like other road vehicles and transportation.

Vehicle smoke is one of the reasons why the air quality of big cities is so poor.

Electric bikes are a green initiative in that direction only. 

If every person in the city starts using electric bikes for the daily commute or for completing their daily chores, the air quality will improve significantly.

Smog and harmful gases that release from the burning of the fuel of vehicles cause several types of lung infection and diseases.

Can you imagine if all the two-wheelers could be replaced by this technology! 

3. Cheap operating cost

One of the main advantages of using electric bikes is the low operational cost.

An electric bike can match up to 18 to 20 miles per hour which is the average speed of a car in light traffic.

But we all know electric bikes don’t consume that much energy and have the good build quality to ride on tough terrains.

The energy required to ride electric bikes is very low and so is their cost-per-mile which makes them quite affordable. 

You save the cost of fuel without compromising your health, time, and money.

A quality electric bike can last for several years and you can recover your initial cost only in the first year if you are using it for a daily commute to your workplace.

4. Less physical effort is required

Electric bikes require very little effort to ride. Traditional bikes require too much effort and continuous pedaling.

Many people today don’t ride conventional bikes for the daily commute and it is one of the reasons why cycling has turned into a sport and not a recreational activity. 

Fuel and gas vehicles have brought a drastic lifestyle change. If you don’t feel that just look back a decade ago.

People are becoming lazy and obesity is increasing in young people.

The new tech electric bikes are easy to ride which has encouraged both elderly and obese people to opt for a healthy lifestyle without spending time and money on a gym.

Despite their heavyweights, electric bikes are easy to handle and ride because they run on electricity and you also have the option to switch riding modes.

5. Experience faster rides

Regardless of popular opinion, eBikes or electric bikes offer a good and fast riding experience for all riders.

Let’s take an example of the most renowned brand for electric cars “Tesla,” the latest model can go 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.

The same is the case for electric bikes, some of the top and best rated electric bikes can reach up to 50MPH. 

Riders that want comfort and an eco-friendly substitute for petrol bikes can opt for electric bikes.

The batteries can offer swift and comfortable riding in cities and urban areas. 

6. Rough tracks and trails look like a straight road

When you weigh the pros and cons of electric bikes, don’t forget rider assist.

Aged people and people with knee and back injuries can rely on electric bikes for comfortable riding.

Riders who love off-roading can take the assistance of electric bikes to fulfill their desires.

Most electric bikes offer superior suspension and uphill riding support that make rough tracks and trails feel like straight paved roads. 

7. Suitable for the whole family

While considering the pros and cons of electric bikes, consider utility for the whole family.

If you want a bike that you can use for your whole family then an electric bike is the ideal solution for you.

Everyone can ride it, be it teens, adults, aged people and people with injuries can ride an electric bike with extreme comfort.

Invest in electric bikes once and with proper care and maintenance, you can live hassle-free. 

8. Good for physical and mental health

Studies have proven that cycling not only improves your physical strength but mental as well.

Cycling releases work stress and tension. Electric bikes are an excellent method of rejuvenating one’s mind and body.

They are not only suitable for kids and adults but the elderly as well because they require less riding effort and have a step-thru feature for easy get on and off which makes them more comfortable and desirable.

Cycling helps in channeling one’s inner energy and eliminates while exploring the world.

Even NY Times has written an article on the benefits of e-bikes. If you want to read it, then you can Click Here to read that article.

9. No license is required

Electric bikes are one of the efficient and effective modes of daily commute and one doesn’t require any driving license for driving them because they don’t run on a fuel engine and have the same rule and regulations as a conventional bike except they are much faster.

10. Daily commute is now less hectic

After becoming the popular daily commute vehicle in Europe, electric bikes are getting ready to become a part of every household in the United States and China.

If you are also tired of getting stuck in traffic or traveling in public transport then Electric bikes are your cheapest, comfortable, and efficient mode of transport.

11. Low maintenance cost in comparison to cars

Most people don’t know this, but electric bikes are really easy to maintain and take care of.

Unlike your car that runs on gas, you won’t need to take your car to the mechanic now and then.

Even after years, electric bikes don’t show signs of wear and tear.

Even the biggest component of an electric bike “Battery” stays as powerful and secure as the day you bought it. 

The cost of electricity is much lower than gas.

Riders with non-electric bikes tend to spend thousands of dollars on their bikes every couple of months.

The maintenance cost of electric bikes is practically non-existent and needless to say, they’re eco-friendly. 

12. Suitable for long distances

While you try to figure out the pros and cons of electric bikes before finally making a purchase, consider one major factor: “mileage.”

An average electric bike provides the mileage of 15-20 miles per hour at pedal assist and electric mode.

If you are looking for an electric bike for your daily commute, it will easily come under $1000 or $1500.

The initial cost might seem a lot but you will recover it back.

Electric bikes come in different varieties for different purposes.

A branded electric bike will become your forever companion and you will be able to explore your city from a new perspective.

Cons Of Electric Bikes

In our debate of pros and cons of electric bikes in this article.

After weighing the pros, it is now time to look at Cons of the electric bikes.

1. High Initial Cost

There is no doubt that electric bikes are at least double the cost of regular bikes and many people won’t prefer buying an electric bike at such a high cost.

When it comes to spending 1000 bucks on an electric bike, buying Car feels more appealing and relevant.

A middle-class person will always prefer buying a car over an electric bike as it is capable of fulfilling the needs of its whole family.

On the other hand, if you compare them to their real competitors which are motorbikes you would still find them more affordable and safer.

Moreover, any member of your family can use an electric bike but not a motorbike.

2. Maintenance and repairing is complex than conventional bikes

Electric bikes have complex parts which might not be available at your local repair shop.

They contain 2 essential and costly parts like motor and battery that are not easily available to local vendors.

If somehow you damaged your battery or motor then you might end up buying a whole new electric bike.

Besides, companies place a warranty on their equipment, and if you try to fix them yourself, you will end up losing your warranty and lack of knowledge and experience will force you to spend more than you anticipate.

3. Battery issues

The motor of the electric bike runs on a battery.

Therefore, you need to be very careful while riding an electric bike.

Electric bikes are relatively heavier than regular bikes but if you forget charging you might have to drag them back and even if they have cycling mode, it will suck all your strength in pedaling mode.

Besides that like every other machinery that runs on a battery, the battery of electric bikes will also start depreciating over time.

You also need to be careful with water as it can reduce or damage your battery’s life.

4. Require insurance

Getting insurance is not necessary but a precaution.

Electric bikes are relatively new and rules and regulations are not certain.

Especially, if you are using electric bikes for delivery purposes then getting insurance is the safest method to get rid of any unforeseen accidents and issues.

There is a famous saying better safe than sorry!

Federal and state laws are still unclear about the regulation of electric bikes so to avoid any unpleasant events you should cover yourself beforehand.

5. Stealing risk is high

Electric bikes are costlier than regular bikes and easy to steal in comparison to motorbikes and cars.

Therefore, the risk of getting stolen becomes higher than regular bikes and cars.

We would advise you to buy a proper lock to minimize the risk and park them on secured parking lots.

6. Laws and rules of electric bikes vary in every state and city

Every vehicle is bound by some traffic rules and regulations that are most common for all the nation.

However, In the case of electric bikes laws are not definitive.

Some states consider electric bikes as regular bikes so the same rules apply to them but others find them more dangerous than common bikes thus laws vary. 

Therefore it has created more confusion regarding electric bikes than ever.

If you are also considering buying an electric bike then first carefully learn about your state rules on an electric bike or will end up losing your money.

7. Heavier than the regular bikes

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional biker or not. Initially, you will find electric bikes much heavier than traditional bikes.

It will take some time for you to get acquainted. This could also become a serious issue for the elderly or people with physical strength issues.

Electric bikes are still evolving and now you can find quality electric bikes built with lightweight materials.


We hope you have gained some clarity and knowledge with the help of the detailed list of pros and cons of electric bikes.

We also hope that all your myths have become clear regarding electric bikes. 

Overall, we can say everything has some pros and cons but you can only reach a certain decision once you evaluate them together.

Electric bikes are the new revolution of the transportation industry as they run on green energy.

They are comfortable, stylish, affordable, and efficient.

If you put the pros and cons of electric bikes on one scale, you will always lean in favor of electric bikes.

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