Mountain Bike Buying Guide: Must Read

Have you ever felt the need for some extra-ordinary adventure in your life that could make you realize that you’re actually alive from within?

If yes, then Mountain biking is the one for you.

Mountain Biking is one of those activities that could give you that demanded feeling of intense excitement and stimulation. All of this can be executed along with a well-suited Mountain bike.

The mountain bikes are extremely sturdy and versatile and designed specifically for off-road biking and challenging trails and terrains.

There are many mountain bikes available at online stores or in the markets under the best brands.

But choosing the best suitable mountain bike for yourself is indeed one challenging task that requires your extensive analysis.

If you still find that confusing to decide which one to go for, give this piece of writing a good read.

In this mountain bike buying guide, I will be sharing with you all the factors and specifications to be considered before making the final purchase.


There are several types of mountain bikes available out there to fulfill all the requirements of the bikers in the best possible manner.

Be it for entry-level riders, kids, pre-teens, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, males, females, overweight riders, exceptionally taller riders, and much more, one of the best mountain bikes indeed awaits you.

Moreover, these mountain bikes also serve the riders the best, as they are mostly budget-friendly, beginner-friendly, good enough for city commuting or riding on pavements, for fitness purposes, and whatnot.

Hence a number of mountain bikes beginning from a basic range to many premium models are available that excel in many off-road disciplines.

Keeping everything in consideration, this article about the Mountain bike buying guide will get you to know about all that you need to know before buying the best mountain bike for yourself or your loved ones.

Beneath, I have tried to highlight all the basic and significant points that hold the utmost importance while purchasing the best mountain bike.

So let us get started to make the best decision for the best buy.

All That You Need To Know Before Buying A Mountain Bike

For your utmost comfort and ease in buying the best mountain bike, let us check this step-by-step guide to help you make a final decision.

1. Purpose

The most important point to be specific about before buying the best mountain bike is the purpose of the purchase being made.

Whether you are an expert biker intending to go off-road biking over challenging trails and terrains or a beginner looking forward to commuting casually in the neighborhood, you must understand that one reason why you want to own it.

Some bikers look forward to buying the mountain bike for fitness purposes as it fulfills what is required for a satisfying cardio session. Hence, be clear about the purpose before looking out for the place to buy the bike from.

2. Budget

For most of us, deciding on a budget for a bike gets on nerves easily. To help you with that, there are a wide variety of mountain bikes available under different price range to choose from.

Some excellent mountain bikes are available under $500, which are the best choice for beginners, kids, and those who wish to buy the basic model with lighter frames instead of opting for the highly equipped ones.

Moreover, under the category of $1000, mountain bikes with high technical specifications, more lightweight frames, and powerful shocks are available.

The range goes beyond, and with that, the specifications and engineering of the bike also improve to the best.

Hence, always decide on the specific budget depending upon your particular requirements in order to choose the best bike for yourself.

3. Type Of Mountain Bike

There are various types of mountain bikes designed and manufactured as per the requirements and specifications of the riders. The types depend on the type of terrain and the person riding preferences of the bikers.

The Trail Bikes are very popular mountain bikes that are considered the best entry-level bikes and are extremely light in weight.

Cross-country bikes are lightweight, more efficient, and comes with effective shifting during off-road biking. They provide speed and more climbing power to the riders.

The Enduro or All-mountain bikes are equipped with more technical specifications and provide effortless uphill riding, downhill gliding without causing fatigue to the aggressive bikers. 

Downhill bikes are usually heavy and full-suspension. They are comparatively bigger in size and perfect for experienced bikers for extreme biking encounters.

Fat bikes with super-wide fat knobby tires are suitable for exceptionally challenging terrains like sand and snow.

They absorb maximum bumps over rough trails and provide better traction for beginners or experts.

4. Type Of Frame

Mountain bikes are usually made up of strong, sturdy, and robust frames that are available in different materials and sizes.

The choice of type of frame must be made, keeping the purpose of the ride in consideration.

The steel frames are usually considered for tough and challenging biking. Steel being ultra-strong and highly durable is mainly considered, but it is extremely heavy and expensive.

The frames made up of Aluminum alloy are strong, durable, and light in weight at the same time.

They are also less expensive and thus are considered the best choice for entry-level riders.

The mountain bikes with frames made up of Carbon Fiber and Titanium are also lightweight and durable, but they are expensive.

5. Bike Fit

The bike fit must be considered eminently in order to achieve an overall comfortable and less tiring biking experience.

While purchasing the best mountain bike for yourself, always consider checking the height of the bike in accordance with the biker’s height and the inseam length.

However, almost all the bike manufacturers provide size charts with the bikes. Hence, it is recommended to choose the bike referring to the associated bike size chart.

Usually, the bike’s saddle is adjusted for adjusting the riding position making it more comfortable on longer rides.

The frame size also plays an important role while checking out the proper bike fit. Always choose a bigger frame in case you find it difficult to decide finally.

6. Suspension

The bike suspension is responsible for absorbing all the shocks encountered on bumpy surfaces while biking.

As per the types, there are three types of suspensions in Mountain bikes are available, viz. Front suspension, Full suspension, and No suspension or Rigid.

The mountain bikes available with Front suspension are generally termed Hardtails, in which the shocks are absorbed on the front wheel only.

The mountain bikes that are best considered are Full suspension bikes that absorb the shocks from both front and rear wheels.

These bikes are best suitable for aggressive biking style over many challenging terrains but are expensive.

The rigid suspension bikes are comparatively cheaper as they don’t have shocks on either wheel.

They are easy to maintain but not suitable for riding over hills, mountains, and other rough terrains.

7. Brakes

The braking system of the bike must be extremely powerful and efficient for a safe biking experience.

There are mainly three types of brakes in mountain bikes.

The Rim brakes get activated by the lever on the handlebars, and forced to stop is applied over the rims.

The V-brakes or linear-pull brakes work with the suspension and have long arms with cable on one hand and cable housing on the other.

The Disc brakes are suitable for any kind of challenging and aggressive style of biking and thus are usually considered perfect in the case of all types of riding styles.

They are further classified into Mechanical and Hydraulic, where Mechanical Disc brakes are activated by the cables, and Hydraulic Disc brakes require hydraulic fluid placed inside a sealed line for activation.

8. Wheel Size

The wheels of the mountain bikes must be chosen according to the biker’s preference.

The available sizes are 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch. The 26-inch wheel size is considered to be the standard size but is considered outdated.

They are primarily available in kid’s mountain bikes or are sometimes preferred by the shorter riders.

They are generally replaced by the 27.5” wheels that work efficiently, providing better control, especially for beginners.

They provide better traction over rocky and rooty terrains. The 29” wheel size is considered well-suited to taller or aggressive riders. The 29ers are usually the best example of speed and control.

You can read more about the size of the Wheel Here.

9. Gears

The selection of gear systems in mountain bikes may be a little tricky. Higher gears are best suitable for entry-level bikers who prefer casual riding over smooth trails.

But for aggressive bikers, a mountain bike with lower gears can be great for riding uphill and descending.

10. Components

The overall performance quality of the mountain bike is judged based on the quality of its components.

These components are carefully fitted over the frame. There are roughly 104 types of bike parts and components available.

The important components like derailleurs, chainrings, cranksets, cassettes, shifters, etc., are mainly manufactured by SRAM and SHIMANO.

The components of both the brands well and are equipped in the bikes ranging from entry-level to pro bikes. 


Mountain biking always demands an intense passion and love for adventure. It brings you an amazing rush of energy that is capable enough to make your day.

Moreover, nature is full of beauty and mystery. In order to explore it to the core along with satisfying your inner adventure-loving soul, all you need is an excellent quality mountain bike.

Mountain biking is a whole energetic world in terms of passion and dedication that is demanded from a mountain biker.

And the best support to him in that is his mountain bike.

But while buying the best mountain bike, you may encounter a lot many confusing factors that can make the scenario a little fussy for you.

Hence, this mountain bike buying guide is here to help you in making a decently well decision.

With that, I sincerely hope that this mountain bike buying guide answers all those questions popping out in your mind while thinking about getting a mountain bike for yourself.

I highly state that always go for what suits your overall specifications and expectations, but never forget, cheaper stuff may at a specific time cost you skies.

Thus, with this mountain bike buying guide, figure out things wisely and make a final decision that you would cherish for a much longer time.

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