Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Isn’t that true to state that a bicycle is your little child’s best friend?

Indeed, it is.

Since a child learns to hold senses in the world, he is accompanied by his all-appealing toys and the best wheel buddy.

Bikes are all about creating beautiful childhood memories.

A bicycle also grows with a child taking him ahead on the journey of biking and eventually mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a sport where the best suitable mountain bike lets the biker explore the beauty of hills and mountains gliding across the rough trails and terrains.

But the journey to the mountains indeed begins with a switch from the sidewalks or city roads to the bumpy trails.

There are many bike manufacturers who are constantly working to make the best of mountain bikes for your young kids who are stepping ahead onto the journey of mountain biking, leaving behind the training wheels.

In that case, Huffy is the only brand that stands beyond the crowd with its most exclusive Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike.

The bike showcases a solid steel frame, 6 speeds to handle the aggressiveness during uphill climbing or downhill gliding, and an attractive design that looks appealing in Metallic Cyan blue gloss color.

The front and rear linear-pull hand braking systems are equally easy for young boys and girls to use and powerful enough to provide quick stopping power to the bike, ensuring their utmost safety.

Usually, kids find it the best while enjoying biking over flat surfaces.

But when they would get an equally smooth ride through the rough and bumpy trails and terrain, they will undoubtedly love opting for this Huffy hardtail Kids Mountain Bike which is a complete kids-specific one.

Hence, if you are one concerned parent looking forward to providing your young child with the best option for the safest switch to advanced mountain biking skills, then Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike is the answer to it.

It has got all that you need to gift your younger one he needs to kickstart the advanced journey of mountain biking.

In this detailed huffy kids hardtail mountain bike review, I have collectively mentioned all the essential information and highlighted the details about the Huffy Hardtail Kids bike you would require before making a final purchase.

All beginning from the kids-specific design to the safety concerning components and advanced specifications is included here for your utmost ease and comfort.

Hence, give this article a read till the end to ensure the best for your young growing child.

Best Mountain Bike For Your Kid’s: Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Product Specification

  • Bike Type: Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • Item Package Dimensions: 46.46 x 8.86 x 22.05 inches
  • Bike weight: 35.2 lbs
  • Ideal Users: Boys, Kids of age between 5 to 9 years and a height range of 44 to 56 inches
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame Size: 13 inches
  • Wheel Size: 20 inches
  • Suspension Type: Front
  • Brake Style: Alloy Linear Pull brakes
  • Number Of Speeds: 6 speed
  • Saddle Type: Padded alloy quick release ATB saddle
  • Exclusive Features: Sturdy yet lightweight, Kids Hardtail MTB
kid riding huffy kids hardtail mountain bike

Product Description

This mountain bike is all special to kids due to its eye-pleasing glossy blue color, stylish frame, and attractive features.

The Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike features a 13 inches durable hardtail frame with a powerful Kolo 1200 front suspension fork to soak up all the shocks on the trails for a comfortable biking experience.

This Huffy Mountain Bike is equipped with an indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur along with the highly efficient micro shift twist shifters, which offer 6 speeds for an aggressive ride during uphill climbing downhill gliding, or pure acceleration.

The 20 x 1.95 inches wide mountain tires are capable enough to handle pavements and city roads as well as gravel and dirt trails with maximum control and traction.

The bike also features a powerful front and rear linear-pull hand braking system that enables quick and smooth stopping when needed.

The other premium components of the bike include a padded ATB saddle that is cushy and durable, alloy quick release seat post for easy seat height adjustment, ATB type resin pedals on the lightweight 3-piece crank, soft Kraton grips, and a slight-rise handlebar to keep the rider upright to minimize back and shoulder strain.

If you are looking for a kids mountain bike for 5 or 6 years old, then this MTB is for you.


  • The 13 inches steel frame is durable and rust-free.
  • The removable rear derailleur guard provides consistent gear operation and maximum safety.
  • The 20 x 1.95 inches wide tires provide better traction and handling over wet and dry surfaces.
  • The front and rear Linear-pull hand brakes provide control and stability, and quick stopping power.
  • The bike has a slight-rise handlebar that lets the rider be seated upright to minimize any kind of back or shoulder strain.
  • The padded ATB saddle is stitched nicely and is cushy, comfortable, and durable.
  • The alloy quick-release seat post provides easy height adjustment for young growing kids.
  • The bike has premium quality ATB-type resin pedals on the 3-piece crank, which ensures effortless pedaling with ease.
  • The Kraton grips are incredibly soft to touch and comfortable while riding.
  • The bike’s alloy wheels are extremely light in weight and are of attractive matte black color that blends well with the overall design.
  • A kickstand is included.
  • The bike is easy to assemble with the help of easy to follow instruction manual.


  • The handlebar is loosely fit and so comes out often.
  • The inferior quality pedals are slippery and fall off easily.
  • The gear system is relatively weak, never shifts right, and is noisy while riding.
  • A flat tire is a common issue with this mountain bike.
  • The alloy linear pull handbrakes are slightly bent, not much reliable, and need to be adjusted often.
  • The bike is comparatively heavier than other kids’ mountain bikes.

What Makes Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike The Best Choice Overall For Your Young Kids – Comparison

The Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike is overall an excellent bike for your young children, especially boys who look forward to biking over challenging trails leaving the pavement behind.

This mountain bike is equally a pocket-friendly option in terms of making a wise purchase for kids.

What really makes this Huffy hardtail the best option for young kids overall is its specific kids-friendly design and geometry, height-adjustable quick release seat post, reliable braking system, durable steel frame, powerful front suspension, and other components.

Besides, the high-rise handlebar lets the young child sit in a straight position on the most comfortable saddle minimizing any strain on the back and shoulders for more extended biking expeditions.

According to the research conducted, a number of satisfied parents mentioned that the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike’s 6 speeds are an easy and uncomplicated setup that ensures enough range for most riding conditions, including rough, rooty, dry, or wet surfaces.

Few others were ecstatic to state that the HUffy Hardtail Kid’s bike proved to be their best choice and a wise decision made for their children.

Moreover, the bike is available partially assembled, which is further a kid’s play to assemble with the instructions mentioned in the easy-to-understand user manual.

You won’t find better MTB than Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike. It is the best 20-inch mountain bike for your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What attachments are needed to be made while assembling the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike?

Ans: The front wheel, seat post, pedals, and handlebars are needed to be attached while assembling the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike.

Ques: Does the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike come with assembly tools?

Ans: Yes, the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike comes with assembly tools.

Ques: Why does the Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike come with 1.95 inches wide mountain tires?

Ans: The Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike comes with 1.95 inches wide mountain tires because many wide mountain tires are highly suitable for kids. They maintain stability and control while aggressively biking on pavement and rough terrain, ensuring the kid’s maximum comfort and safety.

Conclusion From Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Hardtail mountain bikes are generally great for learning. And if it is all about learning advanced mountain biking skills for your young kids, what else could be a better option than Huffy Hardtail Kids Mountain Bike.

Riding a bicycle on the pavement and city roads is an exciting task for the young growing kids.

But in taking that much-needed jump from the city walks to the aggressive trails and terrains, the Huffy Hardtail Kids bike plays a crucial role, as it is indeed another name for kids’ utmost safety and comfort.

Hence if you wish to gift your little one a bundle of biking bliss and fun rides, I have got you all about it.

This MTB has the most attractive design, premium components and bike parts, advanced kids-friendly technology, indexed Shimano Tz-31 rear derailleur combined with the micro-shift twist shifter delivering 6 speeds, powerful front suspension, and reliable dual linear pull hand brakes.

So, you get everything that will eventually help your growing children dream big and explore the highest of the mountains someday.

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