Can You Ride An E-Bike Without The Battery?

can you ride an e-bike without The battery

With the rise of climate change and technology, electronic transportation is on the rise. Many people are moving from traditional fuel-consuming vehicles which are one of the major factors in increasing greenhouse gasses to electronic vehicles. This boom in the demand for electric vehicles is one of the factors behind Tesla, an electric car company … Read more

Do Electric Bikes Have Gears?

do electric bikes have gears

Electric bikes are becoming the new trend nowadays. They first became popular in 2018 and their demand is increasing every day. This is a reason why they have been dubbed as “the most important new technology to hit the bicycle industry in decades.” There are some factors that lead to the electric bike boom, such … Read more

Do Electric Bikes Need Insurance? [Revealed]

do electric bikes need insurance

Electric bikes are becoming more popular with the help of technology. They are relatively cheaper and environmentally friendly. Electric bikes have a lot of benefits for those who use them. They are cheaper than traditional bikes, they can be used almost anywhere, and they have a lot of health benefits too. Electric bikes are becoming … Read more

Are Electric Bikes Safe?

are electric bikes safe

Electric bikes are more similar to conventional bikes, especially in terms of safety and risks. Electric bikes are just like normal bicycles but equipped with electric motors and batteries. One has to still pedal the e-bikes to go from one place to another but they are just faster than conventional bikes. If you are wondering … Read more