Do Electric Bikes Make Noise? Are They Loud?

Electric bikes cost more than conventional bikes and thus before investing in one, it is important to know all about them so you won’t end up regretting your decision.

Since electric bikes have hit the market they have become the hot topic of town which raises many concerns and doubts.

One of the frequent questions is “do electric bikes make noise?” or “are electric bikes loud?”

Truthfully, electric bikes are very quiet and they do not make loud engine noise to wake up the entire neighborhood.

Although, it is an electric bike that runs on a motor you will hear a soft rustling sound of a motor but not enough to raise any objections. 

Moreover, the higher the quality of the e-bike the lesser the sound of the motor.

However, if you have or you are in process of converting your normal bike into an e-bike with the help of a converter kit then you will experience a loud noise from the motor.

Electric bike manufacturers have done a pretty good job in this area and most electric bikes make very little noise after continuous use of at least 6 months.

Sure, electric bikes make little more sound than traditional bikes but if you compare them to a motorbike or Moped then it is nothing.

You will barely hear the sound of an e-bike while riding if it is not a converter e-bike and the motor stops and slows down when you stop and slow.

Most e-bikes manufacturer uses a lithium-based battery to power the motor, unlike the old gas-powered e-bikes that used to create a loud noise. 

If you are still not sure, then you can go to e-bike stores and shops and get a test-drive and then you can make the online purchase for the same model if you don’t want to spend too much on dealer services like assembling your bike which you can do by yourself at home. 

However, if you are too much worried about the noise created by e-bikes and want to determine which e-bikes are loud or not then you could pay more attention to the type of motor that is used in an e-bike. 

Types Of Motor And Their Noise Level

As technology develops so do the motors of e-bikes. There are mainly 3 types of different motors e-bikes are available in the market and their level of noise different from one another. 

As I told you earlier, typically electric bikes don’t make a loud noise.

An electric bike has more components than a conventional bike but manufacturers have to take all the measures to ensure that e-bikes don’t create a loud noise.

The only sound you will hear while riding any average e-bike is the sound made by tires touching the road and gear shifting that will also differ based on the size of the tire and style of the e-bike like any other conventional bike. 

There is no chart or graph to tell you how much noise an e-bike will make but it will not become the cause of a bad experience at all.

Moreover, you can always go for higher quality e-bikes with the premium motor to eliminate any concerns but that will cost you more.

Here are the types of motor used in e-bikes:

  1. Direct-drive e-bike motor
  2. Hub/rear-drive e-bike motor
  3. Mid-drive e-bike motor

1. Noise Level Make By Direct Drive e-Bike Motor

A direct-drive motor is larger in comparison to others and it is generally placed on the front wheel due to its size.

It could be as big as the size of the wheel and it has a big ring of magnet connected to its outer shell which creates slightly loud noise while spinning and changing gears.

This type of e-bikes motors are the fastest but they are quite heavy due to their size.

Due to their heavyweight, they become quite a hassle in riding uphill.

These e-bikes generally come with throttle assistance to drive uphill. They also make a vibrating sound coming from the front fork due to the placement of the motor.

This bike is mostly opted for by racers as they don’t mind the sound and it is the fastest e-bike motor. You can reduce this sound by placing the direct-drive motor at the rear wheel.

2. Noise Level Make By The Hub-Drive e-Bike Motor

The hub-drive motor is quite smaller in comparison to direct drive and a name suggests it is placed on the rear wheel of the e-bike.

Therefore also known as the rear-drive motor. It is one of the most efficient and commonly found motors in e-bikes.

The gear hub motor has coils on the inside that spins faster than the wheel itself.

This technology of faster rotation helps in generating more torque power and increases the speed of e-bikes.

Manufacturers generally display the torque rotation on the package and description of every model.

The sound produced by rear-drive motors is like electric acceleration but it is very light.

You will not be able to hear this sound while riding an e-bike on any type of road as it is subsumed by the sound-making by the tire or gear shifting like conventional bikes.

This type of motor is used in a wide variety of e-bikes and these e-bikes are cheaper in comparison to others.

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3. Noise Level Make By The Mid-Drive e-Bike Motor

Last but not least, the type of motor is mid-drive e-bike motors. They are premium quality motors and make little to no sound.

As the name suggests, mid-drive motors are placed between both wheels below the pedal section.

Mid-drive motor e-bikes allow the smooth transitioning from conventional bikes to e-bikes as they provide a more natural riding experience. 

However, they are more complex style and difficult to integrate. The components used in mid-drive motors are more advanced.

Riders do not experience any kind of push from the motor and due to the placement, their center of gravity is very low.

If you compare hub-drive motors and mid-drive then mid-drive motors are created slightly less sound than hub-drive. 

Although, the difference between the sound is low. Mid-drive motors are a little more expensive than hub-drive motors due to their natural riding experience, premium quality components, and low center of gravity.

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Conclusion on Do Electric Bikes Make Noise or Not?

I hope now you have the detailed answer of Do electric bikes make noise? Or are e-bikes loud? In short, e-bikes are pretty quiet and do not make loud noises. Unless you are using a converter kit to make your conventional bike into an e-bike. 

Most of the modern e-bike models are manufactured considering the noise factor so they don’t make any loud noises.

Still, if you are hearing some loud noise from your e-bike then you need to check every bolt and nut. A loose nut can create some disturbing noise so I would advise you to pay attention to weekly maintenance.

Therefore, you have no reason to worry about the noise level before investing in an e-bike. It will only make your life easier and the riding experience more joyful.

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