Can You Ride Electric Bikes on Sidewalks?

The growing trend of electric bikes nowadays can’t be ignored at all. Right?

These vehicles from the future have influenced a lot during the last few years and have been the priority of many people.

Many questions arise regarding e-biking and its rules by their users due to its growing influence.

One of the questions says can you ride electric bikes on sidewalks.

This question mentioned above seems very easy to answer just with a yes or no., right?

But you must understand the laws and rules set behind it. Usually, in almost all the countries, they treat e-biking as a motor vehicle.

The same goes for the case of riding them on the sidewalks.

According to the rules and laws, riding an electric bike on the sidewalks is restricted; you might be in trouble if you do that.

Bicycles on sidewalks are regarded as a risk to pedestrians who use them. If you opt to drive on the sidewalk, you should slow down and keep an eye out for pedestrians.

Electric bicycles are primarily classified as bicycles in the United States; thus, you can use them anywhere a bicycle is permitted.

I use the word “generic” since there may be exceptions. Before embarking on the voyage, it is the driver’s responsibility to become acquainted with the local e-bike norms and regulations.

Because e-biking rules follow bicycle road rules, so the rules are the same for both vehicles.

Following are the basic bicycle road rules you must follow whenever riding with an electric bike.

  • Walking on the right side of the street, close to the sidewalk, is recommended.
  • Accept the traffic that has already formed on the road.
  • When turning, use the proper bicycle signals.
  • At all stop signs and red lights, come to a complete stop.
  • If necessary, let faster vehicles pass.

Electric bikes are classified into three classes, and this is must-know information about your bike.

Also, make sure in which area you desire to ride your vehicle. Keep reading to know the three classes of electric bikes. 

Class 1:

This class includes an e-bike with a pedal-assist engine that does not support the rider at speeds greater than 32 km/h.

Class 2:

The e-bike in this category is powered by a petrol engine that does not exceed 32 km/h. Beach Bum, Tower’s electric cruiser bike, is classified as a category two e-bike.

Class 3:

These e-bikes have an engine that functions through a pedal-assist system; however, it stops assisting the rider once the speed exceeds 45 km/h. If you possess a category three e-bike, you must wear a helmet according to bicycle traffic laws.

Furthermore, if you are not a passenger, you cannot ride a category three e-bike until 16 years old.

How do I consider an e-bike for a common purpose?

Your Electric Bike May Be Considered

  1. A pedestrian, as well as the rules and regulations that apply to them.
  2. As a motor vehicle or motorbike, subject to the laws and regulations that govern them.
  3. Following all applicable laws and regulations, as a standard, non-motorized bicycle.
  4. As a motorbike or electric bike with information on performance or capacity (see my article on the 3-class system here for more information on applicable rules).
  5. As a rider on a motorcycle:
    • As with traditional bicycles, there is no information on performance or load capacity with corresponding rules.
    • There are no performance or capacity requirements with standards that differ from those for conventional motorcycles.
  6. As a vehicle with its own set of rules and regulations

Besides the specification of your e-bike, many other factors form the pillar of can you ride electric bikes on sidewalks.

The age of the rider is the preeminent factor to consider.

Children are allowed to ride on the sidewalk in theory. 

This restriction is thought to be far safer than allowing young and small drivers to drive on the road, especially near cars or in designated cycling lanes.

Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to ride an e-bike, and anyone over the age of 14 is no longer permitted to stand on the sidewalk.

The size of the wheel of your e-bike is also considered as one of the necessary factors. Some are only 12 or 16 inches long.

If this is the case with your bike, double-check that none of the other conditions restrict you from riding on the sidewalk before walking between people.

Children’s bikes feature smaller wheels than adult bikes to ride on the sidewalk with ease.

Make sure to consider the direction of travel too; You must ride your electric bike in the same direction as the traffic in the countryside next to you if you are legally using a sidewalk.

Make sure you’re not going against the flow.

You may have another question that can you ride electric bikes in the rain?

About Electric Bikes

The definition of an e-bike varies slightly by province, but in general, an e-bike should have work pedals, a 500-watt electric motor, and a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour: insurance or a permit.

And, at least from a distance, the difference between an e-bike and a motorcycle is not always visible at first glance.

Some e-bikes appear like mopeds or motorbikes, but they are classified as e-bikes since they have pedals and meet the other standards.

These cars are thought to be the mode of transportation of the future, and they already have many clouts.

Read more about the history of Electric Bikes on Wikipedia.


Above mentioned information is enough for you to know the answer to the question can you ride electric bikes on the sidewalk.’

I suggest you once go through the laws set for whatever area or country you live in.

Now, electric bikes are considered vehicles and have few exceptions as well; every user of them is bound to know the rules before riding them.

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