Can Electric Bikes Go Up Steep Hills?

The demand for electric bikes is increasing rapidly in kids and adults nowadays.

Seniors, fitness enthusiasts, and office goers are also inclining towards electric bikes in their regular life to avoid traffic and step up their fitness game.

Electric bikes offer something to everyone and the market is full of need-specific electric bikes that are made for you. 

Although, one main advantage of having an electric bike is to reduce carbon emission and make your contribution towards a healthy environment.

However, there are still many questions and doubts associated with electric bikes.

Therefore, I have decided to address all your questions and queries and provide you with detailed and clear answers once and forever. 

Do many people wonder if electric bikes can climb hills efficiently or with less effort? The short answer is “YES”. Electric bikes can go up steep hills easily and more conveniently than any other conventional bicycle.

Electric bikes are more advanced and faster than regular bikes but don’t run on any fuel. Electric bikes also require pedaling like normal bicycles.

One of the main reasons “why they can go up steep hills efficiently” is because they are equipped with a lithium battery and powerful motor which accelerates your pedaling and you can climb up some seriously steep hills without feeling tired or pedaling hard.

An average electric bike can give you a speed of 18-25 miles per hour which makes climbing on steep hills easy and faster. 

How To Choose An Electric Bike To Climb Steep Hills?

In the market, you can find a wide variety of electric bikes that range between $1000- $10,000.

This is just to give you an idea of the vast variety of electric bikes I am not asking you to spend that much money on ( unless you want to), you can easily get a good electric bike that can go up steep hills within $900- $3000.

Now it depends on your budget and needs, how much you want to spend on an electric bike. 

Before you spend any money on electric bikes, you should familiarize yourself with the basic features of electric bikes.

An electric is like a regular bike but is also equipped with a battery and motor.

When it comes to choosing an electric bike that can go up steep hills, you need to focus on the motor.

Electric bikes mainly come with 2 types of motor- Hub or rear-drive motor and a mid-drive motor. 

Hub or rear-drive motor is very common in electric bikes. You can find them in lower-budget e-bikes to high-end e-bikes.

Hub-drive electric bikes are easy t ride but beginners might feel some external force in the beginning so you have to be a little careful about your speed until you gain full control of the e-bike.

If you want a hub motor e-bike to climb small hills or rough terrain then you can buy any mountain bike or cruiser with 350W of motor power.

However, if you are living in a hilly area surrounded by steep hills then you should opt for a high-powered hub motor like a DJ fat bike with 750W rear-drive motor. It won’t make a hole in your pocket and fulfill your needs for the next few years.

Mid-Drive motors are more efficient when it comes to climbing steep hills.

Mid-drive motors are placed at the middle of an electric bike instead of the back wheel which allows easy speed control and gear changing.

However, mid-drive motor electric bikes are more expensive than hub drive e-bikes. 

For example, A 250W mid-drive e-bike can cost you at least double a 750W rear-drive mountain electric bike.

Mid-drive electric bikes are faster than hub-drive e-bikes as they have high torque. It can give you the speed of 20-35 mph on steep hills and rough terrains as well.

Factors you need to consider before buying an electric bike for climbing hills

1. Battery:

Electric bikes come with lithium-based batteries that can easily last for at least 2-3 years.

While buying electric bikes for hilly areas, look for a larger battery capability electric bike that can easily go up to 30-35 miles in a single charge.

You cannot risk your battery dying in the middle of your ride mainly because mountain and cruiser bikes are generally heavyweight e-bikes.

2. Pedal Assistance Feature:

It is ideal if you look for an electric bike with multiple levels of pedal-assisting mode.

It will make your riding experience more comfortable while saving your battery level and energy.

Multiple assisting levels help you to climb and ride downhill at different speed levels without pushing too hard and when you are not climbing you can relax your legs with different levels.

3. Load Capacity:

Lightweight e-bikes are quite popular when it comes to climbing hills but they also can’t carry much weight.

Therefore, if you are looking for an electric bike for hills that can also carry weight then you must consider some high-powered motor e-bikes with a large weight capacity. 

However, if you are only looking for an e-bike to climb hills for leisure then you should opt for lightweight bikes that are easy to carry and don’t hold you back.

Aluminum frame e-bikes are mostly lightweight and have good load capacity.

4. Breaking Technology:

Along with speed to go up steep hills, you should also consider the breaking technology of the electric bike especially when you are going downhill.

Breaks on your electric bikes should be fast and effective for your safety. Disc brakes and hydraulic oil disc brakes are a smarter choice for mountain e-bikes.

They are quick and stop at your command, especially if you are carrying weight.

5. Price:

Price is one of the main considerations that can alter your decision. however, you don’t have to worry as I told you before electric bikes come in a wide range of varieties so you don’t have to go over your budget to look only for a mid-drive motor e-bike when you can easily get all the above-mentioned features in an economic e-bike to go up steep hills like Ecotric or Addmotor Motan bikes.

Conclusion on Can Electric Bikes Go Up Steep Hills?

Can electric bikes go up steep hills? Again the short answer is “yes”.

If you are an experienced e-bike rider then you already knew that but if you are a beginner then please understand it takes time to get habitual of anything in the beginning but once you find your best e-bike to climb hills, your riding experience will only become full of enjoyment. 

You will be able to climb steep hills more easily with minimum effort and go for long-distance rides.

Multiple levels of pedal assistance will help you relax when you are not climbing and relax your joints and back.

Moreover, you can use your e-bike not for just riding the hills but for casual on-road riding as well.

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