Are Electric Bikes Safe?

are electric bikes safe

Electric bikes are more similar to conventional bikes, especially in terms of safety and risks. Electric bikes are just like normal bicycles but equipped with electric motors and batteries. One has to still pedal the e-bikes to go from one place to another but they are just faster than conventional bikes. If you are wondering … Read more

Can Electric Bikes Go Up Steep Hills?

can electric bikes go up steep hills

The demand for electric bikes is increasing rapidly in kids and adults nowadays. Seniors, fitness enthusiasts, and office goers are also inclining towards electric bikes in their regular life to avoid traffic and step up their fitness game. Electric bikes offer something to everyone and the market is full of need-specific electric bikes that are … Read more

Why are E-Bikes so Expensive?

why are e-bikes so expensive

Electric bikes, sometimes known as e-bikes, are an exciting and engaging way to ride a bike, providing a novel spin on regular bike riding. Some of your favorite bike brands sell them, although this is still a relatively young business. It’s no surprise that electric bikes are more expensive to buy than traditional cycles. They … Read more