Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Electric Bike

Electric Bike is one of the sought-after commodities after Covid-19 changed many norms around the world.

A bike may be the best choice to move in a group while maintaining a slight distance.

Thus, the ingenious idea of an e-bike has garnered quite a bit of attention nowadays.

Although the compact size and the features that assist in long-distance travel had always gathered the attention of bike lovers towards e-bike, after spending almost complete days inside the home due to Covid-19, e-bikes are now being constantly eyed by claustrophobic people.

As the buying spree for e-bikes continues so do the instances of biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

Why have the instances of biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike increased?

The basic frame of e-bikes is not unlike traditional bikes.

This fact leads people to assume that e-bikes are the same as traditional bikes with additional features.

The misconception further leads to people treat buying an e-bike like a traditional bike and not pay attention to aspects that need attention.

Although learning how to ride an electronic bike is very important, it is useless if one doesn’t buy a suitable bike for themselves.

A lot of accidents can be prevented if a person uses a bike suitable for themselves.

Also, it is a no-brainer that a rider will enjoy riding a bike the most if the bike is suitable for him/her.

Even a traditional bike has different variants aimed at different types of riders. How can someone expect that buying a random e-bike is good enough for themselves?

Key things to keep in mind while buying an electric bike

1) Who will be using the bike?

Being clear on this front while buying an e-bike, or any other bike is very important.

Knowing the body type and size of the rider can help one choose a better bike for a rider.

Having a bike of suitable size corresponding to the size of the rider can mean a difference between heaven and earth on a journey.

Having a big bike for a small person or vice-versa doesn’t just mean an uncomfortable journey but can also invite avoidable accidents.

E-bikes, due to their structure, also carry additional weight.

A rider also needs to pay attention to pick a bike with a suitable weight lest they be troubled later due to the additional weight.

2) How will the bike be used?

It is very important to have a grasp on how the e-bike will be used.

Having the optimal bike according to the terrain the bike will be used can make the journey more pleasurable.

Picking an e-bike according to the length of one’s journey can also help one save bucks on features they won’t be using.

3) What features does the rider need the most?

The main attraction of an e-bike is its features.

Since the introduction of e-bikes, there have been many experiments and various features added.

The more feature intensive, the higher the price.

This is the age-old mantra, that is never going to change.

So one should make a list of necessary features that one needs and check their budget before going out to buy a bike.

Buying an e-bike with features you will never use or a bike that doesn’t have features that one needs is a waste of money.

Making it one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

4) Which company to buy from?

This is a very important factor while buying an electric bike.

One should be prudent and attentive to the brand name while buying an electric bike.

There are many cheap re-branded Chinese e-bike available on market with lower than the acceptable grade of material used.

Buying these cheap e-bikes is another one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

These cheap e-bikes seem lucrative while buying but may be missing some safety protocols or cripple faster than average e-bikes.

The buyers may also find the brand of these e-bikes discontinued in a short time and may end up with an e-bike with broken parts and nowhere to find a repair shop for these bikes.

Thus, it is important to do a good background check of a brand before setting out to buy an e-bike.

Some tips to avoid making mistakes while buying an electric bike

A human is not omniscient neither is he a fool.

Everyone knows that buying a thing needs a good amount of study to be done beforehand lest they buy trash and lament later.

But it is also true that one cannot understand and unravel the intricacies of everything.

Thus, after understanding the key things to always remember to keep a check on the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike, below are some tips for buying a better e-bike for yourself or your loved ones.

1) Have a clear understanding of the usage of e-bike

Before buying a shiny new e-bike, remember to ask yourself the question of how are you going to use the e-bike.

A buyer should be clear on the length of travel, the type of track, and the average speed for which the e-bike will be used.

Paying attention to special requirements for the riders with joint, back or neck issues can be immensely beneficial for the rider, making the ride much more enjoyable.

2) Understand the difference in quality

The same component with similar specifications on paper may not work similarly on road.

There is a reason why there is a difference between the price of these components.

The market is also filled with cheap knock-off components of inferior quality.

Some of these cheap components may even have bypassed quality and safety checks.

Thus, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the level of components used or have someone knowledgeable with you while browsing for these items. 

3) Don’t fixate on having the same pair of bike

While riding on an identical model of e-bike may be a thrill for many, it is not advisable to practice it.

E-bike professionals tout that having a couple of bikes without thought is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

Since the body type of everyone is different, an e-bike suitable for one may not be suitable for another.

A lighter person doesn’t need much power to climb a hill. Women usually prefer smaller and lighter bikes.

People with different heights or physical limitations may need a bike with a different frame.

Thus, fixating on having the same e-bike may hamper the quality of your journey and should be avoided if need to be.

4) Don’t base your choices on the manufacturer’s claim

Basing your choices on manufacturers can actually limit your understanding and choices of e-bikes.

Different manufacturers may use different standards to shout out the outstanding features of their e-bikes.

Since the e-bike industry is relatively new, the universal standard for the specifications is still transforming.

As with every other product, various marketing tricks are used while promoting e-bikes that are not easily noticeable.

For example, the range of an e-bike. The range of e-bike can basically be infinite if the motor isn’t used and you do all the pedaling.

Thus, instead of checking the range that the manufacturers claim using their “personal testing methods” one should compare the battery in Kilowatt-hours.

5) Understand the needs of the rider

Buying an e-bike with the mindset of “one size fits all” is the same as paying for and bringing garbage home.

Electronic bikes are very sophisticated and made after keeping in mind a lot of factors.

Buying a random e-bike is a very bad buying practice and should be avoided at all costs.

There are e-bikes of various frames and specifications to make the ride so much more pleasant for a great range of people.

One should do good research and keep in mind the factors like age, gender, size, endurance level, special needs, etc. before buying an electric bike.

Only a good combination of the ride and the rider can bring out the best value for money. 

6) Understand the differences in motor types

There are two types of motors found in e-bikes, namely mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors.

The two motors may have their own appeal for different kinds of riders.

A mid-drive motor is a type that offers pedal-assist options and offers better weight distribution while a hub-drive motor is relatively cheaper and offers throttle assist to the riders.

Thus, it is important to understand the budget and the preference of the rider before opting for any one of the two types.

7) Understand the difference between Throttle vs No Throttle

There are e-bikes available in both options and both the options may have their own appeal for different riders.

Having or not having a throttle can mean a world of difference for a rider.

Thus, the rider needs to make this decision based on their own preferences and needs.

8) Take a proper test ride

One doesn’t know the best option until one tries it. It is a good idea to have a proper test drive before finalizing an e-bike for yourself.

A good salesperson will even promote you to have a test drive and test the waters before buying an e-bike.

One can also take advantage of the demo program e-bike manufacturers initiate throughout the year to have a much better understanding of what kind of e-bike you should buy and the features you should look for.

Not taking a proper demo of an e-bike is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike. 

9) Don’t make choices due to discount

There may be limited-time stellar deals on some e-bikes when you check on them.

The offer may even be too lucrative to let go. But it is very important to not make rash decisions on buying due to offers.

An e-bike is, after all, something that is going to be your partner for several years and you’ll prolly be spending quite a few hours on it.

Thus, it’s better to get a feel of it and understand if you are really comfortable with the e-bike before buying it.

Compromising on looks, features, and comfortability for a deal is really another one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

10) Ask a lot of questions from the salesperson

It’s a common stereotype that salespeople just want to sell as much of their products as possible.

It’s true that a salesperson is incentivized to sell more bikes and some of them may just be looking to sell the costliest e-bike that you can afford to you.

But it’s still a good idea to talk to the salesperson.

Most of the salespersons are actually knowledgeable on e-bikes and can also help you understand the things you may have not even thought of.

Having a knowledgeable e-bike specialist understanding your requirements and pointing you to the type of e-bikes you should use can help you save a lot of time in research and make the right choice.

A good salesperson would even explain the reasons to choose the bike, help you understand how to best maintain and ride your bike and even prompt you to take a demo ride first.

11) Buy from a reputable seller

Pro Tip: Buy an Electric Bike from

There are a lot of sellers out there. Many sellers may even give you a jaw-dropping deal that you may just be unable to turn your head away from.

The endless number of brands also may confuse a buyer. Thus, prior research is very important.

It is advised to be very careful while browsing through cheap e-bikes from new lesser-known brands.

It may be, more often than not, a poorly build e-bike with minimal or no quality control.

The brand may even go out of stock and you may be left with a crippled bike with non-functioning parts and no way to get them repaired.

There actually may not be another mistake as fatal as choosing a cheap e-bike compromising your safety while buying an electric bike.

12) Locate the local repair shops for your e-bike

Any mechanical part is bound to be damaged after a period of use.

Thus, it is better to be knowledgeable of repair shops around your locality and the feasibility of repairs before deciding to buy a new e-bike.

It is also recommended to buy from a nearby local e-bike dealer rather than a faraway online dealer.

A local dealer can be really helpful in case there is any problem with the purchased e-bike.

They can point you to the local repair shops, give you tips for better maintenance of your e-bike, or even offer to get your e-bike repaired for you.

The e-bike specialists there can even help you understand and explain various things to look out for while riding the e-bike.

Here are some of the best electric bikes if you consider buying one.


An e-bike may be the best purchase you made in years.

The benefits of using an e-bike are a lot.

With the way the world changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, e-bikes will surely gather attention due to their low maintenance cost and the fact that they can be ridden in a group while maintaining social distance.

Thus, the have the best experience out of your e-bike ride, it is important to not forget the above-mentioned tips while buying e-bikes lest someone wants to make the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying an electric bike.

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