Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

Mountain bikes are the mountain biker’s best friends as they accompany them across the ups and downs of the mountains and ensure the biker’s utmost safety.

Mountain biking is an aggressive sport that demands greater extents of enthusiasm and hard work.

It is sometimes also seen as an expensive sport where a decent investment regarding the mountain bike and its specifications becomes mandatory.

The mountain bikers look forward to exploring the rough and rocky trails and terrains with intense perfection, zeal, and will.

This means that their mountain bike must equally be capable of hitting the rocks, ensuring the biker’s safety and control.

Hence, what could be a better option than the premium best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars that includes plush XC hardtails as well as the all-equipped full suspension mountain bikes?

While you lookout to buy the best mountain bikes for yourself or your loved ones, you ought to look over some of the essential factors as well.

These factors include the type of mountain bike, its specifications, geometry, technical engineering, along with the maximum budget.

The budget for a mountain bike is equally important as everything else on the list because it eventually impacts your final purchase.

The best mountain bikes under $2000 are considered mid-range budget mountain bikes that are considered great options for starter bikes as well as for trying all the different types of mountain biking styles.

Usually, mountain bikes range up to $4000 or even above and are available in different types, including electric bikes.

The list of best mountain bikes under $2000 includes all these types as well, which are best suitable for those looking forward to spending a little less but getting all the high-end specifications that too without a motor.

Hence, if you are all set to explore the world of mountain biking accompanied by your plush and premium one of the best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars, give this article a good read.

Besides the product information and technical specifications, this article highlights the important factors that are religiously required to be noted in order to make a smart buy.

So let’s get started.

Buying Guide: Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000

There are some essential factors that the buyer must look out for in the mountain bike that he looks forward to buying.

The best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars are available with premium high-end specifications and bike parts along with hi-tech engineered design and geometry.

Hence, follow the below-mentioned buying guide for your maximum ease and convenience.

1. Bike’s Frame

The bike’s frame plays a very important role in determining the bike’s structural integrity.

It offers strength and durability to the bike and ensures that the mountain bike is capable enough to bear the harshness of the aggressive trails during the exploration.

Generally, Aluminum, Steel, carbon, and Titanium are used to design sturdy bike frames. But in the case of the high-end best mountain bikes under $2000, aluminum and carbon are most considered due to their lightweight properties.

Where aluminum offers lightweight properties besides strength, carbon is lightweight yet ultra-strong and rust-free material.

2. Bike’s Weight

The weight of the mountain bike is always an essential factor to be looked out on as it directly affects your biking performance over steep or challenging trails and terrains. To be precise, the perfect and fastest mountain bikes are the lightest.

Even under a price tag of under $2000, the lighter bikes must be considered with the frame as light as possible, making a lightweight and durable bike.

3. Braking System

While buying the best mountain bikes under $2000, the braking system or the brakes must be checked eminently.

Generally, there are two types of brakes in mountain bikes, viz., disc brakes and rim brakes.

Disc brakes are perfect for all kinds of riding conditions, while rim brakes provide a solid grip but not always.

4. Suspension And Front and Rear Shock

Besides the robust suspension, the front and rear shock must also be considered before making the final purchase.

A reliable and efficient shock absorbs the shocks over bumpy rides, and the fork distributes that impact equally, not maintaining it on a single position.

Hence, they combinedly reduce the impact on the suspension without damaging the frame and provide a comfortable biking experience to the rider.

5. Wheel size

Generally, two wheel sizes are considered in the best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars of the price range, which are 27.5 inches and 29 inches.

The 27.5 inches wheel-sized mountain bikes are very smooth on rigid rocky terrains without compromising the bike’s control and the biker’s overall safety.

The 29 inches wheels have a larger diameter, and so they provide better grip and contact with the surface while rolling faster over the rough, rooty trails and terrains.

Considering the fact 29 inches wheels are a little slower in acceleration than the 27.5” ones, but the speed can be maintained with their advanced and much better rolling capabilities.

Refer to this Mountain Bike Size Guide for more information on Wheel Size. You can also refer to the chart which I have shown at the end of above-linked article.

6. Gears And Drivetrain

The drivetrain generally consists of all the high-end components and bike parts like cranks, pedals, chains, chainrings, cassettes, derailleurs, etc.

These are one of the most important factors to be considered while purchasing the best mountain bike under $2000, as they are responsible for an overall excellent biking experience.

Gears are all about comfort, less pedaling power, and more yet controlled speed over challenging terrains.

The quality of both the gears and drivetrain does not always depend upon the price of the bike.

Hence, the buyers are always advised to thoroughly check the overall quality and specifications of the bike and its parts.

7. Seat And Handlebars

The bike’s seat and handlebars need to be of excellent quality in order to obtain maximum comfortable biking exploration results.

The seat post must be easily adjustable at different levels as per the biker’s height and other physical characteristics.

Besides, the handlebar must be covered with a soft and durable grip that provides smooth and quick handling to avoid sudden falls or crashes.

Thus, both of these factors are important to consider before making the final purchase to achieve the maximum comfortable biking experience. 

Overall Best Mountain Bike Under $2000Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is a perfect hardtail needed to explore the mountains either on an entry-level or the experienced trails.

As per the research conducted, the Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain Bike evolved as the best mid-grade bike to start on.

Besides, its larger frame and 29 inches mountain wheelsets give an impression of a perfect bike for experienced biking over challenging terrains.

Hence, this Mongoose beast tops my list out of all the options for the best mountain bikes under $2000.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 – Comparison Table

Name of MTBDrivetrain SpecialtyPrice
Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain Bike12 SpeedBest OverallCheck here
Gaojuan Electric Bikes for Adults7 SpeedBest plush electric mountain bikeCheck here
Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain Bike24 SpeedBest starter bike for XC biking under $2000Check here
Royce Union Lightweight Carbon Mountain Bike22 SpeedBest hardtail under $2000Check here
Schwinn Amalgam Adult Electric Bike7 SpeedBest versatile electric mountain bikeCheck here
Mongoose Salvo Adult Trail Mountain Bike12 SpeedBest trail mountain bike under $2000Check here

Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 – Review

1. Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain Bike features a Tectonic T2 aluminum frame that is extremely light in weight yet solid enough, durable, and stronger.

The powerful front suspension with neat and clean-lined internal cable routing provides additional protection to the riders.

This mountain bike showcases efficient mountain wheels with size options of 29 inches and 27.5 inches.

The KENDA 29 X 2.20 inches wire bead tires with SR Suntour 100 mm of travel fork provide excellent traction, grip, and stopping power, ensuring maximum riding safety.

The 12-speed Shimano drivetrain features highly engineered components and hi-tech specifications, including Shimano SLX RD M7000 derailleurs and SLX SL M7000 Shifters.

This is a perfect rigid hardtail under the range of $2000 that is created by 144 mm rear hub spacing.

  • The aluminum frame is extremely light in weight and well Engineered.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes provide accurate speed control even on the dirtiest or dusty surfaces.
  • The 29 x 2.20 inches wire bead tires provide comfortable performance even on rugged singletrack trails. 
  • The Shimano shifters ensure a maximum comfortable biking experience for the rider.
  • The Kraton lock-on grips are very comfortable and soft in touch.
  • The user manual is very easy to understand and user-friendly.
  • The assembly and installation are extremely easy.
  • The spokes bend easily while the bike is pedaled.
  • No kickstand is included.

2. Gaojuan Electric Bikes for Adults

This is an extremely plush foldable electric mountain bike specifically designed to explore the mountains in style.

These bikes are easily foldable and can be stored or carried when going for some real exciting long mountain biking sessions.

The super-strong and sturdy aluminum alloy frame makes the bike light in weight yet durable.

The powerful front spring fork absorbs all the shocks, bumps, and thumps over bumpy trails without causing fatigue and stress to the rider.

The 7-speed drivetrain has reliable gear shifters that provide comfortable biking with easy and labor-saving ways.

The Gaojuan Electric Bikes for Adults features a large built-in rechargeable 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium battery.

The electronic control system is very convenient and easy to use. The electronic bike showcases two highly adjustable modes, viz., pure electricity mode and moped mode.

The electric LCD display unit is installed for a clear display of the speed and other specifications.

The 26 inches wide anti-skid mountain wheels provide great contact with the surface while rolling at speed, ensuring the biker’s safety.

  • This electric mountain bike is highly suitable for intense or aggressive mountain biking, and riders preferring public transportation for commuting.
  • The front and rear mechanical brakes and dual disc braking system ensure the rider’s maximum safety over rough and rooty terrains.
  • These bikes have the smallest storage space and can be easily folded and installed in the taxis, buses, or subways in case of electric multi-modal commuting intending to skip the frustrating city traffic and traffic signals.
  • The bike’s battery can either be charged inside the car or removed and taken out to charge it outside.
  • The LCD screen display is portable and shows clear reading.
  • The saddle is cushy and comfortable for longer rides.
  • The adjustable seat post and handlebars let the rider make desirable adjustments for perfect positions for maximum comfort while biking.
  • This high-end premium electric mountain bike is not preferably suitable for entry-level riders.
  • The bike is very heavy and pricey.

3. Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain Bike is a sheer attractive premium range American brand mountain bike that is a preferable choice for the riders who are into XC mountain biking.

The bike features a strong and sturdy yet light in weight mountain tuned N LISTENED 2 aluminum frame that is equally durable.

The 24-Speed drivetrain features SR Suntour XCT30 DS 100 mm front fork that reliably absorbs all the shocks on the challenging trails.

The SR Suntour XCE crankset lets the rider playfully and precisely shift the gears along with biking full of ease and comfort.

The bike is equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes for easy and controlled stopping over rough patchy surfaces despite any weather or riding conditions.

The 29 X 2.25 inches wide knobby mountain wheels provide excellent traction, stability, and grip.

These tires sit on WTB SX19 rim and alloy disc hubs that are durable and efficient.

  • The bike is made with a sturdy mountain tuned N LITENED 2 aluminum frame with maximum durability and strength.
  • The powerful hydraulic disc brakes enable quick descent and control the bike’s speed and stability without making noise during uphill or downhill biking.
  • The reliable SR Suntour XCE crankset offers quick, controlled, and precise gear shifting over challenging trails.
  • The bike is attractive, sleek, and comes with complimentary decals.
  • This mountain bike comes partially or pre-assembled with very little further work to be done.
  • Easy to install and access.
  • Inferior quality pedals installed.
  • The brakes get damaged quickly while shifting from low to high.
  • The instruction manual is not clear to understand.

4. Royce Union Lightweight Carbon Mountain Bike

The Royce Union Lightweight Carbon Mountain Bike is an ultra-sturdy mountain bike that features a high tensile cutting edge Carbon hardtail mountain frame.

The bike features a robust Suntour XCT suspension fork that offers 100 mm of travel. It is equally capable enough to absorb maximum shock over bumpy trails.

The All SHIMANO 22-speed drivetrain features a SHIMANO SLX 2 X 11 shifting mechanism and SHIMANO SLX powerful rear derailleur.

This mountain bike is equipped with efficient dual hydraulic disc brakes that provide precise and effective stopping power in case of quick stopping or sharp turnings.

The premium quality pedals are connected with a highly durable Neco alloy 3-piece crankset.

The 29” inches Kenda, Small Block Eight wide mountain tires with dual tread compound, sits on a light in weight WTB allow rims with quick release hubs and provide better control and traction. 

  • The ultra-strong cutting edge Carbon mountain frame provides extreme strength and sturdiness to the mountain bike.
  • The entire SHIMANO drivetrain offers the most premium and comfortable ride.
  • Kenda Small Block Eight mountain tires with dual tread compound provide better control and traction on challenging surfaces.
  • The Dual hydraulic disc brakes and Neco alloy three-piece crank provides excellent handling and control.
  • The WTB Volt saddle is highly cushioned and comfortable for longer rides.
  • The WTB Trail 2 grips are super soft and cause less strain over hands and shoulders.
  • The Quick release seat post lets the riders easily adjust the seat as per their height and other physical characteristics.
  • Inferior quality components installed tend to break quickly.
  • The kickstand is not included.

5. Schwinn Amalgam Adult Electric Bike

This is a premium range and plush quality electric mountain bike that highlights a light in weight and durable dual-sport aluminum frame.

The powerful suspension fork absorbs all the bumps and shocks that are encountered over bumpy trails and terrains.

The Schwinn Amalgam Adult Electric Bike eminently features a Pedal Assist up to 20 mph and 250 Watt hub motor.

It provides a silent boost to the bike while the rider rides with utmost comfort on longer and steeper routes.

It also has a removable internal battery integrated into the downtube that provides a low center of gravity, eventually providing maximum control and stability to the bike. This battery can push the rider up to a range of 45 miles in one go.

The 7-speed drivetrain is equipped with powerful and efficient mechanical disc brakes that enable quick stopping with maximum control.

The 27.5 inches mountain wheels are perfect for obtaining a better grip and gliding over rough patchy surfaces.

  • This bike is extremely lightweight and suitable for both challenging trails as well as neighborhoods or city roads.
  • The pedal assist mode gives the rider an additional boost while riding on challenging terrains.
  • The mechanical disc braking system and powerful suspension let the rider maintain speed modulation.
  • The controller installed on the handlebar lets the rider choose the level of Pedal assist with clarity.
  • The removable internal motor is responsive and boosts the biking speed and experience with every increase of the level.
  • The Mustache style handlebar provides the rider with multiple hand positions that do not cause strain over the rider’s hands and shoulders.
  • The bike is easy to install and access.
  • The battery life and top speed may vary as per the challenging riding conditions or the rider’s physical characteristics.
  • The instruction manual is not user-friendly and is hard to understand.

6. Mongoose Salvo Adult Trail Mountain Bike

This is an extremely lightweight yet strong trail mountain bike suitable for a plush and comfortable biking experience. The Mongoose Salvo Adult Trail Mountain Bike features a super-strong Tectonic T2 frame made with lighter and stronger Aluminum material.

The bike also features powerful Suspension with Free Floating technology specifically designed to limit the brake jack and provide a predictable suspension progression.

The internal cable routing is neat and displays clean lines providing more safety for shift cables and housing.

The SRAM 9-speed SHIMANO drivetrain has strong front and rear SX Eagle derailleurs and shifters for easy navigation and gear shifting on the rough and challenging trails.

The geometry and technical specifications of the bike include a shorter stem and a longer top tube.

They combinedly provide better control and stability while the biker increases the sterling response and control.

Besides, this mountain bike showcases a powerful Shimano hydraulic disc braking system for efficient stopping ensuring the rider’s complete safety and comfort.

  • The bike is perfectly suitable for cross-country riding through rugged XC trails or other technical terrains.
  • Free Floating Technology suspension limits the brake jack, conserving the rider’s pedal energy, making them comfortable over longer rides.
  • Both the front and rear derailleurs use thumb shifters for easy gliding.
  • The X-fusion 02 Pro RXL shock and SR Suntour XCM 100 mm travel fork makes the bike super reliable while gliding over bumpy trails.
  • The 29” wide Kenda tires provide better traction and grip over the challenging technical terrains and trails.
  • The SX power spline crankset connected to premium quality pedals provides excellent pedal power without tiring the rider’s legs.
  • The bike is extremely true to its value and Good looking.
  • The front and rear shocks are of inferior quality.
  • The saddle of the bike is hard and uncomfortable.
  • The shifters get stuck in the first gear that is extremely dangerous regarding the biker’s safety.

Comparison Table for Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000

NameFrameSpeedBrake StyleSuspension TypeRating
Mongoose Tyax Comp, Sport, and Expert Adult Mountain BikeAluminum12 SpeedDiscFront4.3/5
Mongoose Salvo Adult Trail Mountain BikeAluminum12 SpeedDiscFront4.2/5
Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain BikeAluminum24 SpeedDiscFront3.9/5


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Do the best mountain bikes under $2000 always have frames made up of either carbon or titanium?

Ans: No, the best mountain bikes under $2000 don’t always need to have frames made up of carbon or titanium as they are comparatively expensive. Besides carbon and titanium, aluminum and steel are equally used.

Ques: Why are XC Hardtails considered the best mountain bikes under $2000 compared to the full-suspension mountain bikes?

Ans: XC Hardtails are considered the best mountain bikes under $2000 because they are a better choice when the trails are not that rough, and hence, the rear suspension is of no use.

Moreover, a hardtail in this price range offers the riders higher-end upgraded components like shifters, a dropper post, a more powerful front suspension fork, a braking system, etc. Hence, the premium hardtails are much lighter, operate more smoothly, and are much durable. 

Ques: Can trail bikes be considered a better choice as the best mountain bikes under $2000, and why?

Ans: Yes, trail bikes can be considered a better choice as the best mountain bikes under $2000, as they offer good climbing efficiency along with an excellent and solid feel on the descent.


Mountain biking is indeed not just a sport but a premium sport, and the above mentioned comprehensive list of best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars mentioned in the article above justifies that.

A huge variety of exclusively appealing mountain bikes are available these days, even online or in the city bike stores, for the buyer’s utmost ease and convenience.

In the case of an offline purchase, you can simply visualize, try, test, and select what you want.

But during an online purchase, it becomes mandatory to consider the important bike-related factors besides the bike chart and other specifications, including the list provided on the site.

All such salient factors are explained in this article in detail, and about other details or information about the bike, the buyers are advised to scroll and study the bike’s website well.

With this, I believe that you are now aware of all the facts and aspects of buying the best mountain bike under 2000 dollars for yourself or your loved ones.

All the bikes mentioned here are the most premium ones, comprising high-end components, highly engineered designs, and robust specifications.

They are highly durable, much lighter in weight to fight against the center of gravity, and made up of rust-free material.

Hence, the best one amongst these is all that need your attention if you want to make your biking exploration the most exclusive one.

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