Best Mountain Bikes – Reviews & Guide

Can you imagine deep blue oceans without that silver lining that makes it one with the eternal skies? Then what is life without the passion overloaded silver lining that makes a human’s life worth living?

Mountain biking is indeed one sport full of adventure and enthusiasm that teaches an individual to be the eagle of the skies keeping the focus towards the shining heights of the mountains.

Mountain biking demands zeal, passion, liveliness, and a capability to dream big. Whether you are a professional biker or simply a beginner in the field of mountain biking, all you need is a vision to get the journey kickstarted.

The most important thing you would require to embark is a will to begin and the best mountain bikes to go along.

Mountain biking is strikingly an adventurous sport that involves biking over a variety of terrain. It might be casual commuting or cruising over flat terrains and even gliding and rolling at the highest of speed over challenging trails.

A complete focus, practice, and dedication are much needed to hold expertise in it.

There are several advantages associated with mountain biking that holds utmost importance in transforming an individual’s life.

Majorly, it is responsible for introducing the person of any age or physical characteristics to adventure and speed. That is more than enough to boost stamina, activeness, good physical and mental health while preventing them from illness and several diseases for a longer duration.

The best mountain bikes are completely a boon for the bikers who are constantly in the practice of biking for hours over different types of trails and terrains. That keeps them active to the core fulfilling their daily fitness goals of cardio and other exercise routines.

To own a mountain bike is not just enough, as you need to have the best of all. There are a wide variety of mountain bikes being manufactured by several leading bike brands keeping the comfort and requirements of the bikers in mind. But making a wise selection for yourself entirely depends on what you consider.

Thus you must be most importantly clear about a number of factors before making the final purchase.

The best mountain bikes are equally modern, glazed with technology, and adorned with plush components. They are available for kids to adults to senior riders, for shorter, taller, and oversized riders, and further, the categorization even goes beyond the bars of gender.

There is nothing currently that you can’t own in the name of the best mountain bikes to kickstart your journey of mountain biking in style.

If you are one biking enthusiast who looks beyond the fear of falling and crashing towards the peak of the mountains, then widen your eyeballs and give this article a good read.

Here you will get to know all about mountain biking along with the deepest of studies regarding the best mountain bikes. So let us get started.

Buying Guide: Tips To Go For Before Buying The Best Mountain Bikes

There must be a number of biking enthusiasts out there who either must be a beginner in the field of mountain biking or are counted amongst the groups of professional riders.

Some of you might be indulged in the aggressive style of biking rolling up and down the hills or mountains, and some of you find ease and peace in casual cruising beside the flat terrains, pavements, or city roads.

There is always a perfect and the best mountain bike for either a kid, tween, teen, youth, adult, or old with respect to their physical characteristics like height or weight.

However, you need to have a clear vision of a few factors that are much needed to be considered before making a final purchase.

Hence here are some essential and valuable tips that you ought to follow and go for before buying the best mountain bikes, either for yourself or for your loved ones, to mark an unforgettable start towards the journey of mountain biking.

1. Mark Your Purpose

Before you select the best mountain bike out of various types of mountain bikes available in the markets or online, mark the purpose you are looking out for it. Whether it is adventure biking, uphill climbing, downhill gliding, biking over flat terrains, neighborhood cruising, commuting, fitness, or any other intention to own a plush mountain bike, be specific about it.

That would eventually help you decide on the additional essential features regarding mountain biking and the suitable specifications of the best mountain bike for yourself.

2. Decide On The Suitable Budget

Usually, entry-level mountain bikes are affordable and less pricey. But as the technical specifications and features of the bike improves, the price of the bike eventually goes up.

Hence, importantly, you need to decide on a decent budget for the mountain bike you are looking up to in order to be prepared about it at the beginning itself.

Moreover, you may also need some upgrades or add ons to make your ride more comfortable. Hence, budget marking is an eminent factor before buying the best mountain bikes.

3. Get The Right Size Mountain Bike

While you are looking to make a purchase for the best mountain bikes, the right fit or size of the bike is very important. To make it easy for you, almost all the leading bike brand manufacturers provide suitable bike size charts with the bikes.

These charts are looked upon to find the perfect and well-suited bike according to the height, weight, inseam length, and other physical specifications of the rider. These size charts are available at the local bike stores as well as online for the utmost comfort of the buyer.

4. Get The Right Type Of Mountain Bike

You must always be specific and clear about the type of mountain bike you need. There are several available bike types such as Trail mountain bikes, Downhill, All-mountain, Cross-country, or Fat bikes.

Moreover, they are either available in Full-suspension, Front-suspension, or Rigid. There are even some of the finest electric mountain bikes available.

Based on the purpose of your purchase, maximum budget, the terrain of your choice, and desirable geometry and technology, you can select the best mountain bikes.

5. Type Of Frame Material

The standard mountain bike frame material is either Aluminum alloy, Steel, Titanium, or Carbon fiber. The preferred frame material is Aluminum, as it is light in weight, durable, and less expensive than other frame types.

Due to its high tensile strength and sustainability, Steel is looked upon as the best choice. But it is comparatively heavier and costly. Besides, Carbon fiber is extremely light in weight and durable, but a little expensive and lacks strength.

Titanium being super strong and more lightweight than steel, still lacks popularity due to its high price.

6. Wheel Size

Generally, the available wheel sizes for the best mountain bikes are 26”, 27.5”, or 29”. The 26” wheel size is considered suitable for kids or beginners as they provide more safety and control.

29” wheels are ideal for taller and aggressive riders as they tend to make the bike heavier and sturdy.

The 27.5” wheel size is a blend of 26” and 27.5” wheels, hence is smooth on rough terrains without compromising control and providing safety.

7. Braking System

The mountain bikes being manufactured currently are equipped with a Disc Braking system. These are designed to work in all challenging conditions and are categorized as Mechanical and Hydraulic.

The mechanical disc braking system follows the mechanism where a cable is used to actuate the caliper. They are easily serviceable and work well in all weather conditions.

While the hydraulic disc braking system uses fluids to actuate the piston and provide much better-stopping power.

8. Suspension

There are mainly three types of suspensions available in Mountain bikes; Rigid, Front, and Full or Dual suspension.

Mountain bikes with rigid suspension are less expensive and low at maintenance, but they are not suitable for moderate or aggressive mountain biking. Front suspension hardtail bikes absorb the shocks over rough terrain on the front wheel while the rear wheel remains rigid.

Full suspension mountain bikes are comparatively expensive and demand high maintenance. These bikes are considered by the aggressive bikers who are into downhill mountain biking and adventure sports.

I do have written a dedicated Mountain Bike Buying Guide. Do check it out if you still have some confusion.

Overall The Best Choice Out Of All Those Mentioned Above Best Mountain Bikes is…

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

mangoose dolomite the best ountain bike
Mangoose Dolomite The Best Mountain Bike

This Mongoose mountain bike is another quality mountain bike that is designed specifically to meet all your riding requirements. This fat bike is overall versatile and the best mountain bike based on the above research article.

The Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike is best to ride over tough and challenging surfaces, including dirt, rocks, mud, snow, and sand. It may be preferred as an entry-level mountain bike due to its rigid suspension and other beginner-friendly features.

Besides, it can be opted for a professional riding uphill by big oversized riders, taller riders, and fitness freaks, as it fits all of their needs. Hence this versatile fat guy is highly recommended.

Best Mountain Bikes – Comparison Table

Name of MTBDrivetrain SpecialtyPrice
Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike
24 Speed
Best hardtail below $500
Check here
Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike
21 Speed
Best Full Suspension MTB between $500-$1000
Check here
Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike
24 Speed
Best MTB between $1000-$2000
Check here
WJSWD Adult Mountain Electric Bike
27 Speed
Best MTB between $2000-$3000
Check here
27.5″ Royce Union RMT Women’s All-Terrain Mountain Bike
21 Speed
Best MTB for women
Check here
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike
21 Speed
Best hardtail for Pre-teens and teens
Check here
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women
21 Speed
Best for older riders
Check here
Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike
7 Speed

Best overall fat tire MTB

Check here
Dynacraft 26″ Vertical Alpine Eagle Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
18 Speed

Best attractive design

Check here
Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike
18 Speed
Best MTB for taller riders
Check here
Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike
24 Speed
Best sturdy starter MTB
Check here
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike
21 Speed

Best all-rounder 

Check here

Best Mountain Bikes – Review

1. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

This bike features a sturdy aluminum frame with a powerful suspension fork to soak up all the shocks and bumps while riding over rough terrains.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes enable smooth and quick stopping over any surface with ease and safety.

The SHIMANO 24 speed EZ Fire trigger shifters and front and rear derailleurs let the rider have an excellent choice of gears making the ride best and smooth. The Schwinn alloy crankset enables easy gear changing and is overall very low at maintenance.

The Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike features 29”x2.25” extra-wide knobby mountain tires that sit lightweight and strong double-wall alloy rims that provide strength and durability to the bike.


  • The big 29” mountain wheels provide extreme safety and comfort over any type of rough terrain.
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight yet provides strength to the mountain bike.
  • The powerful front suspension lets the rider experience excellent gliding over bumpy trails.
  • The colored end plugs and rims make the bike look stylish and eye-catching.
  • Easy to assemble and install the bike.
  • Highly suitable for taller riders.
  • Very affordable and budget-friendly as it is easily available below $500.


  • The brake cable is incorrectly routed and rubs against the tire.
  • The assembly manual is not user-friendly.

2. Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

This full-suspension mountain bike features a super stylish aluminum frame with a front suspension fork that is lightweight and durable.

The Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike features a 21 speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters that enables smooth and effortless gearing over rough trails and terrain.

The front and rear ZOOM alloy disc brakes let the biker stop the bike safely when needed. The 29” wide knobby alloy wheels come with a quick-release front, making hill climbing smooth and balanced.

These all features make Mangoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike the best 29 inch mountain bike.


  • The lightweight aluminum hardtail frame with a front suspension fork provides an overall excellent biking experience to the rider.
  • 29” knobby tires provide the best traction over bumpy surfaces.
  • Best suitable to ride over rocky hills, grass fields, wood trails, and wet surfaces.
  • The brake levers are durable.
  • The bike is light in weight and fits taller riders more than 6’ height.
  • Easy to install the bike.
  • Best full-suspension 29er under $1000.


  • The rider’s foot hits the tires while turning.
  • Inferior quality components equipped.

3. Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is made with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame with an SR Suntour XCT30D suspension fork that enables comfortable riding over bumpy trails and terrains.

The Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike 24 speed SHIMANO Acera drivetrain and SHIMANO Rapidfire shifters let the rider play along with a choice of gears while experiencing comfortable biking.

The 27.5” wheelset offers better traction and control over any surface. Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc braking system provides quick and controlled stopping power on any surface.


  • The mountain-tuned aluminum alloy frame with a front suspension fork provides sturdiness and durability to the bike.
  • The bike is attractive and eye-catching.
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes, along with Rapidfire shifters, make riding extraordinarily safe and comfortable.
  • 27.5” wide knobby tires ensure safe contact of the bike with the surface overlooking the bumps and thumps.
  • A bike is a suitable option within the price range of $1000 to $2000.


  • The instruction manual is not clear and specific.
  • The saddle is hard and ridged.

4. WJSWD Adult Mountain Electric Bike

This premium quality electric mountain bike is made up of a sturdy and robust aluminum alloy frame that is equally durable and lightweight.

The WJSWD Adult Mountain Electric Bike features a high-quality 250W brushless motor and 36V lithium front battery that just takes 5 seconds to accelerate to 25 km/h from a static start. With that highest speed, you can easily cover a distance between 20-60 miles in a single charge.

This electric mountain bike has three available modes, viz., e-bike mode, assisted bicycle mode, and normal bike mode. It is always best to combine the three modes for efficient riding.

The bike has a 3-speed LED meter button to let you select the electric-assist power as per your choice. The throttle feature helps in escaping heavy traffic with a burst of speed.

The 27-speed drivetrain features a double shock absorption system and front and rear mechanical disc braking system for a safe and excellent riding experience off-road climbing.

The 27.5” professional aluminum alloy wheels with anti-slip resistance offer better traction and safety over any type of surface.


  • This e-bike is environment friendly and energy-saving.
  • A high-quality aerospace grade ergonomically designed aluminum alloy frame makes the bike durable and lightweight.
  • The powerful shock absorption system soaks up bumps and shocks over rough patchy trails and terrains.
  • The 27 micro-rotation kit with a powerful crankset and positioning flywheel makes riding safe and smooth.
  • The high-quality brushless 250W motor with 36V lithium-ion battery is capable enough to provide maximum comfort during off-road biking or hill climbing.
  • The bike features a strong load capacity.
  • This e-bike is the best option to be adapted to skip the hefty city traffic.


  • The bike is highly pricey.
  • The battery life is short.

5. 27.5″ Royce Union RMT Women’s All-Terrain Mountain Bike

This mountain bike, specially designed for female riders, is compatible with their height and other physical characteristics.

The 27.5″ Royce Union RMT Women’s All-Terrain Mountain Bike features an aluminum hardtail frame that is lightweight yet strong and durable attached to a powerful ZOOM suspension fork.This makes the bike extremely easy to handle, maintain, and controllable over any kind of rough patchy surface.

The All SHIMANO 21-speed drivetrain lets the female riders quickly shift gears while maintaining steady and safe control over the bike.

The 27.5-inch mountain wheels have a tread pattern that makes the bike equally comfortable off-road and on pavements. The wheels rest over machined alloy rims that are connected to high-quality brake pads.

The powerful linear-pull braking system is reliable and efficient. All the components equipped are women-friendly, comfortable, and of premium quality.


  • The rust-free aluminum alloy frame is lighter than steel, hence provides extra easy handling with durability.
  • The bike has a smaller geometry that is female-friendly.
  • The extra lightweight of the bike makes it easier to accelerate and handle over rough terrains.
  • All SHIMANO components make the bike compatible for both beginners as well as for experienced riders.
  • Zoom suspension fork maintains the friction between the front wheel and the rough surface, hence ensuring the total safety of the female riders.
  • The saddle is extremely cushioned and padded.
  • The quick-release clamp lets easy height adjustment of the seat for the maximum comfort of the rider on longer rides.
  • Necessary tools are included for an easy assembly of the bike.


  • Poorly fitted rear caliper.
  • Handlebars are placed a little low.

6. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike 

This mountain bike is best for kids, precisely above 10 years, with a height of a minimum of 5 feet. The 26-inch Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike features a sturdy and durable steel frame that ensures safety over rough terrains.

The 21-speed drivetrain with indexed SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur and micro-shifting twisting shifters enables an overall excellent riding experience on any terrain.

The extra-wide 26” knobby tires hold and grips over even the challenging surfaces for better balance and control. The reliable linear-pull brakes provide quick stopping power.

The bike has a powerful front suspension fork that absorbs all the bumps over the rough surfaces. All the high-quality components are equipped for the best biking experience for the young bikers who are either in their pre-teens or have already entered their teenage years.


  • The extra strong and durable steel frame ensures the overall safety of young kids.
  • A quick-release seat post enables easy height adjustment.
  • The slight-rise handlebar lets uplifting the biker prevent any strain and fatigue.
  • The saddle is comfortable and neatly stitched.
  • The Kraton grips are soft and provide a comfortable grip.
  • The ATB-type resin pedals on the three-piece crankset do not require much pedal power while riding over a rough surface.
  • The bike comes with the required toolset.
  • Kickstand included.


  • The assembly takes a bit longer.
  • The handlebar is loosely fitted that comes out often.

7. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

This bike is an excellent choice for senior riders who are of the age of 50 years or above. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women features a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame with a powerful front suspension.

The 21-speed drivetrain features reliable grip shifters and a rear derailleur that enables a comfortable biking experience for older riders.

The Promax linear braking system is efficient for safe stopping when needed. The swept-back upright handlebars enhance the controlling capacity and let the biker experience effortless biking. Fenders keep the dirt off the rider, and the rear carrier provides easy storage.


  • A lightweight yet durable aluminum suspension frame ensures ease and comfort of the older riders.
  • Powerful suspension fork and alloy crankset maintain less exertion while riding.
  • The bike is lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.
  • The brakes are very reliable, and the hand grip shifters are easy to access.
  • The bike has a stylish retro design.


  • The brakes required a lot of time for adjustment.
  • The front fork and the seat suspension are hard and jerky.

8. Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike features a sturdy and ultra-strong steel frame. This fat guy is an all-terrain mountain bike suitable for off-road, fitness expeditions, or cruising.

Mangoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike is our top bike for Best 26 Inch Mountain Bike.

The 26”x4” wide knobby tires sit on lightweight yet powerful alloy rims that provide better traction and grip over rough patchy surfaces. The 7-speed drivetrain features an efficient rear derailleur that enables easy and comfortable uphill climbing and downhill gliding.

The reliable twist shifters make it smooth and easy to change gears while riding over rough terrains. The bike has an adjustable threadless headset.

The powerful front and rear disc brakes let the bike stop quickly with control over any challenging surface.


  • The steel frame is ultra-strong that adds durability to the bike.
  • Fat knobby 26”x4” all-terrain wheels provide extra grip and traction over challenging surfaces.
  • The lightweight alloy rims add speed and control while riding.
  • The bike is compatible over rough, bumpy hills, snow, dirt, mud, or city roads.
  • Beach cruiser pedals offer easy pedaling without tiring the biker’s legs.
  • The bike is efficient and low in maintenance.


  • The pedals are loosely fit and come out easily.
  • Inferior quality components equipped.

9. Dynacraft 26″ Vertical Alpine Eagle Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

This full-suspension mountain bike features a sturdy frame that is lightweight yet strong. The Dynacraft 26″ Vertical Alpine Eagle Dual Suspension Mountain Bike features powerful front and rear linear-pull brakes that enable quick and controlled stopping while on bumpy rides.

The 18-speed drivetrain with rear derailleur and grip shifters provide easy gear shifting and an overall safe biking experience. This bike is extremely attractive and beautiful due to its frame color and custom graphics.


  • The full suspension mountain frame is sturdy and light in weight.
  • The quick-release seat post let’s easy height adjustment as per the rider’s physical characteristics.
  • The saddle is cushioned and padded.
  • The bike is adorned with custom graphics that make it eye-candy for young riders.
  • Extremely suitable for riders between the height of 5’7” to 6’1”.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • The necessary toolset for the assembly is included.
  • Very affordable.


  • The bike does not accelerate efficiently.
  • The seat is hard and uncomfortable.

10. Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike comprises a super-strong and durable steel frame. The front suspension fork absorbs thumps and bumps over rough terrains.

The 26-inch strong alloy wheels with a 3-piece crankset offer durability and better traction over rocky terrains maintaining the balance and rider’s safety.

The 18-speed drivetrain with smooth twist shifters offers an efficient biking experience for the riders between the height of 5’4” to 6’2”.

The front and rear linear-pull brakes provide reliable stopping over rough and challenging surfaces. The Shimano rear derailleur enables smooth navigation over bumpy rides.

Roadmaster 26 Inch Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike is a good choice as the best mountain bike for 12 year old kids.


  • The steel frame with full suspension is ultra-strong and durable.
  • The 26” alloy wheels with a 3-piece crankset offer better traction and durability.
  • The saddle is cushioned and very comfortable.
  • Tool-free adjustable seat with easy height adjustment properties.
  • Very affordable.
  • Perfectly suitable for riders between the height range of 5’4” to 6’.
  • The bike comes partially assembled.


  • The brake caliper’s screw comes off while riding.
  • Inferior quality bike components.

11. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is a perfect beginner’s hardtail mountain bike made with a strong and durable 6061-T6 aluminum frame that is equally light in weight.

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike features 27.5” knobby mountain wheels that provide better traction and stability for the new riders and the aggressive riders.

The 24-speed SHIMANO drivetrain has a powerful 4-inch XCT 27 coil-spring fork with an 80 mm travel capable enough to absorb all the shocks over rough surfaces.

The Tektro Aries mechanical disc braking system with 160 mm rotors is reliable and efficient for an overall safe and comfortable biking experience.


  • The 6061-T6 aluminum frame makes the bike strong and durable.
  • The 24-speed drivetrain offers a wide variety of gear selections for a better biking experience while uphill or downhill riding.
  • The front derailleur needs a professional adjustment
  • Best suitable lightweight entry-level mountain bike to kickstart the journey of mountain biking at any age.
  • Hassle-free quick assembly of the bike for the rider’s ease.
  • Required tools for assembly included.
  • Value for money.


  • The bike is a little heavy for being entry-level.
  • The positioning of pedals is slightly incorrect.

12. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike has an ultra-strong and hi-tensile steel frame that makes the bike safer during expeditions on any terrain.

The 21-Speed shifters with a rear derailleur provide crisp and smooth navigation over patchy trails. The front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes provide quick stopping power.

The 24” all-terrain wide knobby mountain tires sit on light and durable alloy wheels for added strength and controlled speed modulation.

The bike has premium quality components equipped and a quick-release Seatpost that enables easy height adjustments according to the rider’s physical characteristics.

Schwinn High Timber is the best mountain bike for 10 Years Old Kids.


  • The bike is suitable for a variety of terrains for safe biking.
  • The bike is available with an option of Steel or aluminum frames that makes the biking experience incredible.
  • The premium quality Alloy crankset provides swift gearing and is low at maintenance.
  • 21-Speed shifters with rear derailleur provide smooth gear shifting on any type of terrain.
  • Quick-release seat post for easy height adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pocket friendly.


  • The seat is not cushioned and comfortable on longer rides.
  • The chain is loosely fitted and falls off the chain guard easily.

13. SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike 27.5″/29″

The SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike 27.5″/29″ features an ultra-strong TORAY T800 carbon fiber frame that is lightweight and makes the bike exceptionally durable.

The powerful SR Suntour fork delivers 100 mm of suspension travel making the biking experience most comfortable over challenging terrains.

Shimano RD-M6000 front derailleur and Shimano RD-M6000 rear derailleur altogether make the bike easy to handle, ensuring the complete safety of the rider.

The dual Mechanical Disc Braking system is reliable and offers crisp stopping in case of an emergency while riding.

The Continental mountain bike tires provide excellent multi-condition performance along with maximum traction and speed modulation.

The bike features premium quality components and a tapered head tube that strengthens the torsion rigidity providing better handling to the bikers.


  • The highly strong and sturdy carbon steel frame is both durable and light in weight.
  • The MTB tires are available in 26”, 27.5”, and 29” sizes and are anti-gill, hard-wearing with low rolling resistance proving much faster biking.
  • An elegant internal cable routing makes sure the airflow is clean over the entire bike.
  • The Fizik saddle is cushioned and comfortable for longer biking.
  • The disc brakes are hidden, making the bike easy to maintain.
  • The cushioned seat post and seat tube are aerodynamically contoured.
  • The bike is the best hardtail and number one choice for biking enthusiasts and professional entry-level riders.
  • The bike comes almost pre-assembled.
  • A high-cost performance is ensured over challenging terrains.


  • The brake pads constantly rub against the disc.
  • The bike is not suitable for riders with shorter heights.

14. Raleigh Bikes Eva 2 Women’s Bike

The Raleigh Eva 2 Women’s Mountain Bike is best suitable for females as it offers a low standover height and women-specific geometry. This mountain bike features a 13-inch lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy women’s specific frame.

Wide and durable Kenda 27.5” wheels ensure stability and control over rough and rigid terrain. The cushioned saddle is stitched neatly, and small diamond grips provide utmost comfort to the women bikers.

The powerful SR Suntour suspension fork absorbs all the bumps and thumps while gliding over rough terrain. SHIMANO twist shifters provide smooth shifting to ensure accurate gear shifting. The bike has 24 gears, where 3 are in front and 8 in the rear.


  • The bike is made up of a 13-inch lightweight aluminum frame that is women’s specific.
  • The bike highlights a low-0standover design that is suitable to the women’s physical characteristics.
  • Squishy SR Suntour suspension fork is reliable and shock absorbing.
  • The saddle and handlebars are comfortable.
  • The bike is suitable over any type of terrain.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Required tools for assembly are included.
  • The bike is affordable and low in maintenance.


  • The instruction manual is not much descriptive and clear.
  • No kickstand included.

Comparison Table for Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes

NameFrameSpeedBrake StyleSuspension TypeRating
Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain BikeSteel7 SpeedDiscRigid4.5/5
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

21 Speed
 Linear Pull
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

21 Speed
 Linear Pull


Conclusion On Best Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is indeed one of the most adventurous, full of passion activities or sports that define the real you. Besides, it provides you all the basic yet eminent physical and mental benefits that you seek from the activity where your inner self is devoted.

Mountain biking pursued with the best mountain bikes importantly helps you gain focus and balance in life, besides burning those unwanted fat-resulting calories through intense sweating.

It tones your muscles, sculpts the legs, and maintains a healthy heart and other internal organs for you. Hence, the best mountain bikes are no less than what is needed to lead a healthy and satisfying life.

I have collected all possible basic and minute details in the above article about the best mountain bikes to help you choose the best for yourself or your loved ones.

Whether you need a rigid bike, full suspension, fat bike, or a powerful electric bike, here I have tried to avail yourself of all the desirable options.

These mountain bikes are your best companions over any type of terrain and kickstarting your journey of mountain biking with zeal and in style.

Buying a Mountain bike is not the last step. Further, you have to take care of your mountain bike. For that, you need to learn some basic mountain bike maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: How are the best mountain bikes sized?

Ans: The best mountain bikes of all the brands are available in markets or online in standard sizes, viz., Small, Medium, and Large. The sizes are generally concerning the biker’s height and other physical characteristics.

Many bike manufacturers provide size charts that list a height range for each bike size. If you are in-between the given basic sizes, it is always advised to choose the smaller size, as more sizing accommodations can be made with a smaller frame than with one that is too large for the rider.

Ques: What should be the gear preference while buying the best mountain bikes?

Ans: The gear preference or choice of gears in the best mountain bikes depends upon the biker’s fitness level and his choice of terrain. If the rider would choose to ride over a variety of steep hills but find uphill climbing challenging, then opting for more gears is preferable.

Whereas, if the rider is a professional rider who prefers riding over flat terrains, more gears are not required. With the help of fewer gears, riding could be easy as it makes the bike light in weight.