Best Mountain Bike For 6 Year Old Kids

“Parents tend to make their little kids a real individual before they could actually become an individual on their own.”

The parents start dreaming for their kids and their bright future ever since they get to know that they are expecting a child. And the day they hold their little baby in their arms is no less than a miraculous one for them.

Parenting is all about nourishing the tender little one to grow into a strong, independent, with utmost care and protection.

Hence, to decide what could be the best for the children, be it the healthy fruits out of the list of food to eat or the sport of mountain biking for an excellent outdoor, parents know the perfect way to introduce them to their young kids.

Mountain biking is an excellent way to keep your child active and indulged in the best outdoor activity that is all about fun, adventure, self-development, health, fitness, and learning.

It is a sport that not just benefits your young ones physically, but mentally as well. But what could be the most dope way to make the introduction happen? Indeed, with the best mountain bike for 6 year old.

Ever since the little child makes a hold of his senses, he is accompanied by the best bike gifted to him by his parents.

Further, at every growing stage of his life, the bike keeps growing with the child or promoted to the next level bikes. As your growing bud touches the milestone of the age of 6 years, you look forward to introducing him to the world of mountain biking, as indeed that’s the perfect stage for that.

The parents hunt for the best mountain bike for 6 year old and get their child in the practice of the sport, lending them all their guidance, support, and training.

If the parents themselves are indulged in mountain biking, they look ahead to specific safe ways that their young toddlers could accompany them on their expeditions to trails and terrains.

Even though the parents are not into the sport, with their young 6 year old to be introduced to mountain biking, they put their best into it.

Hence, according to the basic human capabilities, the age of 6 years is considered the best to introduce your young growing child to the outer world.

Thus what else could be the most pleasing way despite the best mountain bike for 6 year old to get the child introduced to the realm of mountain biking.

If you are such a parent looking forward to letting your young one set free in the colorful skies of mountain biking but a little perplexed regarding the beginning stage, then let me be the help.

We get you this most informatory article about the best mountain bike options for 6 year old online, for your convenience. That would comprise a specific research-based table of certain selected product models under the category, further explaining to you about them through the comparisons and reviews of the same.

Hence, you are suggested to give this article a good read to find the best mountain bike for 6 year old by its end, and with which you could actually make yourself choose the dopest way to get your little growing bud introduced to the most happening world of mountain biking.

Best Mountain Bikes For 6 Year Old – Comparison

Name of MTBWheel sizeDrivetrain SpecialtyPrice
Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike20”6 SpeedBest geared beginner’s 20” MTB
Check here
Huffy Kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike20”6 SpeedBest suitable for aggressive biking
Check here
Schwinn Koen Boys Bike18”Single SpeedBest kids-friendly 18”
Check here
Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike20”6 SpeedBest 20” starter bike
Check here
Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension20”Single SpeedBest attractive
Check here
Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB20”6 SpeedBest 20” gear MTB for kids 
Check here
Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike20”6 speedBest entry-level 20” MTB
Check here
BIKESTAR Kids Bike Bicycle for Kids18”Single SpeedBest high-quality design
Check here

Best Affordable 20-inch Mountain Bikes- Review

1. Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike

This 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old is designed explicitly to keep the kid’s comfort and ease in mind. The bike’s geometry is ideal for the 6 year old kids as it is precisely crafted a little low with an easy step-over design.

This lets them get on and off the bike with safety. The Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike is made with a sturdy steel frame that is strong and durable. The bike also has a robust suspension fork with 40mm of travel to absorb bumps over all terrains.

The 20”x2.125 extra-wide tires provide a better grip and traction over rough terrains. The 6-speed drivetrain enables easy twisting and smooth gear shifting over any surface.

The linear-pull brakes let your child stop the bike while maintaining balance and control.


  • A sturdy steel frame provides safety and durability.
  • The special step-over design makes the little riders get on and off the bike with utmost ease and comfort.
  • 6 speeds with a grip-type shifter make the bike the best geared 20” MTB for 6 year old kids.
  • The flat handlebars let the biker easily navigate the bike with better control, even while making sharp turns.
  • Premium quality pedals included that can be easily assembled.
  • The bike comes 85% pre-assembled
  • Kickstand is included


  • The handlebars are not appropriate as per the bike’s frame.
  • Not worth the value.

2. Huffy Kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike is perfect for the young 6 year old bikers who are already into the practice of mountain biking and learning the advanced biking style and off-road adventure.

This 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old is made with a high tensile sturdy steel frame that is strong and durable. It also features a robust suspension fork to handle bumps over rough surfaces.

The Huffy kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike has a set of wide 20″x1.95″ wheels that enable better traction and control over any type of surface or even over rough and bumpy terrain.

The front and rear steel linear-pull brakes are efficient and reliable for quick stopping. The 6-speed SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur with twist shifters lets the young bikers glide and experience various gear ranges while going uphill, downhill, or riding over flat surfaces.


  • The steel frame is robust and offers durability.
  • The front suspension handles uneven terrain providing utmost comfort to the young rider.
  • The removable rear derailleur guard protects the gears from any kind of damage while riding.
  • The saddle is stitched with premium material and extremely comfortable.
  • An alloy quick-release lets easy height adjustment of the seat.
  • The resin pedals connected to the 3-piece crankset prevent the young kid’s clothes and sensitive skiing from getting stuck.
  • The slight-rise handlebar enables the upright position of the young kids without making them feel tired or uncomfortable.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable grips.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Kickstand included


  • The gear shifting is a little difficult for a 6 year old kid.
  • The chain keeps falling off with gear changing while riding.

3. Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

This 18-inch mountain bike is a perfect cruising bike for the 6 year old kids who prefer the light style of riding over pavements or sidewalks or even in their early stage of biking.

The Schwinn Koen Boys Bike comes with a set of training wheels that lends safe support to the young biker in his initial learning stage. The bike features a robust and sturdy steel weight which is equally light in weight.

This bike is all kids-friendly where pedals are narrower and are placed forward, cranks and gearing is safe, and the seat and grips fit the young 6 year old perfectly.

The bike has a rear coaster brake and front caliper handbrake for easy stopping and controlling.

The seat post, saddle, and seat-tube angle are adjustable according to your child’s physical growth and development. Hence, the bike can stay long as a full-grown bike with your child, even if he rapidly grows in age.


  • The bike is kids-friendly with a lighter frame, small grips and seat, and narrower pedals that are positioned forward.
  • Less wobbling during pedaling makes the child more comfortable and confident while learning biking.
  • The tool-free adjustable saddle and slack seat tube let you adjust the bike per your child’s growth stages.
  • A saddle handle is included for towing or hanging the bike.
  • Training wheels are included for safe learning.
  • A kids-friendly number plate is included.


  • The back wheel moves slower while turning manually.
  • The instruction manual is not clear.
  • Allen wrench is not included for an easy assembly.

4. Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike

This 20-inch mountain bike fro 6 year old kids is made with a sturdy steel frame and is specifically designed kids-friendly. The key design is the low stand-over height to keep them safe and comfortable while getting on and off the bike.

The Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike features a wide 20”x2.125” wheelset capable enough to maintain control and balance while riding.

The powerful suspension fork with 40 mm travel absorbs all the shocks and bumps on the surface. The front and rear linear-pull brakes let the biker stop the bike quickly and with ease.

A premium range of high-quality components including, the SHIMANO TX30 trigger shifters for easy gearing, SHIMANO TZ500 rear derailleur makes the bike completely safe and one of the best bikes for 6 year old young riders.


  • A strong, sturdy steel frame provides safety and durability.
  • The low stand-over height is suitable for 6 year old to get on and off the bike with ease and comfort.
  • The single-speed lets the 6 year old experience single-handed shifting, staying comfortable while riding.
  • The bike comes partially assembled.
  • Assembly tools required for installation are included.
  • Kickstand is included


  • Frequent lubrication of the chain is required.
  • The bike’s components are less durable. 

5. Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension

The Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension is designed with a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy frame featuring a double curved tube design that makes the bike super attractive.

This 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old kids is explicitly designed to keep kid’s safety and comfort in consideration. The powerful suspension forks absorb shocks on rough terrain while providing maximum comfort to young riders.

The Front and rear disc brakes let the child stay balanced and in control while making sudden brakes or sharp turns. The components included are durable and of high quality. The seat is adjustable as per the rider’s varying height.


  • The aluminum frame with a double curved tubing design makes the bike durable and attractive.
  • The double curve tube design is attractive and low in height to quickly let the child get on and off the bike.
  • Easily adjustable handlebar and seat for the child’s growing ages.
  • The bike is easy to handle.
  • Full chainguard secures the chain and keeps the child’s clothes and legs safe from trapping.
  • Extremely affordable and a value for money
  • A cute bell and decals are included.
  • The bike comes 95 percent assembled.
  • Assembly tools included.
  • Kickstand is included


  • The rear wheel wobbles while riding.
  • The front and rear disc brakes make weird friction noise.

6. Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB

The Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB is a sturdy dual-suspension bike that absorbs the bumps over rough surfaces while ensuring a comfortable biking experience.

This 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old kids features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is strong, durable, and free from rusting.

The 6-speed SHIMANO derailleurs provide a wide range of shifting and pedaling experiences. Easy-grip shifting provides comfortable biking.

The reliable and lightweight linear-pull brakes offer quick and reliable stopping power maintaining the bike’s balance on bumpy trails. The bike comes with replaceable brake pads and the much-needed equipped toolkit. 


  • The robust aluminum frame is lightweight and rust-free.
  • The front and rear suspension absorb thumps and let the tires stay in contact with the surface while the bike is in speed.
  • The linear-pull braking system is very low at maintenance and ensures quick stopping and safety.
  • An Allen wrench and screwdriver are included for easy assembly.
  • Kickstand included


  • The brake levers are positioned too far and are hard to reach.
  • The kickstand is very hard to push back for a child.

7. Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike eminently features a durable and lightweight aluminum suspension frame that offers strength to the bike and maximum safety to the 6 year old.

The 6-speed Shimano drivetrain is kids-friendly and offers smooth shifting and an overall comfortable first-time biking experience for the kids.

The entry-level young riders are usually rough with their bikes. Hence this 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old kids is capable enough to resist that stress and provide maximum safety and comfort to the young bikers.

A sturdy cover guard guards the rear derailleur. The Zoom 40mm travel fork absorbs all the shocks and thumps over rough terrains.


  • A durable and strong light in weight aluminum frame with a suspension fork.
  • The 6 speed offers smooth shifting and simple riding to the young riders.
  • The front shocks are efficient and reliable for a comfortable ride.
  • The easily adjustable seat as per the growing age of the child.
  • The bike comes partially assembled.
  • The Assembly manual is very convenient and easy to understand.
  • Value for money
  • Extremely easy installation


  • No kickstand and thumb gears included.
  • Inferior quality components included.

Comparison Table for Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes For 5 Year Old

NameWheel SizeFrameSpeedBrake StyleSuspension TypeRating
Huffy Kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike20”Steel6 SpeedLinear PullFront4.3/5
Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension20”AluminumSingle SpeedDiscFront4.6/5
Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB20”Steel6 SpeedLinear PullDual4.5/5

Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension

This 20-inch mountain bike for 6 year old kids emerges out as the best overall choice to state. The Royalbaby is one of the leading kid’s mountain bike manufacturers highly dedicated to the utmost safety and comfort of young biking enthusiasts.

Hence, they ultimately ensure high-quality premium components, geometry, and accessories. Although Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB gives a tough face-off, slight differences in the reviews and ratings mark a difference. 


Hence, with this, I look forward to helping those dedicated parents out there who constantly keep filtering out the best of everything for their children.

All the options mentioned above of the best mountain bike for 6 year old kids are picked based on their unique features and specifications that are kids-friendly and providing maximum safety to the child.

These mentions are manufactured explicitly with a kids-friendly geometry, eminently depicting a low stand-over height and premium quality components and child-pleasing accessories.

Hence, they can be deemed the perfect deserving options to consider while searching for the best mountain bike for the 6 year old kids.

Best of the rest, my single unique pick is also mentioned to save you from any further stress of doing it all from the very beginning and eventually saves your time and energy.

Everything in the article offers you utmost comfort so that you could ultimately put the least effort into finding the best mountain bike for 6 year old, which is nonetheless that an excellent and dopest way to introduce your child to the elongated world of mountain biking.

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