Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is when the word suspension comes in handy!

A full-suspension mountain bike (MTB) absorbs shocks and assists the rider in maintaining speed and control through such difficult stretches of huge drops.

A full suspension bike keeps the back wheel attached more firmly, allowing for improved traction and speed on hills.

These bikes accomplish this by sucking up, or ‘absorbing,’ the bike-stopping impact, and can often travel 10 to 12 cm before the suspension is fully compressed.

As a result, a full suspension bicycle has more complicated components, such as one or two shock absorbers that compress and rebound to cushion the impact.

List Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Name of MTBSpeedFrameSpecialityPrice
Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike24AluminumDual suspension frame and powerful Schwinn suspension fork Click here
Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike21AluminumThe suspension fork smooths the bumps and increases control Click here
EUROBIKE Full Suspension MTB21Steel Premium quality, great quality break, and good suspensionClick here
SIRDAR SMTB27Aluminum, Carbon SteelExcellent Shock Absorbers, lightweightClick here
Gravity FSX 1.0 MTB24AluminumEasy to Use Shimano Shifters, Adjustable SuspensionClick here
YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Mountain Bike21Carbon SteelThe strong grip, professional disc brake, good suspensionClick here
OBK G4 Foldable frame MTB21SteelFoldable frame easy to use Click here

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike – Review

1. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels , Blue/grey

The Schwinn Traxion 29″ is a full suspension mountain bike with a great ride. It can zoom down steep hills and tear through rocky terrain.

The aluminum dual suspension frame, which features a Schwinn suspension fork and reliable mechanical disc brakes, allows this bike to move smoothly and stop quickly.

Every trail will become your playground with Shimano EZFire trigger shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur.

The game is still played with high-profile, double-wall alloy wheels and thick, knobby mountain tires that can withstand a lot of hammering. Enjoy a journey that never ends, so put your phone down.

Like all Schwinn bikes, the Traxion comes with a limited lifetime warranty that will last as long as you own it.

A Schwinn bike gives you freedom. You don’t have to worry about whether your Schwinn is too small or too large.

There are many ways you can make it work. Modify your hip position by moving the bike saddle forward or back when you sit down.

A longer or shorter stem can change the height of your handlebars and the angle at which they rest. To adjust the height of your bicycle seat, you can purchase a new post.

You can adjust the height by choosing a shorter or longer seat post. You can also choose from a variety of back and forward offsets to help you adjust your riding position.

Give it time. It may take time to get used to a new position or bike (due to the frame shape).

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 29 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 49 Pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 24 Speed gear
  • Spare part availability: No
  • Customer Service: No


  • The EZ Fire shifters offer a wide variety of gears.
  • For a gentler landing, there’s a complete dual suspension system.
  • The thickness and grip of the 29er bike’s wheels and tires
  • The brake system has a good reaction.
  •  For enhanced speed, a lightweight aluminum frame is used.


  • There are no instructions for all of the pieces that have been dismantled.
  • A defect in the pedals that may necessitate an update
  • Due to a mismatch in the assembly, several wheels were bent.

2. Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain Bike, 29-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, Twist Shifters, 21-Speed Rear Deraileur, Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Multiple Colors

Mongoose’s Impasse is designed for challenging terrain. The Impasse features a lightweight aluminum hardtail frame with the front suspension fork and a trail-ready lightweight aluminum frame.

The 21-speed Sram twist shifters with a rear derailleur and 21-speed Sram twist shifters make it easy to adapt to the terrain.

Meanwhile, both front and rear disc brakes provide consistent stopping power.

The 29-inch knobby tires provide the grip you need to conquer even the most challenging terrain. There’s no limit to what a Mongoose can do.

An 18-inch/medium aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort and performance.

The Element suspension fork reduces vibrations while improving control. SRAM twist shifters make it easy to change gears on the rear 21-speed derailleur. Front quick-release alloy wheels. Front and rear alloy disc brakes

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 29 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 21 Speed gear
  • Spare part availability: No
  • Customer Service: No


  • Strong
  • Stylish frame
  • Durable design
  • Phenomenal stopping power
  • Comfortable and easy to ride
  • wide range of gears
  • Easy maintenance
  • Effortless storage
  • Easy to assemble without professional help
  • Affordable price tag.


  • No color option
  • Available only in one size.

3. Front or Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle 27.5 inches Mens MTB Disc Brakes Orange

Biker safety and control are greatly enhanced by front and rear double disc brakes.

Cycling lovers, office employees, and college students may all benefit from bicycles that make life easier.

Exceptional Quality: With an aluminum alloy frame that is light and sturdy, as well as a high-quality suspension fork.

Aluminum mountain bike frames are lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable.

Shimano 21-speed Shifters are simple to operate and change gears. Disc Brake System – Longer lasting and more powerful stopping power than standard V-Brake Systems.

The mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear can safely stop you in a variety of weather situations, and the 21-speed transmission system allows you to alter your riding pace at any time.

This bicycle is pre-assembled to an extent of 85 percent. You’ll need to set up the pedals, front wheel, and handlebar, as well as inflate the tires.

Before assembling the front wheel, rotate the fork 180 degrees (the brake will be in front of the bike). The threads on the left and right sides of the pedals are different.

On the spindle of each pedal, there are L / R indications; ensure sure they are assembled on the right side (when you ride on the bike, left pedal on your left hand, right pedal on your right hand).

By hand, thread both pedals as far as you can into the crank arms. There are no other tools included in the bundle.

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Wheel size: 27.5 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 40 pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 21-speed gear
  • Spare part availability: No
  • Customer Service: No


  • Lightweight
  • Durable frame
  • Assembly options available
  • Great customer service
  • Lockout suspension
  • Wheels come in different colors


  • For shorter individuals, this is not a decent bike.

4. SIRDAR S-900 27 Speed 27.5 inch Mountain Bike Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel with 2 Replaceable Seat, Full Suspension Disc Brake Outdoor Bikes for Men Women

The Sirdar S-900 mountain bike has received high marks from customers. Its appealing combination of features is what has attracted so many customers.

Sirdar S-900 is a great choice for both beginners and experts thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy frame with a high-carbon steel body.

Because of its incredible design, the sirdar mountain bike can be incredibly lightweight. Sirdar’s bike is light enough that it can be carried over the state’s mountain ranges.

There are 27 gears on the bike, including 9 to 3 unique gears. It makes it easy to shift between gears and doesn’t require you to slow down. The best performance is guaranteed by its structure.

It features a 2-disc brake system. It ensures that the rider has the most comfortable ride possible.

Comfortable customization allows for 2 interchangeable saddles: 1x mountain cross country saddle and 1x broad soft.

These are suitable for highways and mountain routes. It includes all the necessary components and is approximately 95% assembled.

It is safe, sturdy, comfortable, and efficient. However, it requires very little preparation. It is easy to assemble. It is no surprise that the device has received high reviews.

  • Frame material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel
  • Wheel size: 27.5 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 42.68 Pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 27-speed gear
  • Spare part availability: 2 replaceable saddles, 1x mountain cross-country saddle, 1x wide soft saddle
  • Customer Service: Yes 


  • Effortless assembly
  • Two multifunctional saddles are changeable, and the seat is comfy.
  • There are two illuminating lights on the front and back of the vehicle.
  • High-end components such as an alloy frame and a body made of high-carbon steel
  • Dual disc brakes with advanced technology
  • Handlebars, forks, disc brakes, wheels, and chains are all durable components.
  • During gear shifts, the chain remains stable.
  • The quality of the product warrants the price. 


  • Riders must be at least 5 feet 6 inches tall.

5. 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Aluminum Frame

This could lead to new riders believing that they are getting the same bike but with some minor adjustments.

A Gravity FSX 1.0 mountain bike that is capable of serious trail riding costs only $500.

The FSX 1.0 aims to be the best in every component and element, resulting in a bike that is comparable to bikes costing hundreds of dollars more.

The Gravity FSX 1.0 is not as well-known and respected as a big-name bike, but it offers major brand performance at a fraction of the price.

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 35 Pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 24-speed gear
  • Spare part availability: No
  • Customer Service: No


  • The framework is quite light.
  • The Suntour shocks are considerably superior to those found on most entry-level full suspension bikes.
  • Another feature that truly sticks out is the disc brakes.


  • The tread on the tires is insufficient.
  • In addition, the rear suspension may be improved.

6. YaYiYa Big Fat Tire Mountain Bike Men Bicycle 26 in High Carbon Steel Frame Outdoor Road Bike 21 Speed Full Suspension MTB

Frame made of high-carbon steel With this steel-framed mountain bike and supersized all-terrain knobby tires, you can conquer any off-road route with ease. 26-inch 4.0-inch fat tires provide excellent traction and let you ride freely in off-road, snow, and ravines.

Shimano’s rear derailleur has 21 speeds, making it simpler to climb while also changing gears while riding.

Professional disc brake function for riding downhill, allowing you to brake smoothly and safely in racing.

It features 21 gears to suit a variety of road conditions and to satisfy the demands of uphill climbing, downhill riding, and sheer acceleration.

The gears may be adjusted easily and precisely with fingertips on the slide on practically any surface or slope.

The bikes can handle any type of off-road route. Tires with a 26-inch rim offer great anti-skid properties and are tough to slip on.

The frame suspension has been upgraded for a more pleasant ride. Ergonomic chairs can reduce cycling fatigue; sitting for long periods of time will not be exhausting.

The strong frame is constructed of high carbon steel and has good welding. It folds into a mountain bike frame.

All that is necessary is that the seat is plugged in, the handlebar is positioned, and the front wheel is attached.

Everything you need to get started is included, including tools and instructions. They provide a 60-day refund/replacement term to special clients. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Frame material: Carbon Steel
  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 57.8 Pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 21-speed gear
  • Spare part availability: Yes
  • Customer Service: Yes


  • Great service quality 
  • Especially mountains have slippery roads during rain, have a better grip of tires
  • Have a sturdy frame
  • Durable material 


  • Not a unisex bicycle 
  • It Will take time to assemble 

7. OBK G4/G6 26″ Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle Men or Women MTB Foldable Frame

Daul Disc Brake Systems: make brakes more sensitive. Upgrade frame: Foldable frame to make it easy to store and carry.

High-quality accessories: Shimano 3*7 shifters, Shimano front derailleur, and rear derailleur,3 spoke Mag wheels.

Full Suspension: Front and rear shock absorbers make you more comfortable. folding bikes for adults fits up to 5’3-5’9”

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Weight of the bike: 40 Pounds
  • Type of brakes: Disc
  • Gears: 21 Speed gears
  • Spare part availability: No
  • Customer Service: No


  • Fun to ride
  • Good brakes
  • Agile steering
  • Absorbs bumps well


  • It’s a little hefty, which makes it a little more difficult to transport.
  • The seat isn’t particularly comfortable

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you are a person who is new at riding mountain bikes and doesn’t know much about specifics that you should keep in mind while buying a bike, then you surely need to go through this Buyer’s Guide that I have for you.

This will help you identify the things that you might have missed out while considering a bike for yourself.

But if you are a person who has some experience in riding a mountain bike, then you might be aware of such things.

So let me know the things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a Full Suspension Mountain Bike for yourself. 

And in case if you are confused between Full Suspension vs Hardtail Mountain Bikes, then you should check my comparison.

1. Get the Right Size

The Frame size of the bike is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind.

If the company mentions the size as small, medium, and large, then keep in mind to know the exact number and not trust this with a blind eye.

The medium and large sizes in each company vary. You need to ensure that the bike you are purchasing is the right fit.

Many things have to be kept in mind like the reach, the stack, and the measurements. Make sure that you get a full pedaling height without having to overextend the seat post.

2. Choose the wheel size

The second most important thing is the size of the wheel. The diameters in most of the bikes have been settled between 27.5 inches and 29 inches.

The 29 inches ones are stiffer and light in weight and in the upcoming years, they will become very prevalent.

If you are going on a smashing trail, then prefer a small-sized tire and if you are going for coving big miles, then opt for a tire of larger diameter. 

3. Don’t obsess about the weight

The weight is surely an important thing to consider among the other things but the strength is much more important than that.

When there are rocks and ruts in the path, the flimsy bicycle won’t stay long in such a scenario. To keep your bike out of the hedge, it is okay for you to carry a few extra pounds.

4. Choose the suspension quality and not the quantity

Before purchasing a bike, you should look at the reviews of the products for the fork and the shocks of the bike.

You can even use the site of the manufacturer to get the exact model and its details.

You should know this and even keep in mind that there are the exact similar-looking models of the branded bike available in the market but the specifications that they have might be different from the original ones.

The damping should be of good quality and there should be a decent air spring. This will help you a lot when you are traveling a long distance.

5. Look for a design that is futureproofed

When you buy a bike, you must check for the popular axle diameter length and the spacing present.

The diameter of the seat and things like the headset, bottom, and bracket are very important things that you must check for.

The internal routing that is for the stealth dropper is another thing that has become a desirable one in mountain bikes.

The internal brakes or cabling do look good on your bike but when it comes to the noise and the ease of maintain, they aren’t that good.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   What is the travel range of full suspension mountain bikes?

Ans: Maximum suspension MTBs typically have a travel of 100mm to 120mm, which means they may travel 10 cm to 12 cm before achieving full compression. Firefox Bikes, on the other hand, offers choices with a 5 cm or 7.5 cm travel.

  1.   Is the extra weight of full suspension mountain bikes worth it?

Ans: Full suspension MTBs are usually heavier than hardtail MTBs, as previously stated. This makes them more durable on uneven terrains and helps them to better absorb shocks.

  1.   Which brakes to choose?

Ans: On a mountain bike, choosing the correct brakes may be the difference between riding with confidence and determination or being fearful and cautious in everything you do.

You must be able to trust your brakes, and pulling the brake lever should be simple. Basically, when you brake, your bike should slow down and come to a complete stop! If it doesn’t, there’s a problem!


The trail mountain biking category includes everything from nice and flowy post-work rides to rugged and rowdy all-day backcountry epics.

And, with quickly changing technology and an ever-increasing number of alternatives, determining the perfect ride for your requirements may be difficult.

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