Best Electric Bikes For Women [2022 Updated]

Finding the best electric bikes for women is quite a challenging task as the features of men’s electric bikes are different from women’s, such as bike design.

But, don’t worry. I got you!

I understand your every need and that is why I have brought you a selection of handpicked best women’s electric bikes.

Some bikes in my list are specific for women’s needs with smaller saddles, narrower handles, and low step- or step-thru frames for easy riding.

However, not every woman leans toward the made for ladies electric bikes.

Therefore, I have also added some adult electric bikes that are perfect for both men and women of different age groups and physics.

No matter what type of electric bike you are looking for and for which purpose.

My list of the top 9 best electric bikes for women won’t disappoint you.

I have gathered all types of bikes like road, off-road, city, cruiser, commuter, and mountain to meet your needs.

All the ladies’ electric bikes below are 100% emission-free and good for your health.

There could be several reasons to buy an electric bike but women mostly return the bikes not because they are not of good quality but simply because they are men-oriented e-bike.

Thus, my collection of the best women’s electric bikes will help you to save a lot of time and money while making you feel special.

I have taken care of all the factors that might become an obstacle to finding the best women’s electric bike.

All of my e-bikes have a step-thru frame, women-oriented geometric design, high-quality motor with large battery capacity, comfortable & adjustable saddle for long rides, narrow handlebars, and e-assist feature to get some relaxation while pedaling.

List Of The Best Electric Bikes For Women

I have selected these below-mentioned e-bikes to cover all your needs- practical and recreational. I hope you will find your best ladies’ electric bike on your budget.

Best Ladies Electric BikesSpecialty
Sixthreezero Around the block women’s e-bikeBest city commuter 
Nakto 26” Camel e-bikeBest sporting and cargo e-bike
Ancheer 26” e-cruiserBest value for money bike
VIVI 16” folding electric bikeBest bike for longer rides. 
Rattan fat tire folding e-bikeBudget-friendly & powerful all-terrain bike
Heybike cityscape 26” city cruiserHigh-powered motor e-cruiser city bike
Nakto fat tire Mountain bikeBest durable bike
DJ City bike 26”Powerpack sport and all-terrain bike


Sixthreezero Around the block women’s e-bike is the best electric cruiser to start your journey.

It is a convertible cruiser that you can ride with or without a battery as well.

It is available in attractive mint green and teal colors. It is a low step-through frame e-bike for easy get on and off. 

Sixthreezero comes with a 90 days manufacturer warranty and their customer support is very professional.

So far, it has received appreciation from the user only. It comes with a 26”x 2.125” wheel size. It is the perfect e-bike for daily city commute and weekend beach rides.

I have listed sixthreezero around the block as one of the best e-bikes under $2000 for women.


  • It comes with a 250W rear-drive motor
  • Large-capacity lithium-ion battery to go for 15-20 miles in one charge
  • It is equipped with 7-speed Shimano gears
  • High-density base support foam with cushioned dual spring wide saddle
  • It comes with 3 riding modes- human, pedal-assist, and fully electric with the throttle
  • It is equipped with an E front and rear disc brake system
  • It comes with a rear cargo rack and EZ control display


  • It has a maximum speed of 15-24 MPH at different riding modes
  • It can cover the distance of 18-40 miles in fully electric mode and 20-50 miles at pedal-assist mode
  • Unique braking system helps in smooth and prompt stopping
  • Suitable for females from 5ft-6ft tall
  • It has a load capacity of 250 lbs
  • Ergonomic design helps to relax joints and maintain the upright relaxed riding position without putting any stress on shoulders, hips, knees, and back
  • Tires have wear-resistant and anti-skid properties


  • It is a heavy bike due to its quality components, might take some time to adjust


Nakto camels are a combination of professional and recreational activities. It is a class 2 e-bike that can handle rough trails and climbs.

The frame and front fork are made from high-strength carbon steel which allows a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

This super e-bike is packed with premium comfort shock absorbers. 

Nakto is a premium brand that delivers power pack performance without burning a hole in your pocket.

It is a sporting electric bike that can be used on city roads and rough terrains. 26” anti-skid tires and waterproof removable battery provide you with a non-stop assistant for your long rides.


  • It is equipped with a 250W high speed brushless powerful motor
  • It has a removable 36V 10.4Ah Lithium cell battery
  • It comes with 6-speed Shimano gears
  • It is equipped with an electric power display, bright headlamp, and horn
  • It comes with dual suspension type
  • It has a front V brake and rear expansion brake system
  • It comes with 3 riding modes- Human, assisted mode, and electric 
  • It comes with a rear cargo rack and front cargo basket


  • The battery is equipped with overcharge, over the release, temperature, over-voltage, and equilibrium protection with water-resistant technology
  • suitable for riding at night due to bright LED bright light with 360-degree vision and loud trumpet and horn
  • Equipped with anti-slip wear-resistant tires
  • Powerful, anti-skid, and super quiet motor
  • Easy on-off pedal-assist button for smooth transitioning
  • It has a maximum speed of 20-25 MPH
  • It can cover 22-28 miles in a single charge
  • It has a load capacity of 250lbs


  1. Not suitable for riders below 5’4”


Ancheer is one of the best brands of electric bikes in terms of high-quality components and performance at budget-friendly rates.

I have brought you the Ancheer 26”x1.95” electric cruiser for fun and work.

Its body is made from high-strength aluminum alloy with double-walled rims for greater durability, faster and effortless rides. 

This e-cruiser is suitable for different sizes of women due to its adjustable seat and handlebar.

Its low step-through feature allows easy on/off access. It is the class 1 best women’s electric bike especially for beginners due to its lightweight body.


  • It comes with a 250W powerful motor 
  • It is equipped with a removable 12.5Ah waterproof lithium-ion battery
  • It has a 6-speed professional derailleur
  • It comes with front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • It comes with 3-riding modes- E-bike, assisted, normal
  • It comes with a front suspension fork, bright headlamp, wheel reflectors, and horn


  • It is alight weight e-cruiser with easy to mount feature 
  • The wide swept-back handlebar helps in maintaining the upright relaxed riding posture
  • It comes with an adjustable setting to make the stem length appropriate to your height
  • Equipped with 26” wear-resistant tires with good terrain adaptability making it perfect for off-road trails
  • It has double-layered aluminum alloy rims for smooth sailing
  • Suitable for night ride due to bright LED and horn with other safety gears
  • It has a maximum speed of 16MPH with the capability to cover a distance of 35 miles in a single charge at assisted mode


  • No Cons so far! Voila!


Next in line with my handpicked selection of best womens’ electric bikes is folding frame e-bikes for daily commute under $1000.

I present you the VIVI 16” folding electric bike for teens, adults, and seniors. It comes with a powerful motor and a great capacity battery for longer rides. 

It is suitable for women of different age groups and people with some physical injury or physical impairment like back or joint pain.

Anyone can ride this bike without putting too much stress on their joints and completing their daily chores or exercise.

It is a lightweight folding e-bike, easy to carry around and store in confined spaces and offices. It is best suited for riders between 5ft- 6ft of height.


  • It is equipped with a 350W high-magnification brushless motor
  • It comes with a 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery integrated into the frame
  • Its frame is made from strong aluminum alloy and carbon steel which make sit more durable and lightweight
  • It has 16” high-strength thicker tires suitable for city roads
  • It comes with Shimano 6-speed gears
  • It has a double-disc brake system
  • It comes with 3 riding modes- electric, assist, and normal with a throttle


  • 16” tires are explosion-proof, puncture-proof, and wear-resistant
  • It has a maximum speed of 20MPH
  • It has a load capacity of 265 lbs
  • It comes with a rear fender to protect against mud and water splash
  • Easy to carry and fold in quick 3 steps
  • It comes with an adjustable saddle
  • It can easily climb 30 degrees uphill
  • Suitable for night rides with a bright high-energy headlight and electric horn
  • It is a perfect and safe e-bike for beginners


  • It doesn’t go beyond 20MPH of speed, a typical class 1 bike
  • The battery is not removable so you can only charge it on the bike


If you are looking for a powerful all-terrain bike within your budget with all the women-specific e-bike features in a small packet then the Rattan Fat tire folding e-bike is made for modern and strong women like you.

Rattan is a well-known brand in the electric bike community famous for its budget and environment-friendly premium quality bikes at affordable prices. 

It comes in a modern stylish design in a black metallic color that is enough to stand out in the crowd.

You won’t get a 750W e-bike with a large battery in such a sleek design bike.

Its back seat has the capability of carrying a weight of up to 50lbs which makes it ideal for modern mothers.

Rattan e-bike has the capability for child seats as well. This low step design fat tire e-bike for terrain is the true symbol of the best e-bike for women.


  • It comes with a 750W brushless motor
  • It is equipped with a removable 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery
  • It comes with a 20”x4” wheel size
  • It comes with a 5-inches LCD screen
  • It has a 7-speed Shimano gear system
  • It comes with I-PAS technology
  • It is equipped with a Tektro disc brake system and front suspension
  • It comes with a bright LED headlamp and horn
  • It has 3 riding modes- Normal, pedal-assist, and pure electric


  • It has a maximum speed of 28MPH
  • It gives a mileage of 30-50 miles on different riding modes at a single charge
  • The I-PAS technology helps to save 80% of battery power which makes it ideal for long distances with a full load capacity
  • It is made from 6061- aluminum alloy which makes it more durable and lightweight
  • Fat tires come with anti-slip and wear resistance technology
  • It has a load capacity of 250-300lbs with regular spoke maintenance
  • Quick fold to fit in the back of your car trunk and store in less space
  • It comes with waterproof cable in the whole bike


  • It is a heavyweight e-bike
  • Not suitable for beginners or seniors


If you are looking for a high-powered motor e-cruiser city bike for your daily commute and exercise then Heybike Cityscape with 350W brushless geared motor with good load capacity is the one to look for.

It is a unisex-adult bike with a low step-through frame and rear cargo seat. 

Hey, the bike also provides accessories to carry cargo. It is recommended for people with height 5’4”- 6’5”.

It is a low-budget, neatly stacked, high-performance e-cruiser for the daily urban commute. This bike has been recommended by many users.


  • It comes with a 350W brushless geared motor 
  • It has a removable 36V 10Ah modular battery
  • It comes with 7-speed Shimano gears
  • It comes in 3 riding modes- pure electric, assisted, and normal
  • Ir comes with a dual suspension and disc brake system
  • It accompanies an LCD screen, bright headlamp, wheel reflectors, and horn


  • It has a maximum speed of 19mph
  • It delivers the mileage of 40 miles in pedal-assist mode
  • It has a swept-back handlebar design with a step-thru frame to give you a relaxed upright riding position without causing any joint ache
  • 26” tires are anti-skid and puncture-resistant
  • This bike comes pre-assembled at the time of delivery so you don’t have to waste any time.
  • Dual shock absorbers give you a smooth riding experience on mostly all terrains
  • It has a load capacity of 264lbs
  • It is suitable for night rides


  • Speed limit could have been better
  • It is a heavyweight bike


Next on my list of the best e-bike for women is the Nakto 20” fat-tire mountain/beach/snow e-bike.

This fat tire bike frame is made from 100% high-strength aluminum alloy and a front fork from high-strength carbon steel for durability and weight management.

Nakto is known for delivering hi-tech and super-quality components at cheaper prices.

It is an all-terrain women’s adult bike. You can use it for a daily commute from/ to work and home or experience your surroundings and explore new scenery from a different angle.

It is an effortless e-bike with a throttle feature especially for riding steep hills and climbs.


  • It comes with a 350W high magnification brushless motor
  • It is equipped with a 36V10Ah lithium-ion battery
  • It comes with 3 riding modes- normal, assisted, and pure electric with a throttle
  • It comes with a dual suspension system with front shock absorbers
  • It has a 6-speed Shimano gear system
  • It comes in a unique sportbike design with a headlamp and other safety gears
  • It comes with a dual disc brake system


  • It has a maximum speed of 25 mph on pedal-assisted mode
  • It can cover 25-35 miles on pedal assist at a single charge
  • It has a load capacity of 260lbs
  • All the components come with anti-scratch properties
  • It is suitable for rough trails
  • This bike is waterproof and weatherproof
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty
  • It has an adjustable seat cushion to give you a comfortable ride experience on bumpy roads


  • It is not a low-step through e-bike
  • Not meant for inexperience e-bike riders


Last but not least good women’s electric bike is another power pack sport and all-terrain bike from the proud and humble Canadian brand DJ.

It is a DJ city bike for your long-distance rides. This bike is made for heavy riders or cargo carriers.

It is a large heavy-weight bike with great battery backup. 

It is not your typical petite women’s bike, only suitable for women of height above 5’4” and experienced e-bike riders who are looking for a women-specific featured heavy bike for daily chores and sporting events like hunting, climbing, and exploring.

This kind of ladies’ electric bike is not easy to find at such a low price with positive reviews from users and the bikers community. It is a premium heavy rider women’s electric bike.


  • It is equipped with a 750W Bafang geared brushless hub motor
  • It comes with high quality removable 48V13Ah Samsung or LG cell battery with compatible chargers
  • It comes with a front suspension with quick rear shock absorbers
  • It has a 7-speed Shimano gear system
  • It comes with a dual Tektro Disc brake system
  • It is equipped front LED light, horn, and rear cargo rack 
  • It comes in 3 riding modes- normal, pedal-assist, and electric with a throttle
  • It comes with a King meter LCD


  • It is suitable for riding long steep uphills
  • It is easy to mount and dismount with a low step-thru feature
  • The wide swept-back handlebars and adjustable dual spring cushioned seat help to maintain the relaxed upright riding posture without putting stress on shoulders, knees, back, and neck.
  • Bafang motor doesn’t require any maintenance
  • It comes with 5-level of pedal assist modes and is easy to push thumb throttle
  • It has a maximum speed of 20-25 MPH
  • It has a load capacity of 275lbs


  • It is a large and heavy bike not suitable for petite women.

Top 3 Picks As Best Electric Bikes For Women

I hope you liked my handpicked selection of the best electric women’s bike of different age groups and physics for different needs.

I tried to cover all the basic requirements and specific women-centered e-bike features for professional and recreational purposes on a budget.

All the bikes have great features and received positive reviews from users. However, if I have to pick the top 3 best electric bikes for women in a different category then I would choose the following:

  1. Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s E-cruiser
  2. Rattan fat tire folding e-bike
  3. DJ city bike for heavy riders

Here is a comparison table:

SixthreezeroRattan DJ city bike
It is an electric cruiser bikeIt is a folding mountain bikeIt is an all-terrain powerful bike
It is a lightweight daily commute city bikeIt is a cargo bike with child seat capability It is a heavy rider, cargo bike
Not suitable for climbingSuitable for climbing up to 30 degreesAll-terrain bike for all-day uphill and downhill drive

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