Best Electric Bike For Teenagers [Reviews]

Are you looking for some cool stuff to give to your grown-up/growing teenager kids? You surely are at the right place since the guide will serve you with the purpose.

Since Electric bikes are in demand and are the cool stuff the teenagers admire and surely yearn for these days.

Be it hanging out with their friends, or commuting to school or college! This guide on e-bikes will help you select the best electric bike for teenagers.

A bicycle is one of the best forms of investment in good health. In this era of capitalization, where every second person is avoiding the rush hour, we often tend to compromise on our health.

Our expenses take a ride up the graph as we invest in motor vehicles to save us some time. Adulting never gets easy, not for everyone.

Teenage years are the best years to grow as an individual, explore new things and of course, focus on physical and mental health.

Riding a bicycle is one of the easiest ways to shed some pounds and gain some memories down the lane, quite literally!! 

Now as parents, you would want your child to pump some iron. Maybe your child is too lazy to hit the gym and you are too busy to drop them off at school, so spending some bucks on an electric bike for your growing-up kid is a wise decision to be made. 

To add up brownie points, the e-bike is even affordable for the general public too! People purchase e-bikes for daily needs and to commute for short trips too.

You must have by now spent a minute surfing the net for the best electric bikes for teenagers and might be wondering about which e-bike to purchase for your kid.

Hence, I bring to you the guide on the best e-bikes for teenagers. These bikes are foldable, economical, easy to store, stylish, cool, and durable and their demand for e-bikes is quite high in the US market as well!

Top 10 Electric Bikes For Teenagers

Electric BikeSpecialityPrice
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350WBest long-distance e-bike.Buy Now
FIIDO D3s Folding EBikeBest affordable & stylish e-bike. Buy Now
Macwheel Electric Bike, 16 inches Ebike with Foldable DesignBest High performance & cheap e-bike. Buy Now
ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike, 16” City EbikeBest bike for exploring new places. Buy Now
ENGWE Electric Bike 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric BikeOverall best e-bike. Buy Now
nakto 20″/26″ 250W FoldawayPerfect foldable e-bike for all age groups. Buy Now
ANCHEER an-EB5 Plus Folding Electric BikeBest stylish all-rounder e-bikeBuy Now
ECOTRIC 20″ Powerful 500W Folding Electric Bicycle The best daily commute bikeBuy Now
Goplus 20” Folding BikeEco Friendly, durable & affordable e-bike. Buy Now
Gotrax Electric Bike 26″ – 20MPH & 50 Mile Range Perfect all-around lifestyle bikeBuy Now

Top 10 Best Electric Bike For Teenagers

1. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350W

First on the list of best electric bikes for teenagers is the Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-bike. With the Swagtron E-Bike, you can travel almost to any places you wish to explore.

If you wish to go a little bit off the beaten track,  this Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-bike is one of the best choices one can make. Let the bike pedal down the road or else let the motor do the work.

The electric fat bike also known as pedelec, has the power to cover up to twenty miles. It will give your kids the opportunity to experience some mountain riding and have some fun.

Key Features

  • Electric hybrid cycle: You can choose to either use the pedal or the electric motor to give an extra boost
  • Air-filled high volume 4 inch tires Mounted 24-inch rims 
  • 7 speed Shimano gears 
  • Dual disc brakes for safety and control at own’s hands. Helps ride smoothly even after you stop pedaling
  • 5 hour charging time for smooth riding for a long period
  • speed SIS shift system and freewheel
  •  350W hub motor with enough power to set you off at speeds up to 18.6 MPH
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • The bike comes with 7-speed Shimano gears to conquer the terrains without any difficulty.
  • The rider can choose between battling manually by using the motor.
  • Comes with IPX4 water resistance to make it easier to cover the surroundings even when the weather changes.
  • Removable battery.Soft charging and other safety measures.
  • Comes with an attached kickstand to keep the bike upright.


  •  It doesn’t support any adjustable Pedal assist
  • The seat doesn’t go too high for tall Riders.


The Swagtron EB-6 Bandit Bike is for outdoor people who love exploring places and new environments. The bike is all up to conquer terrains, allowing you to travel inclinations of 25 degrees upon its power.

2. FIIDO D3s Folding EBike

The quick folding FIIDO D3s is a perfect bike coming with a combination of best cost performance and design.

Comfortable to ride, it is a unit of innovation and a piece built from high-quality material and technology. Lightweight, stylish and portable, it may be a fun companion to drive some miles.

Key features

  • 16-inch inflatable tires. These are wear-resistant and come with an anti-slip texture.
  • Disc brake 
  • 6-speed gear power boost assist system
  • 5-hour charging required.
  • 36V 7.8AH Built-in Lithium Battery with 250W powerful brushless Motor 
  •  60 kilometers at maximum speed 15Mph/H.
  • Built-up with a high-quality aluminum alloy body and weighs only 18kg!.
  • You get to choose among three modes: pure human mode, 3-level hop mode, and pure electric mode.
  • Ip4 waterproof performance


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The bike is compact, lightweight, and portable,  hence requires less space to store.
  • USB phone holder is an additional feature.
  • God and adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • 16-inch tires are non-skid and shock absorbing
  • Comes with a kickstand to keep the bike upright.


  •  There is no Bluetooth for in-app control in the bike
  • The Battery is non-removable
  • Only one color black  is available 
  • There is no fuel alternative. 


While the bike stands out as a good combination of cost performance and design, it also is quite affordable and easy to store. The FIIDO bike is suitable for all and different heights.

3. Macwheel Electric Folding Bike

The fabulous, stylish 16-inch Macwheel electric folding bike is the next bike on the list. One of the best electric bikes for teenagers, this can be the ideal choice for kids rushing their way to school.

Fitting into the ultra-budget category, the bike is available at $500 only! Lightweight and sturdy, the e-bike has an eye-catching design, a cherry on the top, isn’t it?  It is a bike so portable that it can be taken and kept anywhere at home or work.

Key Features

  • 16-inch air-filled tires to sail smoothly in different road conditions
  • Comes with 5-speed gears with a dual brake system
  • 250 W brushless motor with 36v 7.5Ah lithium-cell battery
  • Accompanied by an LCD screen on the handlebar
  • Aluminum built body for good performance 
  • Front and back LED light
  • You can choose amongst three riding modes- pure electric, pedal-assist, and normal mode.


  • You can easily adjust the seat belt and handlebar according to your height and preference.
  • It has a folding system, making it easy to store anywhere.
  • Listed under the best electric bike for teenagers, it comes assembled with fenders, bells, and twist throttle
  • The led display gives speed setting, battery life, and headlight indicator.
  • Accompanied by wheel reflectors and anti-slip tires to help you ride in any weather conditions
  • With a maximum speed of 15.5mph, it has a climbing capacity of 10-15 degrees
  •  It comes with a one-year limited warranty


  • The stem is only foldable and not adjustable.
  • Non-removable battery
  • No good customer care service


The e-bike is made up for anyone who enjoys high-performance bikes who want to learn something safe and affordable.

The e-bike is cheap and pretty different from other bikes in the same class. Suitable for all height people, the bike can be taken for a ride for short trips and daily commuting.

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Stepping up the ladder of best electric bikes for teenagers is the all-rounder performer,  ANCHEER folding Electric Bike. With 16-inch wheels, the bike suits the purpose of the daily commission.

Made of high quality, collapsible steel frame, the e-bike is efficient, stylish, and lightweight. The Go-green e-bike is smart, foldable, and quite distinct in design. The electric bike helps you make a smart choice between the peddle and e power, making you efficient for the rush hour.

This ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike will be a good choice as the best electric bike under $500 for your teen.

Key Features

  • 16-inch double layer aluminum alloy wheels  for a smooth and stable ride
  • Dual mechanical  brake System for effective stopping power
  • 250W rear hub motor 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery,  covering up to 15 to 30 miles in one charge
  • Accompanied by LED 3 speed smart play button and bell
  • The seat can be adjusted according to height 
  • The mini foldable bike made of a high-quality steel frame 
  • The rider can choose between three working modes- Ebike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike.
  • Requires 4-6 charging hours


  • Economical and comes at an affordable price
  • Ebike is portable. It can be kept anywhere, in-car, trunk, etc
  • Comes with an easily removable battery
  •  Accompanied by three pedal assist modes for a smooth ride


  • The E-bike doesn’t fold very easily, it might take a few tries.
  • It does not have any suspension
  • The 1-speed level is one of the limited features 


The affordable Class 2 bike is suitable for Riders of different Heights. Having a load capacity of 220lbs and 16-inch mountain tires, the rider can explore terrains and rides on roads with tough capacity.

Counted under one of the best e-bikes for teenagers, the bike is suitable for camping, hunting, and exploring new places. One can go on a vacation and enjoy the view with this bike.

5. ENGWE Electric Bike 

Built under the concept of green and low carbon life, ENGWE Electric Bike is considered a good mountain bike. Going the healthy way, it can become your ideal partner for camping in the mountains.

Built with an aluminum alloy frame,  it is designed to pull 300lbs of weight. The 20-inch electric bike is lightweight and efficient in design adding to a better experience. in both urban and trial environments.

Key features

  • 20-inch tires to roll over obstacles easily
  • Tektro F&R mechanical disc brake system
  •  48V 500W brushless gear motor-assisted by 48V/12.5A lithium battery.
  • Intelligent LED display For information regarding battery power, speed, and travel distance 
  • Soft leather seat with saddle adjustment lock
  • SHIMANO 7-speed flywheel transmission system
  • 4 to 5 hour charging time 
  • Made from Steel frame 
  • Alloy cranks and sprockets and aluminum alloy pedals are foldable.


  • With a 500W brushless gear motor; the speed goes up to 22mph.
  • 20-inch fat tires are great for urban and trail environments
  • Foldable and easily portable.


  • With electric mode, the lithium battery can only cover 15 miles.
  • Assembly is required


If you are rooting for comfort with style, then a 20-inch tire ENGWE electric bike is the apt choice to make. While looking out for the best bikes for teenagers, the parents should take care of the tire size convenient for the kid as safety and comfort should be prioritized. While only the battery life raises an issue, one can still buy it since it can ride longer

6. Nakto foldable city electric bike

Give the adventure spring in you a push with the foldable Nakto foldable city electric bike. If you have a knack for adventures and exploring fun rides with friends, then you should consider buying this one! 

Recommended as one of the best e-bikes under my list for best electric bikes for teenagers, the spectacular bike will just take you anywhere.

Pedaling your way through the rough errands or finding your way through the rough mountains, you will have a way with the wind exploring the new places.

Key Features

  • 20/22-inch tires
  • Front and rear disc brake system for effective stopping and balancing in rough road conditions
  • 250W rear hub brushless motor-assisted  with 36V10A Lithium battery
  • Smart LED display with a front headlight and functional horn.
  • Shimano 6 speed gear 
  • Waterproof and dustproof safer
  • A choice between different levels of power assist
  • 3-4 hours charging time 
  • Made from a steep steel frame


  • Removable battery
  • Foldable and easy to store at any place
  • Very economical 0
  • Can be shifted to six speeds according to convenience


  • Little too heavy weighs 30 pounds
  • Single-speed


Sixth on the list of best electric bikes for teenagers, the Nakto foldable city bike is a better option than those in the market. Very affordable, it is designed to suit all age groups. It is also comfortable for people with physical pain.

The strong electric bike puts up a decent performance with added features such as a horn, headlight, and reflective tail light. All in all, the bike is good to go for a decent price.

7. ANCHEER an-EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike 

Moving ahead in the guide for the best electric bikes for teenagers is the Cost-effective folding electric bike made with cutting-edge technology.

Matching the needs of transportation and outdoor activities, the ANCHEER an EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike is designed with a trendy streamlined dolphin shape. The innovative alloy frame is paired up with 12-inch tires.

Key features

  • 12-inch anti-slip rubber tires
  • Front and Rear disc brake system
  • 350 power brushless motor with 36V 350W ( 6AH ) Lithium battery
  • DTST Intelligent Sensing System
  • IPX5 Waterproof Design
  • Requires less than 3 hours charging time
  • Streamline dolphin shape made of innovative alloy frame


  • LED headlight
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Battery Management  System


  • Single-speed gear


The smart and stylish electric bike is an all-rounder. Jumping on the bandwagon, ACHEEN has launched one of its finest products. From looks to quality, it serves it all. Highly recommended!

8. ECOTRIC UL Certified 20″ Powerful 500W Folding Electric Bicycle

Ride around the town, at your own pace with the power-packed performer ECOTRIC folding Electric Bicycle. The tremendous, powerful bike is another one in the queue of the best electric bikes for teenagers.

A blast to ride, the bike features a simple yet practical design. A reliable performer, it has been a substantial city bike ranging under $1000. 

Key features

  • 20-inch dual tires, adaptable to snowy, sandy, and rough terrain.
  • Geared by Strong 500W Motor and powered by 36V 12.5AH removable Lithium battery.
  • Strong Aluminium body frame
  • Shimano 7 speed gear 
  • Requires 6-8 hours charging time
  • Outrage and mechanical braking system
  • Built from a strong aluminum frame
  • Twist throttle and pedal-assist 


  • This e-bicycle can be effectively adjusted on and off-road trails, beaches, and muddy or snowy
  • areas
  • Fat tires help roll over obstacles and have more dependability.
  • Equipped with removable battery


  • Not a professional mountain bike so has limited climbing liability
  • the e-bicycle is a bit heavy
  • There is insufficient battery power mileage, battery drains out quickly.


The fat tire bike is suitable for adults (beginners too) and can be taken out for a daily commute in rural and urban areas. Suitable for different height people and has a load capacity of 220lbs.

9. Goplus 20” Folding Bike

If you are looking for an electric bicycle that performs over its stated price, then you are at the right place.  I am featuring the GoPlus Folding bike under the list of best electric bikes for teenagers for its affordability, durability, and super eco-friendly stance.

No doubt, the super convenient folding bike makes up a great companion for outdoor adventures. Ideal for a daily commute, the bike goes as high as 35km/has its top speed.

Key features

  • 20-inch anti-skid and water-resistant tires
  • 250W motor equipped with 36V 8AH lithium battery
  • Front and rear V brakes
  • 7 speed Shimano gears
  • Adjustable handle and seat height
  • Made from a durable iron frame
  • Pedals with BS  reflectors
  • 4 to 6 hours charging time


  • It is foldable and easily portable
  • The e-bicycle is very powerful and durable
  • Affordable and made of super quality


  • The Pedal-assist feature doesn’t always work well
  • There are poor assemble functions
  • Often surges while peddling


The Goplus compact electric bike is not suitable to perform in wet gravel areas as most of the weight lies in the tires. Overall, the bike is a suitable option when it comes to suitability, affordability, and being an eco-friendly durable companion.

10. Gotrax Electric Bike 

Affordable prices and unmatched top-notch quality! That’s what the Gotrax Electric Bike stands for!  This fantastic bike is the last bike up on the list of best electric bikes for teenagers, however, it makes itself suitable for all age groups.

Setting standards high and driving away from normal designs and concepts, this one’s definitely to watch out for! The exquisite machine is a mountain bike and delivers high performance.

Key Features

  • 26-inch anti-slip tires
  • 350W brushless motor equipped with 36V 12.5AH high capacity battery
  • Disc Brake style system
  • Shimano 21 speed gears
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Aggressive and adjustable seat
  • Lockable and reliable suspension
  • 5 level LCD Display with USB port


  • Removable Battery
  • Waterproof
  • More suitable for city riding
  • Tall tires make it rigid and adaptable


  • Not suitable for mountain regions
  •  The bicycle cannot be customized or personalized


The Gotrax bicycle can be an ideal companion for city road rides. Affordable and durable, the 26-inch wheels are quite dependable in this case.

The frame is waterproof covering up for the rider’s safety. The hand throttle makes it simple and seamless for the rider to adjust speeds accordingly.

Comparision Table For Top 3 E-Bikes

FeaturesANCHEER an-EB5 Plus Folding Electric BikeMacwheel 16″ Electric Folding BikeGoplus 20” Folding Bike
Weight38.6lbs32 Pound
Frame Materialinnovative alloy frameAluminumAluminum, Steel
Wheel Size12 Inches16 Feet20 Inch
Break StyleDiscDiscLinear Pul
Number of speeds57
Suspension TypeRigidRear, Front


Albeit, all the electric bikes listed above are good to choose from, however, all of them differ from each other in various aspects.

While some land us on the same ground with similar features making it hard to choose one!

I would like to recommend ANCHEER an-EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike & Mac wheel 16″ Electric Folding Bike. Both of these are super affordable and provide teenagers with a great riding experience.

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