Best Electric Bike For Exercise To Buy in 2021

There is always a debate going on whether or not electric bikes are the best way of getting some exercise.

Many electric bikes enthusiasts agree and people who have never ridden an electric bike will disagree and you would be surprised to know this is actually one of the main reasons for not buying electric bikes.

Well, you all need to understand electric bikes are just the advanced version of regular bicycles.

Sure, they have the fully electric mode for the people who don’t want to pedal or to get some relaxation on a long-distance journey.

Electric bikes generate power from pedaling. Motor only amplifies the pedaling speed and power of the riders which allows you to go faster and further but you have to pedal.

Thus you are exercising.

Today, I am only going to talk about some best electric bike for exercise. 

I have selected some best electric bikes for exercise that can also fulfill your both personal and business requirements. 

Top 10 Best Electric Bike For Exercise

Are you finding IT difficult to make time for exercising in your hectic schedule despite all your efforts?

Well, do not worry, buy the best electric bike for exercise and kill two birds with one stone.

You can easily commute to and from your workplace on an electric bike at the same time while continuing your exercise. 

I have brought the best electric bike for exercise for all age groups that are comfortable, durable, affordable, and compatible with your needs.

I hope you like the top 10 best electric bikes for exercise. Let’s begin the journey!

Product Name SuitabilityPrice
MetaKoo 26” Electric BikeBest cost-effective electric bikeBuy Now
Ancheer 26” folding electric bikeBest budget mountain bikeBuy Now
Ancheer electric bike 250W/500W EbikeThe best daily commute bikeBuy Now
Ecotric Electric powerful bikeBest fat tire electric bike Buy Now
Vivi Folding electric bikePerfect urban city commuting bikeBuy Now
Swagtron swagcycle EB-5Best daily commuting bike for seniorsBuy Now
Nakto electric bicycle cargo electric bikePerfect step-thru women’s cargo bikeBuy Now
Vivi folding electric mountain bicycle adultsBest high-performance mountain bikeBuy Now
Macwheel 26” electric bikeBest long-distance bikeBuy Now
Macwheel 16” electric folding bikeBest compact stylish electric bike for urban roadsBuy Now

1. Metakoo 26″ Electric Bike

Let’s start with one of the cost-effective and high-performance electric bikes, the Metakoo 26”.

It is a mountain bike or to be more accurate an off-road trail riding bike.

As the name suggests this bike is made from high-quality aluminum frames including pedals so that you can go as much faster and further you can through pedal-assist mode. 

Key Features

  • Motor – 350W Bafang brushless motor
  • Battery- 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion removable battery
  • Dual disc brake system
  • Front suspension fork and shock absorbers
  • 21 Shimano speed gears
  • An LCD screen for battery, mileage, and speed indicators
  • Reflectors at the front, rear, and wheel spokes with a horn


  • It comes with fast charging. It can get fully charged in only 3 hours
  • Charger and battery case is built with shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof protection
  • Battery charger port comes with 4-pin charger for additional safety measure
  • It has a top speed of 20mph
  • It has a travel range of 30-37 miles at pedal assist mode
  • This bike is made to ride on tough terrains. It can easily go uphill with help of Shimano gears and throttle mode
  • It has 3 riding modes- Electric, pedal-assist, and normal mode


  • Could have add headlight and tail light 
  • Not suitable for night rides
  • Don’t have the rear suspension but double alloy rims do most of the work.

Why Better Than Others?

Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is a high-performance electric mountain bike for bicycle lovers and sports enthusiasts.

It is a quite cheap bike with high-quality components and additional safety parameters.

This bike can tackle all on city terrains and off-road trails. Take it on camping, trekking, hiking, or use it as a daily commute bike.

You won’t be disappointed.

This bike is suitable for adult men, women, and beginners.

Without a doubt, it is the best electric bike for exercise in this price range.

Height- 4.92ft-5.7ft

Load capacity- 309 lbs

2. Ancheer 26” Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer is known for producing high-performance electric bikes at affordable rates.

Our second best electric bike for exercise is none other than Ancheer 26” folding electric mountain bike.

It is a heavyweight bike made from high-grade aluminum alloy to last longer on tough terrain and deliver high performance with good load capacity.

Key Features

  • Motor- 250W stable brushless gear motor
  • Battery- 36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable battery
  • Mechanical disc brake system
  • It comes with integrated 26” wheels made from lightweight and strong aluminum alloy suitable for mountain trails
  • Comes with professional 21-speed gears
  • Dual suspension system
  • Front LED light, tail reflector, horn, and front cargo pack
  • It comes with a smart LED 3-speed meter


  • It comes in 3 riding modes- electric, pedal-assist, and normal
  • It is safe for night rides
  • Its 26” anti-slip and wear-resistant tires are perfect for rainy and snowy weather
  • It has a top speed of 17mph
  • It has a travel range of 15-30 miles on different modes
  • Its ergonomic design and comfortable seat make your riding experience joyful
  • It is made from 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Easy to store due to its foldaway feature


  • It is a heavyweight folding bike only suitable for adults
  • Mechanical brakes make a loud squeaky sound in rainy weather which can be annoying

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 5’1”- 6’0”

Load capacity- 300lbs

This bike is suitable for the daily commute or exploring your surroundings.

It can run on all terrains without facing many difficulties. It is durable, affordable, and compact.

Therefore you can carry it in your car’s trunk and go anywhere. It is an adult bike for sports, adventure, and exercise.

3. Ancheer Electric Bike 250w/500w Ebike

I have brought you another top-class electric bike for exercise from the Ancheer brand.

It is a lightweight and rough aluminum combination outline electric bicycle that ensures a superb exhibition, effectiveness, and solidness.

It comes with a shockproof front suspension to make your everyday drive smooth and comfortable.

If you ask me then ANCHEER E-Bike is my No.1 Recommendation as the Best Electric Bike.

Key Features

  • Motor- 250W stable back center point engine 
  • Battery- removable 36V 8/12.5ah battery 
  • It has 21-speed gears 
  • It has a wheel size of 26 inches 
  • It accompanies a front high strength suspension system
  • It accompanies dual disc brakes
  • It has 3 working models-electronic, helped, and typical 
  • It is furnished with a front LED and horn for safe driving 


  • It accompanies a high-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption
  • It is comprised of a top-notch high-carbon aluminum amalgam outline 
  • It is the most eco-friendly e-bike as it comes with a climate cordial lithium battery 
  • It gives you the normal mileage of 15-30 miles 
  • It has the greatest speed of 15mph 
  • It accompanies a 3-speed smart  meter button 
  • It comes with a fast-charging feature. It only takes 4-6 hours to get fully charged
  • It has a 3-speed chain wheel


  • Customers have confronted a few issues with the circle brake system

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 5’2”-6’1”

Load Capacity- 330lbs

This bike can be used as both a mountain bike and an urban city bike for daily commute.

It comes with an easily adjustable seat, handlebar, and stem to find a perfect riding position.

It has a more energetic and powerful look. It could suit the riders of different age groups.

4. Ecotric Electric Powerful Bicycle

This is a fat tire bike on my list of the best electric bikes for exercise.

This is an all-terrain bike suitable for inner-city roads, off-road trails, snow, beach, and hilly areas.

It comes in a powerful sturdy design.

Key Features

  • Motor- 500W strong brushless rear motor
  • Battery-  36V 12Ah lithium cell battery
  • Tektro Disc brake style
  • Rear suspension system
  • Wheel size 26”x4.0” flat tire for a smooth bump-free ride
  • Equipped with LCD screen, horn, reflectors front, and rear


  • It has a maximum speed of 20MPH
  • It has a travel range of 19-25 miles on different modes
  • Fat tires come with anti-skid properties
  • It comes with a 5-level pedal assist mode with the throttle
  • It comes with an adjustable and comfortable seat cushion
  • This bike is suitable for all weather conditions
  • Its ergonomic design doesn’t put any stress on arms shoulder, lower back, or knee


  • It is a heavyweight and large bike
  • Travel range could have improved
  • Not suitable for night rides

Why Better Than Others?

Height- above 5’4”

Load capacity- 260lbs

This bike is suitable for all types of trails and roads.

It is a well-balanced fat tire electric bike for tall and large-built people.

If you are looking for an entry-level best electric bike for exercise, adventure, sports, travel, and daily commute the Ecotric 26” powerful electric bike is my recommendation.

5. Vivi Folding Electric Bicycle Ebike

If you are looking for a smart, modern, and cutting edge tech bike for a daily commute and exercising then have a look at VIVI Z1 folding electric bike.

It is a stylish, powerful, and comfortable electric bike for all age groups.

Key Features

  • Motor- 350W high magnification brushless motor
  • Battery- removable 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery
  • It comes with LED 3-speed smart meter
  • New adoptive dual disc brakes
  • Bright LED headlamp and horn
  • It comes in 3 riding modes- electric, pedal-assist, and normal
  • It comes with Shimano 6-speed gears


  • It is a lightweight folding electric bike 
  • Easy to carry, pack, and store
  • It is made from a high-strength carbon steel frame 
  • It comes with 20” anti-skid tires
  • It has ultra-high toughness magnesium alloy wheels
  • It is safe for night rides
  • It has a top speed of 20MPH
  • It delivers the mileage of 21- 27 miles on different modes


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand or fender.

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 4’5”- 5’10”

Load capacity- 265lbs

This bike is suitable for inner-city roads and mild off-road trails. It can be used by teenagers, adults, seniors, and beginners.

It comes with a comfortable and adjustable seat and handles. 

6. Swagtron Swagcycle Eb-5

Swagcycle E-5 is a different and unique best electric bike for exercise especially for seniors or people with back and knee pain.

It comes with 14” air-filled tires. It is a small and compact bike in a new modern design.

It is perfect for the daily commute or exploring your city. It is an on-road city bike.

Key Features

  • Motor- 250W strong mid-drive motor
  • Battery- integrated 36V Li-ion battery that can keep going for quite a long time 
  • It weighs 37lbs 
  • Front and rear caliper brake style
  • It comes in 2 ridings modes-Pure electric and Pedal help 
  • It is produced using high-grade aluminum composite 


  • You can turn this bicycle on throttle mode just with one force switch and ride uphill with 83% less exertion 
  • It has an Autoguard include that permits you to stop at whatever point you need at any speed 
  • This bike is easy to maintain by removing the front cables 
  • It has a waterproof charging port 
  • It accompanies anti-slip wear-resistant 14” tires
  • It’s anything but a battery indicator on the handlebar
  • Its seat accompanies a twin rail framework that fits every widespread seat 
  • It comes with a  360degree rotating handlebar for a secure grasp to cut the immediate corners


  • It accompanies just one pedal-assist level 
  • Not suitable for tall people

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 5ft- 6ft

Load capacity- 250lbs

Swagcycle EB-5 is an optimal decision for novices. It is the best electric bike for exercise for youngsters, grown-ups, and seniors.

It is an everyday suburbanite bicycle, reasonable for downtown streets and the open country.

Try not to allow the little size to trick you. It comes 95% pre-assembled, just attach the seat and handlebar with the given tools. 

7. Nakto Electric Bicycle Cargo Electric Bike

It’s A woman’s daily commute electric bike with a step-thru feature that makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

This bike is suitable for different age-group women.

This bike also comes in a slightly different framework design for men with the same features. 

Key Features

  • Motor- 250W high-speed brushless motor
  • Battery- removable 36V 10Ah Lithium cell battery 
  • Linear-pull brake style
  • It accompanies Shimano 6 speed gear shifts 
  • It comes in 2 riding modes-e-bicycle and helped bike mode 
  • It is outfitted with a front and back suspension system to make your ride more smooth 
  • It weighs 50 pounds 
  • It comes with an LCD screen, front fog light, and tail reflector 


  • It accompanies 1 year of guarantee on engine and battery 
  • It gives the mileage of 22-28 miles on electric mode and 28-35 on pedal-assist mode 
  • It conveys the greatest speed of 18-25mph 
  • This bicycle is safe for night rides 
  • It comes with an appended kickstand, front, and rear cargo basket, and racks respectively
  • The casing of this bicycle is produced using great carbon steel which makes it last more than another bicycle in this value range 
  • It comes in two colors and two models with slight differences in frame design for men and women.


  • It is a heavyweight bicycle 
  • You can’t change it to pedal mode if the battery bites the dust, hence consistently ensure you have sufficient battery or spot a household charging outlet

Why Better Than Others?

Height- above 5’2” for both men and women model

Load Capacity- 300lbs with cargo rack

If you are looking for good customer service then Nakto should be your number 1 priority.

Besides, its high-quality components and great customer reviews regarding performance on inner-city roads daily is one additional advantage to look for.

They also offer competitive prices to their customers.

8. Vivi Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle Adults

Our second Vivi folding electric bike is actually a mountain bike. It is a great alternative for an Ancheer folding mountain bike.

Many customers and reviewers find this better than Ancheer as it accompanies a high-powered motor for the same purpose.

Key Features

  • Motor- 350W rapid brushless stuff engine 
  • Battery- removable 36V 8Ah lithium-particle battery 
  • It has a double suspension 
  • It accompanies 21-speed gears 
  • It is bound with a double shock-absorber produced using high-strength carbon steel to retain any shock without harming the presentation quality 
  • It comes in 3 riding modes-electric, pedal-help, and typical 


  • It has a maximum velocity of 25mph 
  • It has a full suspension framework to make your ride more pleasant 
  • This bike is easy to fold, store, park despite its weight
  • It has a travel range of 55 miles which is ideal for long-distance rides or everyday drives from home to office to home.
  • It accompanies a throttle mode which helps the rider to climb rapidly and productively without much effort.
  • It comes with anti-slip wear-resistant tires with a strong grip to last long on tough terrains


  • It is a heavyweight bicycle 
  • It doesn’t come with an LCD screen, just have a battery  indicator

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 5’2”-6’3”

Load Capacity- 330lbs

This is a unisex adult folding electric mountain bike.

You can easily ride it on steep slopes, snowy trails, on-road and off-road trails.

It is a heavyweight bike but you don’t have to carry it if the battery dies.

You can use it as a regular mountain bike. Disc brakes are very powerful and highly responsive.

It is a good adventure bike with a cargo pack.

9. Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike

Macwheel 26 inches or Ranger 500 likewise falls on the rundown of the best electric bike for exercise on the lookout.

This bike is suitable for daily commute or weekend fun rides in the countryside.

It is a comfortable e-bicycle that you can ride for quite a long time and explore your city from a new perspective. 

Key Features

  • Motor-  350W brushless engine 
  • Battery-  removable 36V 10Ah lithium battery 
  • It comes with an LCD screen with a backlight
  • It has a Tektro front and back disc brake system 
  • It has Shimano 7-speed gears 
  • It is furnished with a high-grade KMC chain 
  • It accompanies 3 ridings modes-Pure electric, Electric help, and manual mode 


  • There are 5 customizable degrees of pedal-helped mode in this e-bicycle for your solace 
  • This bicycle has a travel range of 25 miles for each charge on electric mode 
  • 26 inches tire provides  better dependability and balance on off-road trails 
  • This bicycle is not difficult to keep up with because of the secret links and LED light 
  • You can adjust the seat and handlebar as per your comfort
  • It is furnished with Kenda anti-puncture tires 
  • It conveys a most extreme speed of 15.5mph at PAS mode 


  • This bicycle does not have the suspension framework 
  • The engine of the bicycle can be worked on in contrast with other 350W electric bicycles like Ancheer 
  • It is a heavyweight e-bike

Why Better Than Others?

Height- 5’4”- 6’5”

Load capacity- 300lbs

Ranger 500 is a very adaptable bicycle for the downtown streets.

It is a unisex adult bicycle for sports, exercise, exploration, and everyday drive.

Despite its heavyweight, this bike is particularly easy to ride.

It is a strong, sturdy, and durable best electric bike for exercise at this price range.

10. Macwheel 16″ Electric Folding Bike

Macwheel 16” electric folding bike is a good alternative and competition to Swagcycle EB-5. 

This bike is also an inner-city bike for the daily commute or just to stretch your legs.

Due to its flexible seat height, it serves a variety of age-group cyclists.

It comes in a very eloquent and ergonomic design to support your back and knee without putting any pressure on your shoulders.

Key Features

  • Motor- 250 watts of powerful motor
  • Battery- 36V 7.5Ah lithium-cell battery 
  • Comes in 3 riding modes – E-bike mode, Assist mode, and Manpower mode 
  • It comes with a front light and back reflector 
  • It has 16 inches of air-filled, anti-slip tires 
  • It comes with a twofold plate brake feature 
  • It has an LCD screen on the handlebar 
  • It weighs just 39.7 pounds 
  • It goes with 5-speed gears 


  • This bicycle offers a customizable seat and handlebar 
  • It has a travel range of 18.6 miles and 30-37 miles on electric and pedal-help mode independently 
  • It comes with a wheel reflector and against slip tires which makes it proper for riding in any environmental condition 
  • Ideal for riding in haziness 
  • It comes with a 1-year ensure 
  • It has the best speed of 15..5mph 


  • Try not to expect an extraordinary customer care 
  • Not suitable for riding steep inclines and slopes

Why Better Than Others?


Load capacity- 220lbs

It is a small and compact electric bike with high-quality components and performance.

It is the best electric bike for exercise, trekking, and daily commute on brick roads.

It has got 90% positive reviews from its customers. It is a good entry-level electric bike for beginners.

Coparision Table For Top 3 E-Bikes

FeaturesMETAKOO 26″ Electric Bike ANCHEER Electric Bike 250W/500W EbikeNAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle
Weight50 lbs50 pound
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminumCarbon steel
Wheel Size26 Inches26 Inches50 Pound
Break StyleDiscDiscLinear pull
Number of speeds—-216
Suspension TypeFrontFrontRear Front


I hope you like the collection of the best electric bike for exercise.

All the above bikes are available at quite a reasonable price and you can use them on different riding modes as per your needs. 

They are the perfect combination of comfort and adventure.

Our top 3 picks are Metakoo cyber track 100, ViVi Z1 folding electric bike, and Ancheer 250/500W. They offer a good speed and travel range at reasonable prices.

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