Best Brands Of Electric Bikes Of 2022

Electric bikes are becoming quite popular day-by-day and with many people adopting the green lifestyle demand for electric bikes is increasing rapidly.

In the past 5-10 years many new brands of electric bikes have launched which has stirred the competition high and prices of electric bikes have gone down significantly. 

Although, it has become difficult for electric bike enthusiasts to find out which brand of electric bike is best for their requirements.

Every brand of electric bike manufacturing company offers a different range of electric bikes to serve different purposes.

Let’s be honest, Electric bikes are a bit expensive than regular bikes but they make the environment safe by leaving zero carbon footprints while improving the physical and mental health of every individual.

I understand how difficult it is to invest a large amount of money without knowing which brand of electric bikes are suitable for your needs, especially in countries where cycling is one of the favorite modes of transportation like the USA, Europe, Philippines, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK.

Today, I have brought you the best brand of electric bikes in the world which makes their e-bikes in America, and their quality standards and price range are according to standards.

Below I will also lay down a table with the list of the best brands of electric bikes with their range of specialty e-bikes, cost range, and category of electric bikes they manufacture.

I also want to remind you that it is not an exclusive list. I have selected these brands of electric bikes for this article based on their years of experience and more importantly customer’s review.

Here is the table of the best brand of electric bikes manufactured in America but have been demanded all over the world.

List of Best Brands of Electric Bikes

Brands (A-Z)Types Of E-Bikes Cost RangeSpeciality
AncheerElectric MTBs, City bikes,  fat-tire bikes, and foldable frames.$400- $1000Budget-friendly and high-performance class -1 e-bikes
AventonCruiser, city, commuter, Fat tire, and folding$400- $2000Elite e-bike dealers
BakcouHunting e-bikes, sports, and Off roads$3700- $ 6200Cross-over and step-thru designs
BuzzHybrid, cargo, and tricycle$900- $1700All age groups and gender suitable bikes
CannondaleGravel, Mountain, City, and Road$2500- $10,000The oldest brand of high-quality electric bikes
Electric Bike CompanyCruiser, junior$1400- $ 2200Rich cruiser at affordable rates
ENGWEFolding, fat tire, urban commuter$900- $1700Highly professional customer support
HaibikeMountain, Road, and Hybrid$3000- $7000Great alternative for high-end  brands
JuicedCommuter, City, Cargo, Fat, off-Road, and Hybrid$1500- $3000Moped-style e-bikes and Class 3 category
LectricFat tire, folding $899- $999Have sold 30,000 XP models sold and in demand
NaktoCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Fat, and Folding$600- $ 1200Best value e-bikes
PedegoCruiser, City, Trike, Road, and Mountain$1600- $6000Premium customer service and quality products
Rad Power BikesCity, Cargo, Road, Junior, and Cruiser$1099- $2000Fat tires
RamboOff-road, fat tire, hunting, and camping e-bikes$1399- $8000Custom Assembly Services
Ride 1UPMountain, and City$1000- $220030-day trial period
SpecializedMountain, road, Kids, and toddlers$200- $11,000All rider and all-terrain bikes
Trek bicyclesHybrid, Road, and Mountain$4600- $12000Largest e-bike company in the USA

Top 17 Best Brands Of Electric Bikes And Their Features

1. Ancheer

Ancheer was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

In the last 5 years, Ancheer has emerged as a popular electric bike brand mainly due to its reasonable prices and high-quality wide range of products.

Their products have been manufactured in Taiwan and China and their online business model is highly competitive, thus, low-cost products. 

Ancheer is one of the best brands of electric bikes as they can offer a wide range of products to expand their market in very little time in comparison to other popular brands.

They produce entry-level class 1electric bikes and have shipping facilities all over the USA and some other countries. 

They excel in manufacturing Mountain bikes, city commuters, fat tires e-bikes, and foldable e-bikes for mostly all-age riders and all terrains.

Another specialty of their electric bikes range is their experimentation in wheel size.

They have successfully launched similar bikes in multiple wheel sizes ( 12”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 26”, 27.5”) to target all age groups and heights.

2. Aventon

Aventon was founded in 2012. 

Their headquarters are located in Ontario, California. Aventon is known for its elite and specialty electric bikes.

Aventon deals all over the USA and Canada.

Previously, Aventon was a fixie bikes brand and they entered the electric bikes market in 2018 with their first e-bike Pace 500. 

They manufacture specialized bikes in Cruiser, commuter, folding, and Hybrid types.

Aventon has 5 models of electric bikes with each specialty. Their price range is quite extensive according to their product range. Their price range starts from $400- $2000.

Following are their e-bike models range with their specialty

  • Pace- Cruiser bikes
  • Level- Commuter bikes
  • Sinch- Folding bikes
  • Adventure- Hybrid bikes

3. Bakcou

Bakcou is the best brand of electric bikes for hunters and adventurers. Bakcou was established in 2015 by Bryan child and Dave Andre.

Their passion for sports, hunting, and exploring in the countryside gave birth to Bakcou e-bikes. 

Bakcou manufactures high-performance off-road pure adventure and utility bikes. Their motive is to manufacture eco-friendly and zero carbon emission transportation systems for country roads and adventures.

It has become one of the quite popular methods of alternate transportation with a large capacity of carrying the load for long distances.

Their price range is between $3,700- $6,200 with unique step-thru and cross-over designs suitable for all adult riders. Their popular bike models are

  • Storm
  • Mule 
  • Flatlander

4. Buzz

Buzz was founded in 2013 and designed by cycling enthusiasts to develop green transport solutions at an affordable value. This homegrown US company is located in Dayton, Ohio. 

Buzz is relatively a new brand creating the buzz in the electric bike community.

So far they have classified their product range into 2 categories- Buzz hybrid and cargo e-bikes and heavy-duty electric tricycles.

Another specialty of their bikes is that they are offering mid-drive motors in such a low price range of $ 900- $1,700.

They have got mostly positive reviews especially for their e-trike models that are environmentally safe and the battery can last up to 40 miles, making them ideal for long distances.

5. Cannondale

Cannondale is one of the oldest e-bikes brands in America. It was established in 1971 and got popular for its bike and later started its journey to encourage the green transportation mode by producing commuter, road, and mountain bikes.

At the moment they have around 15 electric bike models on their sleeve.

With their recent collaboration with Canadian brand, Dorel industries, they are looking to expand their market.

Their bikes are more focused on the pure fun and adventure of bicycling which is represented by their e-bike models.

They are known for producing high-performance, super quality, and sturdy designs of e-bikes for long distances like marathons

6. Electric Bike Company

Contrary to popular belief, Electric Bike Company is relatively a new brand but has risen to the sky in very little time.

Electric Bike Company was launched in 2012. its original name was Madiba Electric Bikes, named after Nelson Mandella’s nickname. They renamed the company EBC in 2016.

EBC is known for producing rich-features cruiser electric bikes at an affordable range.

Their bikes are popular for high-powered hub motors with high load capacity ( more than 360 lbs) and single-gearing speed.

They have collaborated with their battery supplier company and are thus able to provide environmentally safe, large-capacity battery packs.

Their price range is between $1400- $2200. They offer a 5-year warranty on every product and provide shipping internationally to some countries. 

Their popular electric bikes models are as below:

  • Model C
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X
  • Model M
  • Model R


ENGWE is the oldest and trusted electric bikes brand in America.

For the last 20 years, ENGWE has been serving the industry with its highly innovative e-bikes designs and scooters solely to share the joy of riding bicycles while keeping you and your environment healthy. 

Over the years, ENGWE has sold more than 600,000 e-bikes around the globe and connected with people all over the world through their finest and highly professional customer support.

Today, many new e-bikes brands underestimate the power of people’s connection and thus I see many complaints regarding the delivery and some other issues.

ENGWE is a well-reputed brand in the US and Europe with warehouses which means they provide shipping to almost every country.

Their price range is very reasonable ( $ 900-$1700) for a wide range of high-quality products.

8. Haibike

Haibike is a German brand originally, established in 1995.

Its rapidly increasing popularity in the US and European market has compelled me to include it in this list of best brands of electric bikes in America.

Its headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. They specialize in manufacturing e-touring and mountain bikes.

In the USA, they have only 2 models of e-bikes with multiple versions- XDURO and SDURO. XDURO has 5 versions and SDURO has 11 and they fall in the price category of $3000- $7000.

Haibike is known for its premium range of e-bikes and is becoming the biggest rival of Rambo and Trek e-bikes brands.

9. Juiced

Juiced is the best brand of electric bikes in the class 3 category. They have made their mark in the industry by designing and specializing in the moped-style e-bikes category.

The brand was first launched in 2009 but released its first utility e-bike in 2010.

Their product range consists of hybrid, city, moped-style commute, and long-range fast moped e-bikes.

Their price range ($ 1500- $3000) for class 3 bikes is very affordable as well.

They are popular for manufacturing low-cost, high-tech, and powerful class 3 e-bikes.

No one in the market has managed to offer the same price range for such a high-performance bike simply because the Juiced brand manufactures their products in Asia and assembled in the US.

10. Lectric

Lectric is one of the newest brands in the electric bikes industry. It was founded in 2018 and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

They have only launched 1 e-bike after the establishment but have launched more than 30,000 units. Their XP model is a 3-in-1 e-bike with a 3-digit price of $1000.

Their XP model targeted a large crown with 3 quality in 1 bike – 20”, fat tire, folding e-bike for all riders and all terrains.

11. Nakto

Originally, Nakto was a Chinese brand but became quite popular in the US market.

Now, Nakto has a vertical business unit in America but they still import a few parts of their electric bikes from China.

Nakto is a best-value brand of electric bikes for regular commuters and cyclists. 

Nakto mainly produces class 1 and class 2 category e-bikes; they also include accessories with their bikes that make them more desirable and useful in a pocket-friendly price range of $ 600-$1,200.

They also provide a highly competitive warranty period with good customer support.

If you want to try Natko Electric Bikes, then you can check my list of top e-bikes including Natko.

12. Pedego

Pedego is a homegrown US brand established in 2008. They are known for producing premium quality e-bikes from medium to high price ranges.

Their headquarter is located in southern California, US. The company is popular for its exclusive customer service and hi-tech quality products. 

Their price range is a bit on the higher side but worth every penny. Their product range includes cruiser, off-road, city, and specialty products that fall under $ 1700- $6000.

Pedego has distributors worldwide which allow easy international shipping to every corner of the world.

13. Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes was founded in 2007 by Mike Radenbaugh in Seattle, Washington.

Rad power bikes are a business model that deals directly with the customers, eliminating the need for a middle man and improving communication to establish a direct relationship with their customers. 

Rad Power offers a wide range of products including off-road, city, cargo, folding, and step-thru featured e-bikes. They have distributors all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

Anyone can purchase their bikes simply by visiting their website from all over the world. Their price range is between $1000- $2000 only.

14. Rambo

If you are looking for the best brand of electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, and countryside adventure then Rambo is your trusted and reputed American brand.

Rambo was founded in 2008 by Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, also the founder of Pedego.

Its headquarters is located in Lakeville, Minnesota. 

You can find a great selection of fat tire electric bikes with utility accessories.

The e-bikes are both hub drive and mid-drive motors. You can even customize your e-bike with your selected accessories.

They produce premium range products thus their prices range is also high and start from $1600 to $8000.

15. Ride 1 UP

Unlike Rambo, Ride 1 UP is also a premium brand of electric bikes with an e-bikes range of city and commuter e-bikes.

Despite being a couple of years old, Ride 1 UP has made a name for itself in the e-bike community. They have a wide range of premium city and commuter bikes for daily use. 

One of the main fears among e-bike users is the life of their bikes. To address this issue, founder Kevin Dugger established Ride 1 UP in 2018 in San Diego, California.

The idea is to manufacture the daily commute e-bikes that can last longer than any other commuters and city bikes without compromising the performance standards. Their price range falls between $1000- $2,200.

At present, they have 6 models of city and commuter bikes that are doing great in the market.

16. Specialized

Specialized is known for offering a quite extensive variety of e-bikes for all genders and all age groups.

You can buy an e-bike for you, your toddler, and your grandparents from one brand of electric bike.

There is no bar when it comes to their variety of products but it is a premium brand thus, their price range is between $200- $11,000.

They produce all-terrain e-bikes with high-quality components for their customers with support and a warranty period.

Specialize is the brand that can give you all the hi-tech features in one bike in classy and trendy designs with a high-powered motor and large capacity battery power.

Not all the parts are made in the USA but that doesn’t mean that it is not a 100% American brand of electric bikes.

17. Trek Bicycles

Trek is one of the largest brands of electric bikes in America above Specialized. For many years trek is consistently the highest-ranking best electric brand of electric bikes in the world.

It was founded in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trek has always been the biggest supporter of bike-friendly communities and zero carbon emission transport alternatives.

Today, around 42 models of e-bikes are available at both online and offline dealer stores.

Besides their city, commuter, cruiser, mountain, folding, and off-road models, they have recently launched their hybrid range called Verve+ and Allant+ for an all-around bicycling experience.

Their price range is also quite generous according to their premium range models that start from $ 4,600.

Conclusion on Best Brands Of Electric Bikes

So, these are the best brands of electric bikes. Out of these, the following are the top brands that I recommend.

  • TREK

If you still have any kind of doubts, you can contact me.

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