Best 20 Inch Mountain Bike For Your Kids

Childhood is indeed the most blissful and blessed phase of an individual’s life; what could be more gratifying than the idea of making it merrier?

The best gifts are always the most thoughtful ones. And if they are from the parents to their loving children, they ought to be the best.

It is indeed true to believe that the kids grow beside their toys, making them an eminent part of their lives.

And a very usual toy that accompanies kids as soon as they start learning to adapt to the world is their wheel buddy.

Bikes are the toys that the kids grow with and even learn to stand and walk with them.

The kids are usually introduced to bikes or even mountain bikes at a very tender age, but the age when they actually get to ride them is when they learn to control and balance them on their own, staying safe.

From riding over pavements to biking on rough trails, the young kids learn to recognize where they actually belong.

The mid-childhood phase is generally the age between 6 to 10 years. Usually, the perfect wheel size is considered to be the 20-inch for this age group.

It is regarded as the suitable phase and age when the young kids look upon the fun and adventure beneath mountain biking in mountain biking.

They start recognizing their true passion, and if it is the sport of mountain biking, then voila! Your kid is all set to touch the peak of heights.

The best 20-inch mountain bikes prove to be the best companion of the young kids who initiate the journey of mountain biking.

Your eminent part, being a parent, is to provide them with all the required directions, practice guidance, and the art of gaining expertise in the field.

The most basic yet eminent initial step is getting your kid a perfectly suitable 20-inch mountain bike for his endeavors.

The 20” mountain bikes for kids are mostly deemed the best fit for many children between 6 and 10 years. But they can equally vary depending on certain factors like a child’s body characteristics, bike’s geometry, price range, etc.

Hence, it becomes challenging for parents to buy the perfect and the best 20-inch mountain bikes for their young kids.

Eminently, the best mountain bikes for young kids are chosen according to their wheel size, unlike the seat tube length in adult bikes.

Hence, the 20” wheelset is deemed the best fit for kids who have just entered or are already in their mid-childhood phase.

Some children who do not fall under this age group may also require the 20” mountain bikes in some exceptional cases. The reason is their unprecedented height or weight that doesn’t fit on the mountain bike of the standard age group.

Hence, let me help with this guide in your search for the best 20 inch mountain bike for your little champ. This extra special gift would make him feel joyous to the core and his mid-childhood phase merrier than ever.

Overall Best 20 Inch Mountain Bike – Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension

This 20-inch mountain bike is perfectly suitable for young kids and chosen as the best 20-inch mountain bike for young kids.

The single-speed drivetrain is best suited as it minimizes the complications caused by the geared ones.

Besides, it lets the kids have a maximum comfortable biking experience with a minimum pedal power input.

That is the best entry-level or beginner’s 20-inch mountain bike for kids due to all the valid reasons. Hence, highly recommended.

Royalbaby Mountain is the best mountain bike for 10-year-old kids.

Best Affordable 20 inch Mountain Bikes – Comparison

Name of MTBDrivetrain FrameSpecialtyPrice
Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike6 SpeedSteelBest beginner’s 20” MTBCheck here
Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ 20” MTB7 SpeedAluminumBest good-looking 20” MTBCheck here
Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB6 SpeedAluminumBest 20” gear MTB for kids Check here
Huffy Kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike6 SpeedSteelBest suitable for aggressive bikingCheck here
Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike6 speedAluminumBest entry-level 20” MTBCheck here
Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike7 SpeedAluminumBest for cruisingCheck here
Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front SuspensionSingle SpeedAluminumBest affordable and beginner’s 20” MTBCheck here
Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike6 SpeedSteelBest 20” practice bike for small kidsCheck Here

Best Affordable 20 inch Mountain Bikes – Review

Now, let’s dive into each MTB’s Description, Pro & Cons.

1. Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike

Product Description

This 20-inch mountain bike is a perfect choice to introduce your young kids to the world of mountain biking. This mountain bike is designed explicitly with chosen components and engineered geometry ideal for young bikers.

It is precisely crafted a little low with an easy step-over design to make it convenient for those little bums to get on the bike as well as get down.

The Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike is made with a solid and sturdy steel frame that adds strength and durability to the bike and safety to the young bikers. The 20”x2.125 wide tires provide a better grip on dirt-filled rough terrains.

The 6-speed drivetrain enables easy twisting and smooth gear shifting over the rooty trails. This bike also features a robust suspension fork with 40mm of travel to absorb bumps over all terrains. The linear-pull braking system lets the young rider stop the bike maintaining balance and control whenever he wants.


  • The super-strong steel frame is sturdy and tough, providing durability to the mountain bike.
  • The Flat handlebars let the biker easily navigate the bike with better control on challenging trails.
  • Premium quality pedals and tools required for assembly are included
  • Effortless installation
  • The bike is best suitable for young bikers with a height between 3’6” to 4’8”.
  • 85% of the bike is pre-assembled
  • Kickstand is included


  • The handlebars do not fit in the frame of the bike.
  • Inferior quality components are used.

2. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ 20” MTB

Product Description

This stylish 20” mountain bike for young kids is suitable for the young riders for better practice sessions before hitting out on the trail.

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ 20” MTB features a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame with a suspension fork. That adds extra strength to the bike while absorbing all the shocks over bumpy surfaces.

The 20” wheelset rests on alloy rims that are lightweight and provide durability. The 7-speed drivetrain with rear SHIMANO derailleur has a better gearing system and offers smooth gear shifting while riding.

The efficient twist shifters let the young biker change the gears with ease and comfort. The linear-pull braking system is efficient and reliable, providing excellent stopping power over rough terrains. The three-piece crankset offers maximum safety and pedaling without the child getting tired. 


  • The aluminum frame with a suspension fork provides strength and durability
  • The high-quality steel handlebars let the young biker have comfortable riding without having any strain on the body.
  • The front suspension and linear-pull gears work efficiently, providing safety and control to the bike and the biker.
  • The padded saddle is very comfortable for longer riding time
  • The bike comes partially assembled


  • The pedals are very basic and of inferior quality
  • Front and rear brakes constantly rub the rims

3. Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB

Product Description

This bike is one of Royce’s best models in 20-inch mountain bikes for young kids. This bike features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is strong, durable, and corrosion-free.

The Royce Union Kids Aluminum MTB is a dual-suspension sturdy bike capable enough to absorb the bumps over rough surfaces while providing maximum comfort to your child.

Linear pull braking system offers the bike a quick and reliable stopping power maintaining the balance of the bike on bumpy trails.

The 6-speed SHIMANO derailleurs provide a wide range of shifting and pedaling experiences. Easy-grip shifting provides comfortable biking.


  • The lightweight aluminum frame provides strength and durability and is rust-free.
  • The front and rear suspension absorb thumps and let the tires stay in contact with the surface while the bike is in speed.
  • An efficient set of tools included for an easy assembly
  • The linear-pull braking system provides safety and control and is very low at maintenance
  • The padded saddle offers comfort to the little kids while riding for a longer time
  • Best suitable for neighborhood biking or on rough, rooty trails.
  • Kickstand included


  • The bike is comparatively heavy for small riders
  • The inferior quality chain falls off often
  • Not worth the expense and money

4. Huffy Kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike

Product Description

The Huffy kids 20” Hardtail Mountain Bike is suitable for the already practicing young riders for off-road fun and adventure. This bike is perfect for the rider’s aggressive biking style.

This bike is made with a high tensile steel frame for extra strength and durability. It also features a powerful suspension fork to handle bumps over rough surfaces. This 20” mountain bike fits young riders between the age group 5 to 9 years.

The SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur with twist shifters delivers comfortable 6 speeds in the case of uphill, downhill gliding, or riding over flat surfaces. The wide 20″x1.95″ wheels provide control and safe traction over any challenging terrain. The linear-pull brakes are efficient and reliable for quick stopping. 


  • The high tensile steel frame is strong, powerful, and durable.
  • The slight-rise handlebar lets the biker sit upright, minimizing any strain over the back and shoulders.
  • The ATB saddle is cushioned and stitched with premium material
  • A quick-release alloy clamp is present that provides effortless height adjustment of the seat post
  • The ATB-type pedals made of resin connected to the 3-piece crankset never let the young riders get tired or harm their tender skin anyways.
  • The grips are comfortable and sweat-free.
  • Kickstand is included
  • Easy assembly


  • Very hard and Inferior quality seat
  • Poor quality brakes and front suspension

5. Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike

Product Description

This 20-inch mountain bike for young kids is made with a durable but lightweight aluminum suspension frame that is strong at the same time. The entry-level young riders are usually rough with their bikes, hence Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike is suitable for resisting that stress.

In return, it provides utmost safety and comfort to little biking enthusiasts. The 6-speed Shimano drivetrain is kids-friendly and offers smooth shifting and an overall comfortable first-time biking experience for the kids.

A sturdy cover guard guards the rear derailleur. The Zoom 40mm travel fork absorbs all the shocks and thumps over rough terrains.


  • The aluminum frame with a suspension fork is strong and durable
  • The bike is an excellent value for money
  • The front shocks are efficient and reliable for a comfortable ride
  • The saddle can be adjusted easily as per the height of the rider
  • The bike comes partially assembled
  • The Assembly manual is very convenient and easy to understand.
  • Extremely easy installation


  • No kickstand included
  • Handlebars are loosely fitted.

6. Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike

Product Description

This 20-inch mountain bike for young kids is highly eye-catching and attractive due to its solid paint and graphics. The superior quality Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike features a sturdy aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. Hence the bike looks good as well as lasts long.

The 20” wheels are excellent in providing a good hold over the surface while riding speedily. The robust suspension fork soaks all the bumps experienced by road gliding.

The 7-speed SHIMANO twist shifters and the double Linear pull braking system provide maximum safety and the utmost comfort to the young bikers. This bike is a great companion while they begin their mountain biking journey in style.


  • The solid aluminum frame is strong, lightweight, and durable.
  • The bike’s design, including the upper tube and petite frame, is kids-friendly.
  • The 7-speed SHIMANO RS25-7R shifters provide easy gear changing for the young rider’s tender hands.
  • The SHIMANO RD-TY21 rear derailleur provides an easy and comfortable biking experience over any type of surface.
  • The bike comes 85% pre-assembled
  • Extremely easy to assemble and install
  • All the required tools for assembly and the free set of high-quality pedals are included.


  • Poor quality components included.
  • Comparatively pricey and heavy.

7. Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension

Product Description

This 20” mountain bike for young riders is all eye-pleasing and plush. The Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension is designed explicitly to keep kids’ safety and comfort in consideration. This bike is extremely good-looking and simple to handle by the young kids of different heights while riding.

This 20” kid’s MTB eminently features a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy frame with a double curved tube design that makes the bike super-attractive amongst the crowd.

The suspension forks are powerful enough to absorb shocks on rough patchy terrains. The Front and rear disc brakes let the rider stay balanced and in control while making sudden brakes or sharp turns. The components included are of high quality and are durable. 


  • The bike features an Aluminum alloy frame with a double curved tubing design that makes the bike attractive.
  • Full chainguard secures the chain and keeps the child’s clothes and legs safe from trapping.
  • Super efficient and reliable front and rear disc brakes 
  • Complimentary decals and stickers included.
  • The bike is extremely light in weight which makes it easy to handle.
  • The bike comes 95 percent assembled.
  • The essential tools for installation are included, which are free
  • Perfectly suitable for kids within the age group 5 to 12 years.
  • Extremely affordable and a value for money
  • Kickstand is included


  • Wheels require frequent inflation.
  • Standard quality handle covers equipped.

8. Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike

Product Description

The Petimini 20” Kids Mountain Bike is made with an ultra-strong and durable steel frame. This 20” mountain bike for young kids is specifically designed, keeping them into consideration.

The key point remains their utmost safety and comfort while getting on the bike and getting down post the ride. The design makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

The 20 inches wheels with 2.125” width are capable enough to hold the bike, maintaining balance. The suspension fork with 40 mm travel is powerful to soak all the shocks on the surface while riding. The front and rear linear-pull brakes provide easy and quick stopping.

The bike features a premium range of high-quality components including, the SHIMANO TX30 trigger shifters for easy gearing, SHIMANO TZ500 rear derailleur.


  • The bike features a strong high-tensile steel frame with added durability.
  • The components are all high-quality and reliable
  • The bike comes partially assembled
  • Kickstand is included
  • Assembly tools that are required for installation are included.
  • The suitable height of the rider is between 3’7” to 4’7,” and age is between 5 to 9 years.


  • The inferior quality braking system
  • The steering column is loose and moves quickly, hence dangerous.

Comparison Table for Top 3 Best Affordable 20 inch Mountain Bikes

NameWheel SizeFrameSpeedBrake StyleSuspensionRating
Diamondback Bicycles Octane 20” Youth Wheel Mountain Bike 20”Aluminum6 speedLinear PullFront 4.3/5
Royalbaby Children’s Mountain Bike with Front Suspension  20”AluminumSingle-speedDiscFront4.6/5
Hiland 20 Inch Kids Mountain Bike  20”Steel6 speedLinear PullFront4.3/5


The article had a tinge about the young budding riders who dream of touching the mountain peaks one day in their lives. Besides, it also discusses the thoughtful parents who look forward to introducing their young children to the adventurous world of mountain biking.

Altogether, the parents must accommodate their kids with all that is required to achieve their dreams. Prominently,  parental guidance and the best 20-inch mountain bike for young kids are the initial steps of the journey.

With this, I conclude with the convincing fact that it is always the young budding rider’s safety and comfort that matters the most. Mountain biking is a skill that requires perfection and expertise.

But again, there is always that one initial step that decides the future. Hence, the 20-inch mountain bikes without gears or with gears are entirely kid’s and their parent’s choice, depending upon the kid’s efficiency and requirements.

So, with the reference, let your young child get accompanied by his best wheel buddy and embark on the journey of mountain biking with an extravaganza of zeal and enthusiasm.

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