Are Electric Bikes Good For Exercise?

Are you planning to buy an e-bike to work out, but you don’t know if it helps?

As this is now the most asked question out there, ‘ are electric bikes good for exercise?’.

Proving all the myths regarding electric bikes wrong, a pragmatic study clarified that one could burn much more calories with lesser efforts riding an e-bike rather than a traditional bicycle.

But all that depends on if you ride the electric bike in an appropriate and right manner. 

This study was based on comparing the physiological effects of a standard or regular bicycle and an electric bike.

Technology has seemed to have smiled upon us by lending us this amazingly designed vehicle.

E-bikes are a fascinating technology that is a cross between a standard self-propelled bike and a scooter.

They resemble regular bikes but are equipped with battery-powered electric motors that assist you in pedaling and squeezing a little more each time. 

So, many of the users of the electric bikes asked a lot of questions regarding exercise through electric bikes.

For example, which type of exercise is possible, what muscles will work or contribute, how will it benefit your body, etc.; all these confusions and questions will be clear to you in this article.

Keep reading to get more aware about ‘are electric bikes good for exercise.’

E-biking can benefit you in many ways; a few of these are mentioned below:

Endurance Training

It aids in developing strength of lung and heart, moreover overall fitness (usually in combination with toning of your body).

Riders or electric bikes can either conduct slow rides at a steady rate or HIIT training associated with interval training to achieve this type of training.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has been demonstrated to be more beneficial in terms of boosting the burning of fat and endurance.

HIIT involves alternating your tempo during your workout between a lighter and severe intensity of recovery time. 

Intensive bouts of exertion and rest can occur simultaneously – for example, 2 minutes of intense exercise followed by 2 minutes of rest – but it all depends on your comfort level.

For example, you can train vigorously for 30 seconds and then rest for 1 minute, or vigorously for 10 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes.

It would help if you normally did the suggested sets between 2 and 5, but you can alter them as needed.

It Aids Reducing your Belly Fat

For most of us, achieving a flat tummy is a typical ambition.

It’s vital to understand that the observed number is two forms of fat in the abdomen: subcutaneous and visceral fat.

That’s something to wonder that how electric biking is letting me reduce my belly fat. Right?

Cycling is a good aerobic activity, and these exercises are prone to improve your body’s metabolism.

This increase in metabolism indicates that consistent aerobic activity can help the body burn more of your belly fat and calories, specifically your visceral fat.

A workout regimen that incorporates both vigorous interval training and low-intensity driving usually produces the most desired results when it comes to fat burning.

As a result, consider creating a schedule that combines both forms of travel.

Besides that, HIIT is considered the most popular workout regimen that has been demonstrated to become much more efficient than a moderate or low-intensity exercise in reducing abdominal fat. 

The best part is that HIIT should only be done once or twice a week, and that’s all your body needs.

High-intensity interval training can also promote the production of somatotropin hormone, which aids in fat loss and muscle preservation.

This growth hormone can control your appetite, making you less prone to overeat, which aids in attaining and maintaining a toned figure.

If you use electric bikes for your daily commute that it can help a lot in reducing belly fat.

Supports Cardio Exercise

Cardio, often known as aerobics, is a moderate to vigorous exercise that raises your heart rate.

Enhanced lung capacity, reduced stress, controlled circulation, lowered resting heart rate, improved metabolism, and lower blood pressure are all advantages of continuous cardio.

An increased metabolism makes it easier to burn fat and lose weight, and aerobic activity, most critically, keeps our hearts healthy and functional.

Cycling is one of the most popular and effective cardio workouts.

Although comparing the effectiveness of e-cycling to traditional riding is a typical difficulty, research has shown that e-cycling is just as beneficial as traditional cycling.

On an e-bike, a cyclist typically burns 300-400 calories per hour, whereas a normal bike burns 400-500 calories per hour.

Riders can also change the assistance levels on their e-bike to alter the intensity of their training.

E-cycling is another active mode of transportation that allows those who are typically sedentary to add aerobic exercise into their daily routine.

Cardio exercise has reduced the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and even certain cancers.

Strength Training

Strength training works to build muscles by putting them against resistance to which they must exert force.

This action is often linked to weights and other weight-bearing equipment (such as the use of deadlifts, kettlebells, and free weights).

Although e-cycling is not a hard activity, the rider can use the acceleration resistance to strengthen the leg muscles (thighs, calves, quad bikes, and feet) and the upper body (shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest).

Greater strength in bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, enhanced joint and heart function, and increased metabolism are all advantages of strength training.

When you ride an e-bike for strength training, the acceleration resistance increases, making your muscles work harder.

Climbing hills, standing while cycling (only if comfortable), and strengthening core muscles while riding are all examples of strength training.


Now that this article has proved and answered the most asked question, ‘are electric bikes good for exercise,’ you can go forward to use this vehicle as a workout partner.

Even you can check out an article written in The New York Times about a similar topic that is E-Bikes Can Provide a Good Workout.

Now that e-bikes have become much more affordable, they are the priority of many people when it comes to exercise.

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